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Wed. Night Drags Report… 10/20/10

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by Alvin G @ 5:59 pm on October 26, 2010

Looks like everyone had a good time last Wednesday night at the fun drags and here is a report from Scott Smith:


We were four Zs strong and also had a bada$$ 510 of Matt’s. Rob Fuller set the bar in Chuck Gross’s TT 350Z with a get-you-kicked-out best-run of 11.452 @ 119.51mph. A roll bar, side bars, and fireproof jacket are required for runs under 11.5s. John Tacchi ran a fast 12.883 @ 116.57mph in his upgraded Z32TT, and made it through two rounds of eliminations, and lost with an uncharacteristic 14.4 run with on a 13.0 dial in. He must have spun the tires off the line and lost time, as the temps were getting cooler. Walt Leonard broke out on his first-and-best timed run with a 12.914 @ 104.62mph compared to his dial of 13.07(black s/c’d Z above). Scott Smith ran his wife’s 2007 350Z Roadster, and was also eliminated in the first round. He dialed 14.60 and ran 14.61, but was beat at the tree. His best of the night was 14.477@98.51mph. Matt Gardella ran his turbo 510 hard, but also lost in the first round. He dialed in 13.00 and ran 13.538 @ 95.89mph, but his best of the night was 13.126 @ 103.62mph.

Stay tuned for an announcement of the final ZCG drag racing series date in November!

Matt’s 510(note faster dial-in than the STi or M3 :)) and John’s Z32TT


Here are a few short video clips of Matt’s 510 and Rob piloting Chuck’s TT 350z:


The Woz

Filed under: Automotive History
by Alvin G @ 11:44 am on October 25, 2010

Rob recently spotted Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak at a music festival in San Francisco. Here is his account of “The Woz” sighting:

A few weeks ago I attended the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival in Golden Gate park. If you have never been it’s a great weekend of music and it’s free! The last band I wanted to see was a project band called Mondo Cane. Mike Patton of Faith No More fame heads up the band which features 60s big-band music all in Italian.
The show was amazing and on the way home I heard people talking about Steve Woz cruising around on a Segway. Soon we spotted him and as we walked by I yelled out a tagline from the 280ZX commercial:

“How is that Z, Steve?”
He yelled back, “It’s Awesome!“

This made my day! I debated for a moment and had to go back for a picture. We started talking and then he “Segwayed” (pun intended) into a Prius talk.
It was time for this Z guy to move on.

It was really cool to meet another famous guy touched by the Power Of The Z.
It might be time to reach out to Steve and have Nissan approach him with a Leaf.
Long live the Z

Laguna Seca Track Day 11/1

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by Alvin G @ 9:53 pm on October 20, 2010

On 11/1 NCRC is running Laguna Seca, for cheap! Come join us as several Z’s are already signed up and ready to roll! Registration info is HERE

Our last event at ‘Seca was a blast with 6 Z’s, a G and a Datsun 510!!!

Wed. Night Drags Tomorrow!

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by Alvin G @ 12:27 pm on October 19, 2010

Come join us for the next event of fun and Z-ing “in a straight line” TOMORROW October 20, 2010 at Infineon Raceway.
If you would like to caravan up from the South Bay meet at ZCarGarage at 1:30pm, 2pm departure!

Full details click here


Jimmy’s Old Car Show Pictures!!!

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by Alvin G @ 12:05 am on October 17, 2010

We checked out Jimmy’s Old Car Picnic today at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Despite chilly weather(at least for this South Bay boy) hundreds of cars were on display! I haven’t been to a show this large and it was impressive to see everything from fully-restored Detroit iron to home-built Rat Rods, plus a few oddities. Dead-center of the field in the midst of all this American metal lay our 5 Japanese classic cars:  3 Datsun Roadsters, 1 Datsun 510 and a Mazda.

From Left to Right: Eddie’s ’66 Roadster, Fred’s ’66 Roadster, my ‘67.5 Roadster, Rob’s ’74 RX-4, and Matt’s 510

Our cars were well received with lots of interest. It’s funny listening to comments from muscle-car show go-ers. My favorite was, “Hey this one’s got an engine from a Skyline in it!” pointing to the KA24 in Matt’s 510 🙂

Jimmy’s attracts all kinds of rides and all kinds of people. Lots of BBQ’ing and serious cooking going on. Here’s a highlight of the hundreds of cars parked in Speedway Meadows(see more in the gallery):

What caught my eye on this Mustang was it’s Miata-drivetrain in the engine bay, but we soon found out it was quite the opposite! It’s a Miata with actual Mustang body panels grafted on!

Left: Milner’s coupe(actual car) from the movie American Graffiti.
Middle: Steve Perry’s (girlfriend’s) VW Bug 🙂
Right: Ms. Pinky’s Wagon

Slammed and super clean VW T2 Bus and Fastback:

LOTS of Mopars both rare and unrestored:

Check out the carb location and intake manifold on this rod:

This ’32 was my favorite car at the show….just uber clean with lots of attention to detail. Simple and understated:

And the “Best Sticker” award comes from the dash of a ’59 Cadillac:

The show was fun, join us next year at Jimmy’s!

There are many more pictures to enjoy just click below:
…[read more]

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