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ZCG Dyno day report from Bill N.

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by Alvin G @ 7:07 pm on April 20, 2010

The skies were cloudy for the Z Car Garage 6th Anniversary Dyno Day and ZONC General Meeting, but that didn’t stop Z fans from gathering to help celebrate.
I live a couple of hours away and this was my first trip to the shop.
This is one cool place. The waiting room has hundreds of car magazines, Datsun and Nissan motorsport posters, plaques with magazine articles about many of Rob’s cars, and plenty of Z car memorabilia. My favorite is an original 240Z race car model kit in the original shrink wrapped box. I assembled one of these very kits over 35 years ago at the start of my love affair with Z cars (I still have the model). The waiting area is completely open to the main shop area. Customers get to see and hear the work taking place. Beyond the main area behind large windows is the dynamometer bay.
The place is CLEAN. It’s one of the cleanest, tidiest shops I’ve ever seen. Even the bathroom is nice.
The ZCG technicians – Fred, Joshua, Vlad and CJ – spent much of the day jockeying cars in and out of the dyno bay and lying on the floor to strap them down. Despite having to work, the guys seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Dyno runs were only $40 in honor of the Z car’s 40th anniversary.
The car show in the parking lot was great and kept changing during the day.
Enjoy the pictures!

Two for Tuesday Reminder…ZCG events this week.

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by Alvin G @ 3:32 pm on April 6, 2010

ZCG Drag race series begins tomorrow.  The ZCG crew and friends will be leaving ZCG at 1:30pm.

See details here:    ZCG DRAG

ZCG & ZONC Dyno Day is on Saturday the 10th

See details here:   ZCG DYNO

Thanks for your support!!

Long live the Z