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Supercharged G35 Makes Some Power

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by Forbes @ 2:50 pm on November 24, 2009

Normally when customers come to us to upgrade their cars we start off small with an intake or an exhaust system and slowly progress to suspension and brake upgrades until we arrive at a need for forced induction.  This time it was the exact opposite.

This G35 came in bone stock (albeit with a nice set of HRE’s) and the owner wanted an instant boost in power.  Needless to say we were happy to oblige.  We contacted Vortech Engineering and had them send us one of their REV-Up Supercharger systems with a self contained oiling system.  The kit comes complete with everything from the upgraded fuel pump, supercharger, piggyback computer, the works.

The installation was performed flawlessly by Josh here at ZCG and we were on the dyno in no time.  Looking at the graph you can see that this car made awesome numbers for having stock exhaust, catalytic converters, and a full stock exhaust system.  Also in the interest of time and money we left the Uni-Chip with the factory program installed per the customer’s request.

There is so much more power potential with this car after a full exhaust system is fitted and a custom tune is done.  This car could easily have another 50-60+ wheel horsepower in no time!!

Only time will tell if the car will be allowed to reach it’s full potential, our dyno is waiting.

Welcome Home Chuck!!

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by Forbes @ 11:39 am on November 20, 2009

On behalf of Z Car Garage and all of it’s staff I would like to welcome home our good friend and Z owner Chuck G.  He has been in Afghanistan for quite some time now and we are happy to report that he has returned safely.  We have been storing and working on his car while he was overseas and we can’t wait to get it back into his hands.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with his project here are the basics:

  • 3.8L Stroked VQ35
  • GReddy Twin Turbo kit
  • Fully built and upgraded automatic transmission (peppermint lattes!!)
  • Upgraded axles
  • Rotora Big Brake Kit
  • VOLK Racing SF Challenge Wheels

Click on the three links below to follow the previous stages of his build.  The car currently makes 500whp and 500wtq through the auto tranny on only its base tune.  Now that Chuck is back the tuning will be finalized and he will be free to destroy as many tires as he pleases.

Again, welcome home friend.

240z on TV

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by Forbes @ 12:02 pm on November 17, 2009

This has absolutely nothing to do with ZCG but I found it interesting so I’m going to share it in case any of you saw it as well.  I was watching an episode of Criminal Minds, a show based on an FBI behavior analysis unit, and the main killer was a Z aficionado!!  He even used a his restored 240z to lure in his most recent victim!

There were multiple shots of the 240z throughout the episode (called “Extreme Aggressor”).  The car was wearing fresh orange paint and what appeared to be a set of Konig “Rewind” (15″) wheels.  If you are skipping through the channels and need a Z fix keep your eyes out for this episode.  (Not to ruin it for you, but the girl who wanted to buy the Z is saved by the FBI in the end)

End of off-topic post


FOR SALE Update: 1996 300zx Twin Turbo 37,xxx miles

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by Forbes @ 12:01 pm on November 13, 2009

Make sure that you check this car out if you are in the market for a clean 300zx Twin Turbo.  It doensn’t get much better than this car anymore.

  • ONLY 37,xxx on the odometer!
  • StopTech BBk
  • Volk CE28 Wheels
  • Labree Exhaust (our favorite 300zx exhaust)

See the full listing by clicking on the picture above or going to the for sale section at the top of the page.  Thanks

370z Gets Down and Darker

Filed under: 370z,Performance
by Forbes @ 3:14 pm on November 12, 2009

You might remember this 370 from awhile ago when we installed a set of Berk high-flow catalytic converters as well as a Stillen exhaust system and the car put down over 300 wheel horsepower.   Well it came back last week to add a few parts to help it handle as well as it accelerates now.  We started off with the standard Eibach Springs Pro Kit and then added upper front control arms and rear lower control arms to keep the excessive camber in check.

The adjustable SPC Performance control arms allow for a perfect alignment on the track or the street.  The front arms are of a hybrid tubular design which allows for increased strength and reduced flex over the cast aluminum pieces.  They come with all the bushings pre-installed so installation is a snap, for the most part, and they are finished in a semi-gloss black which is a shop favorite.

To stiffen things up even more we also installed a set of new sway bars from Hotchkis suspension.  We have been using these for years on most of the newer Zs and Gs and are always satisfied with the decreased body roll and planted feeling that they provide in the corners.

Not wanting to leave things looking stock, the owner opted for a couple of exterior paint changes.  Now the car was sent over to Williams Autobody to have the front “fangs” and the rear exhaust surround painted in a semi-gloss black.  This is a nice and easy way for the owner to set his Z apart from the crowd (unless the ZCG 370 is around), but to take it one step further we also sent the factory “Sport” wheels out for a quality powder coating job.  What color?  You guessed it, semi-gloss black.  I think it looks awesome.  No one will be mistaking this car now.  (We put the car on our spare R35 GT-R wheels until the stockers came back)

In the end, the tasteful modifications done to this 370z will allow the owner to enjoy his car to it’s fullest, or until he comes back for more anyway….  The 370z just keeps getting better and better.

The full gallery is after the “read more” from beginning to end to show you the ride height change and such  ENJOY!!

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