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Monterey Historics at Laguna Seca 8/13-15…DATSUN Corral!

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by Alvin G @ 5:26 pm on August 2, 2010


!!!Attention all Datsun fans!!!

Z Owners of Northern California(ZONC) will be hosting a Datsun/Nissan car corral at the Historic races August 13-15 at Laguna Seca. This is a very special event with several Datsuns competing and the legendary John Morton will be driving the BRE 510! The last time Morton drove ‘Seca in this car was back in 2001 where he impressed crowds by winning a car-to-car battle with an Alfa. If you missed Morton pilot the famous Corkscrew back then here is your second chance!
Don’t miss this event and bring your Datsun/Nissan to the corral to show some support!

Car Corral passes are included with admission through ZONC, ticket purchasing info is here:
Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion
Or you can contact Tiffini Clark at

Datsun Dominination!

Thunderhill Track Day for Z’s 9/8/10

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by Alvin G @ 11:36 am on

HookedOnDriving is offering the Z community a great deal for running Thunderhill on September, 8 2010. TONS of track time with a max of 3 run groups….that’s 6 sessions per group….if we could get together 15+ Z’s, we could do a private group for $150 per! This is not something that they can do on a regular, pre-scheduled basis…and this is not being advertising to the public. If you are interested please send a brief “I’m in” or “I can’t” message to David Ray at
office: 925-552-8112
mobile: 925-683-1991
Let’s get some Nissans out there on the track!


One Bad Wagon

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by Alvin G @ 1:06 am on

Anthony S is the owner of this sinister Datsun 510 wagon. We first met Anthony years ago at the All-Datsun Meet at Mt. Shasta. He started visiting the shop frequently, driving this wagon all the way from Oregon to San Jose, CA. We have done many events together and I thought it was time to share his 510 with you since it recently got a new drivetrain.

Anthony built this 510 from the ground up himself, and it has been constantly evolving. He started with a rather unorthodox inline-6 cylinder engine, the Toyota 7M-GTE. This single-turbo setup spun the ZCG dyno to almost 400rwhp! Suspension and brakes modifications include Brembo calipers up front, a Ford rear end and massive 255/35 tires in front with 285/35 rears. Anthony is a track nut and this 510 has seen many days running hard at Portland Int. Raceway. A radical front grille/spoiler design, rear mounted radiator, air to water intercooler(now air-to-air), custom gauge cluster and other mods showcase Anthony’s tremendous fabrication skills. Anthony recently “swapped” in the mighty 2JZ-GTE engine. You can follow the build-up over at Supraforums


More pics in the gallery!