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2008 Monterey Historics Photos: Pre 1950

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by Forbes @ 5:10 pm on July 30, 2009

In order to get all of you excited for the upcoming Rolex Monterey Historic Automobile races I have decided to share a few (okay tons) of photos that I took last year.  I didn’t plan on sharing these at first but I think it is important to show what sort of amazing cars come out of hiding for this event, especially for those who have never been to Laguna Seca for this weekend.

Enjoy the photos below of the Pre 1950 cars from last year.  I will have at lease two more posts with different groups of cars over the next few days.  Hopefully this will light a fire under some of you go over to to sign up for the Z Car Corral on Saturday August 15th.

Happy Thursday!!!

Follow the ‘read more’ for all the pictures.

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Behemoth Update: The RB Builds Continue!

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by Forbes @ 8:00 pm on July 29, 2009

Here are the latest happenings with the Behemoth RB28 monster.  As most of you know the car came back from paint a few weeks ago and now we have all of the suspension removed and being prepped for powder coating.  Every single part has been removed from the body and will be restored or customized as needed.  The struts will soon be shortened and the coil-overs installed.  The struts will then be sent out along with the rest of the suspension and bracketry to be powder coated high-gloss black.

Besides powder coating, all of the hardware for THE ENTIRE CAR has been labeled and sorted and will soon be going out to be freshly zinc plated.  All hardware that is too corroded to be restored into perfect condition is set to be replaced.

While these parts are out getting fixed up, we at ZCG will be organizing and setting up our final game plan for the installation of the interior.  We will also be preparing the underbody for the final undercoating which we will be doing at the shop.  The undercoating that we use is topnotch and will definitely stand up to the abuse this car will surely see on and off the track.

The more we plan ahead the quicker the amazing project will be finished, and that is the ultimate goal.  We want this car in the hands of it’s loving owner as soon as possible

REMEMBER: These are the BEFORE pictures.  You won’t believe how different the underside of the this care is going to look in a few short weeks.  Enjoy the pictures here of the dissassembly of the car, and I will have more photos of the freshly restored parts in a few weeks.

ZONC Corral at Monterey Rolex Historics!!

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by Forbes @ 4:09 pm on July 24, 2009

That’s right!!  Roughly three weeks from now on August 14-16th are the Rolex Monterey Historic Automobile Races at Laguna Seca.  The best part of this weekend is the Z Car Corral, hosted by the Z Owners of Northern California (ZONC), where all our fellow Nissan/Datsun friends get to park together right along the track in a VIP parking area.

ZONC is currently offering tickets for the Saturday the 15th Corral event on their website.  I know that the flyer below says that the deadline has passed to purchase tickets but trust me there are still plenty of spaces available.

Cars from every time period and every marque are represented during the Historics weekend but this year promises to be extra special because Porsche is the featured marque of this year’s event.  Porsche cars are already set to represent one third of the race cars on the track and Porsche factory will be bringing out a few rare cars as well.  The new four-door Panamera will also be on hand for the the public to view.

If you are busy this weekend cancel your plans.  The Historics are well worth it.  We would love to have you join Z Car Garage and ZONC for this amazing event!!!

Link:  ZONC Website

Link:  Official Rolex Monterey Historic Automobile Races

ZCarBlog:  ZONC Corral at the Rolex Historics 2008

Dreams come true: ZCG style

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by Forbes @ 7:25 pm on July 16, 2009

G35 engine swaps galore with happy GT-R ending!! (read the entire story)

Z Car Garage is a special place for a lot of us because that is where we get to fulfill our automotive fantasies.  In some cases we get to knock our two birds with one stone, I’ll explain…

When the customer who owns the Athens Blue G35 you see here came to us a few years ago in a quest for more power we were happy to help.  The first phase included an APS twin turbo kit along with a host of other suspension and cosmetic changes.  It made good power and he was happy for awhile.  Then he wanted more.

Continue reading after the jump!!!

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Palo Alto Concours D’Elegance: Photos

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by Forbes @ 2:05 pm on July 7, 2009

This upscale event took place back on June 28th and once again it did not disappoint.  This year we were invited to participate in a ‘Then and Now” display.  We brought a friends 240z to be positioned across from a new 370z.  One of the most amazing cars of the show though was right next to our Z.

In front of our friend Glen’s new R35 GT-R there was an 1973 Skyline GT-R (also known as the “Ken and Mary” Skyline) in near original condition with 40K miles on it.  According to the importer of the car, it has not undergone any form of restoration and has been in climate controlled storage for most of it’s life.  The reason that this second generation GT-R is so special is that they made only 197 of them, total in the world.  They are rare and extremely expensive.  GT-R Wikipedia (2nd Gen. skip)

A few other highlights of the show included a one of the most original and un-restored Mazda Cozmos known to exist, vast vintage police vehicle display, as well as a plethora of vintage and historic race cars.  I was also pleased to see beautiful examples of almost every model of Porsche ever produced, there were some beautiful cars with great racing heritage.

I encourage all of you to join us at next years show.  The people are nice and the cars are even better.  I hope you like the few pictures I have included here.

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