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Help A Fellow Datsun Owner: Victor’s Roadster

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by Alvin G @ 12:55 pm on April 29, 2012

Our fellow roadster owner and friend Victor Laury unfortunately has faced serious health issues so please read the flyer below to see how you can help him AND have the chance to own a stunning Datsun 2000 Roadster!

UPDATE: You can donate via Paypal please information: HERE

To donate/enter please fill out this form: VicEntry
Download a full pdf of this flyer to read more details/specifications about the roadster HERE. You can also view the car April 28/29 at the Datsun Roadster Show in Solvang, CA and Motorsport Auto Show

Supercharged Madness: Vortech Promo Video

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by Alvin G @ 10:35 pm on April 25, 2012

ZCarGarage is a top tier Vortech installer and over the years many G’s, Z’s, Mustangs and a few GM sports cars have left the shop supercharged with happy owners. Check out these 4 heavy hitting supercharged street machines as they meet up and then roll out…

BayZa’s 3rd Annual In N’ Out + Drive!

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by Alvin G @ 1:49 pm on

This event is on the same weekend as MSA, so if you can not make it down south this year, this may be an alternative.
The Bay Area Z Association is a Northern California based Z club that revolved around the Z32 300ZX.
This year is the first year we are opening up the group to show our love for all years of Nissan Z-Cars.
Date: April 28th, 2012.
Time: 11am ~ 5pm
Place: In N’ Out Burger (Blossom Hill and Santa Teresa)
5611 Santa Teresa Boulevard
San Jose, CA 95123-2649

Secondary location: [Caltrain station, 5560 Monterey Hwy., San Jose 95138]
This year, we will be hosting a small raffle and a 27 mile one way drive which will include an exhaust sound-off competition.
We are expecting between 50-70 Z-Cars to come, and have planned the event to be low car friendly.
Have fun and drive safe!

One Sexy FX: Thad’s Infiniti

Filed under: Featured Cars and Projects,Performance
by Alvin G @ 11:01 pm on April 24, 2012

Thad N brought his FX45 to ZCG last year for a BBK and suspension. While handling and braking were transformed and the new ride height pleasing to the eye the stock wheels just didn’t quite fill those massive wheel wells. Good thing Thaad has excellent taste and ZCG installedl these striking 22s with 275s up front and huge 305s in back.
The stance is just right. This FX is now both elegant and mean making it one incredibly cool canyon cruiser…

Ready For Summer: Peter’s ’71 Skyline

Filed under: Featured Cars and Projects,Performance
by Alvin G @ 2:10 pm on April 23, 2012

Last month we introduced you to Peter and his 1971 Skyline that he recently acquired through the well-known JDMLegends shop. After seeing ZCG’s upgrades to Gary’s C10 Peter wanted similar ignition mods and carb tuning. A 3.2L stroker motor is in the future but for now Peter wanted to get the car dialed-in to enjoying summer driving.

A Mallory Unilite setup with MSD6AL igntion box replace the stock coil.  A very trick ZCG touch hides the tach adaptor under the horn and the MSD unit is placed under the dash to keep the engine bay uncluttered. New factory Nissan plug wires are used because they are the best! Below you can also see the stock direct drive fan replaced with Zcar fan clutch:

The engine bay needed some love, especially the carbs which were corroded. New Nissan fuel lines supply the triple 40’s. 44s are on the horizon. Check out that engine bay now…

The fuel system was also corroded and the electric pump was replaced with a factory mechanical fuel pump.

Rob tuned the carbs for better driveability and a few more horses. The dyno shows significant gains in hp/tq and much smoother delivery.

Peter’s Skyline is ready to rock for the summertime. We know we will find him on a twisty mountain road with a smile on his face as the Skyline’s tach sweeps towards redline 🙂

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