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SEMA GT-R 4:00

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by Forbes @ 5:08 pm on October 31, 2008

The entire rear of the car needed to be disassembled to remove and install the rear coil overs so it was handled with a quickness and we went about our business.  The pictures below are of the stock rear suspension, no suspension, and the rear coil overs on the ground.  The next two pics are of the matte black vinyl that Premier installed.  It looks incredible.  More updates in a few.


The nice gentlemen from Premier Protective Films are here to install the clear coating on all of the carbon parts to protect them.  The tires have also been mounted and are waiting for the coil overs to be finished before the wheels can be installed.  Below is a picture of the coil overs as are they being assembled and they look pretty amazing.  More to come soon.

LINK:Premier Protective Films

Just as I finished the last post the UPS truck pulled up with another round of goodies for the GT-R.  Four brand-new Toyo Proxes T1R tires in sizes 285/30/ZR20 and 315/25/ZR20 arrived to compliment the 20″ HRE one-off wheels.  Mounting and balancing is currently underway.  Also in the latest delivery was a set of bright red Status Racing seats and mounting hardware.  The seats are made of a tightly woven material and have large side bolsters with provisions for 6pt. harnesses.  Check out the pictures.

We got back to the shop early this morning and are jumping right back into it.  No rain will hold us down!!  The rear LED side markers and front clear corners are in, the rear bumper has been re-installed with the new carbon lower, the exhaust is fully on the car with only the final tip fitment to be determined, and the front struts are out and being prepped for the coil over kit.  It’s gonna be an awesome day.  Check back soon.

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SEMA GT-R Update

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by Forbes @ 9:40 pm on October 30, 2008

Working late at the shop.   Here is a teaser pick that I took while the rear was off the car.   The stock exhaust is on the car here, but not any more!!  Stay tuned.

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