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Well-Seasoned: Tommy’s ’09 GTR

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by Alvin G @ 3:01 pm on July 29, 2012

Tommy L recently picked up this 2009 GTR and it is the highest mileage R35 we’ve seen at the shop with 72k miles on the odometer! The Solid Red paint is also a welcome change from the ubiquitous silver/grey cars on the road. Tommy came in to have new Stillen AP rotors and Stoptech 309 pads installed:
Stock rotors front and rear:

Stillen AP rotors front and rear:

Here are more shots of that pretty red paint:

Brisbane Car Show Pictures!

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by Alvin G @ 1:51 am on


We had a great time today at the ZONC Brisbane Nissan/Datsun/Infiniti Extravaganza! Early morning fog burned off and gave way to a spectacular sunny, warm day near South San Francisco, CA. Our caravan to the show from ZCG was only four cars deep but we still enjoyed the ride: Mark’s ’66 Datsun Roadster, my 67.5 roadster, Tom N’s GTM 370z, and Gary’s screaming 1971 Skyline:

Cars were parked on lush lawns of the Bay Trail just at the edge of Brisbane Marina. There were plenty of Z-cars to drool over: ¬†S30s, 280zx, Z31s, Z32s, Z33s, and Z34s. Oh, and just a few GTRs ūüôā


I’ll take my Datsun 510 in some shade of blue please!

We had three Datsun roadsters this year. Mark’s ’66 1600 has a 2L (U20) drivetrain that has been turbocharged with EFI! Mark did all of the design/fabrication/install himself on this fully-restored custom:

Mike drove his gorgeous 67.5 1600 that exemplifies how this car would look as it rolled off the showroom floor 45 years ago…with a few creature comforts added to make it an awesome driver:

My favorite S30 was this totally modified 240z. It had little details throughout the car from chassis, engine bay to interior. Check out the firewall, hidden throttle cable(!), extensive carbon fiber, custom fuel cell in spare tire-well, tucked side-exit exhaust, just to name a few. Oh, and it’s hard not to see that Rebello 3.2L on display:

Kevin Neely rocked his uber-clean Z32TT and I spotted a cool rear diffuser on this wingless 300:


Dan F. displayed his “Track Rat” that recently got the full Vortech supercharger treatment at ZCG and host of other mods to keep the the rat(and Dan) happy on the race track and auto-x courses:


R33 Skyline GTR V-spec, anyone? This one had some eye-catching wheels and a clear timing cover on its RB26:


Even the parking lots had some nice J-tin including this odd couple: A Datsun 1200 and Opel, separated at birth?

Here is a short clip of Gary’s Skyline making sweet 3.2L L-series noise:

Big thanks to the ZONC staff for organizing the event!  Check out the gallery for more pictures!

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Brisbane Car Show…Saturday Caravan From ZCG!

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by Alvin G @ 8:56 pm on July 26, 2012

Come join us at ZCarGarage Saturday morning to caravan to the Brisbane Car Show!
We will meet at the shop 7:30am sharp and depart shortly after.
140 Archer St.
San Jose, CA 95112

Pictures from last year’s show are HERE

Z Believer: Ranjan’s Vortech 350z

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by Alvin G @ 11:55 pm on July 25, 2012

Ranjan works at Google and owns this beautiful 2004 Daytona Blue Z33 with only 50k on the clock! After giving much thought to buying a newer car he decided to improve his Z instead and came to ZCG for a full Vortech supercharger install. When you believe in the Z great things can happen! The blower is a polished V-3 unit and several supporting mods were installed including Stillen headers, JWT cams, Bassani exhaust, GTM oil cooler, ZCG bypass filter, heat shield and CAI. Here is a before/after of the install:

Just a few shots of the build showing the FMIC and ZCG cold air intake…check the gallery below for more detailed shots of the installation!

The Unichip is mounted on the kick panel and GTM oil cooler location is shown:

JWT cams really wake the motor up and complement boost, check out the difference in cam lobe profiles:

Stillen headers compared to the stock unit and the popular Bassani exhaust are installed:

JWT Clutch and flywheel go in for peace of mind and performance with the supercharged engine:

Boost is good. The dyno reveals significant gains as revs increase with 155hp/88tq over stock for a grand total of 402hp/329tq at the wheels!

With all of this new found power Ranjan soon realized that the Z was not balanced anymore :0 It needed some brakes. Stoptech to the rescue with their 332mm BBK up front and Sport kit in back:

With brakes to match the increase in power we think Ranjan will enjoy owning and driving his Z even more ūüôā
You can see more detailed pictures in the gallery below, enjoy.

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Worth The Wait…Atila’s 2013 GT-R

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by Alvin G @ 11:47 pm on July 24, 2012

Atila B. started out as the proud owner of a 2003  Lemans Sunset Z33.  Although he loved the Z he eventually stepped up to a 2009 GT-R and enjoyed taking that R35 to open track events for about 2 years. When the press announced that Nissan was coming out with an even more powerful, upgraded GT-R, Atila waited patiently and ordered this stunning silver 2013 beast you see before you!

This GT-R will not be relegated to car shows and cruising, Atila wants to take it to the track so ZCG prepped and upgraded the braking system. New rotors, brake pads, stainless flex lines and Motul brake fluid were installed:

The GT-R can now be happy in its native habitat…tearing up the apexes and straights at a Northern California racetrack near you!



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