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Working With Fast Datsuns

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by Alvin G @ 1:10 pm on December 28, 2012

At ZCG we love to participate in Motorsports and race prep for vintage Datsuns is just one of the few services we offer to get you on track and closer to the podium. Earlier this year we helped Steve Link with a high rpm misfire on his Datsun 240z. Steve had been chasing this gremlin for awhile and finally made his way North to ZCG where we solved it!  Steve provided us a few clips of the race at Willow Springs:

Leaving the grid:

Here’s a walkaround:

We also tuned Wayne McAtee’s Datsun 510:

Look for more race-prep from ZCG in 2013!

Worth Waiting For: Craig’s Vortech 350z

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by Alvin G @ 10:43 pm on December 23, 2012

Craig K has been a long time Z33 owner and over the years we have seen him at various motorsports events and fun runs. He had kept his Z relatively stock with the exception of some sharp Nismo wheels but when you roll with other ZCG customers it’s hard to resist the forced induction bug. Craig finally made the jump to lightspeed with a full Vortech install on his ’04 LeMans Sunset Z earlier this year.

Craig got the “works” including a polished Vortech Tuner Kit,  Stillen headers, JWT cams, GTM MAF and oil cooler, Aeromotive 340 fuel pump, Bosch injectors and exhaust upgrades.

On the exhaust side we started with Stillen headers, ART pipes and finished with a Bassani exhaust system:

Here are the headers, ART pipes and exhaust system installed:

Craig’s Z33 is a 2004 model with the CD001 transmission. This old unit was notorious for grinding shifts so we upgraded it to a new CD009 transmission and also installed a JWT HD clutch/flywheel:

GTM oil cooler and JWT cams(note difference in profiles) :

Instead of the common DEFI/Autometer pillar-mounted gauges, Craig went with the slick BrockwayEngineering DGauge. This relatively new TFT-display gauge provides real-time monitoring of engine vitals in a very compact package. We mounted it in the NAV/cubby, placing it where this storage area could still be used:

We have performed countless Vortech supercharger installs and Craig’s was straightforward. Vortech really makes a great package.  Here is a closeup of ZCG Cold-Air Intake and FMIC:

Below are a few NA/FI shots…aside from the shiny intake and polished blower it is a fairly low-key engine bay:

If you are like Craig and have owned/driven an NA Z33 for several years, the jump in power that forced-induction brings is one of the most gratifying experiences!  On the dyno the stock Z made 233hp/230tq a the wheels. After the Vortech install and UPREV tuning courtesy of Rob, Craig’s Z made 415hp/344tq at the wheels. Peak gains of 182hp/114tq  AND more power everywhere in the rev range totally transforms this car.

Enjoy the Ride Craig! We know that your journey to forced-induction was well worth the wait!

Fun in the Sun Z32

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by Alvin G @ 3:44 pm on December 21, 2012

Joe C and his wife are both huge convertible fans. Joe’s ride is a vintage Mustang and his wife’s is this pretty Z32 convertible. Joe wanted his wife to fall back in love with her Z and enlisted the help of Z Car Garage.

We started with a full suspension revamp including Eibach springs on Tockiko 5-way adjustable shocks,

Stillen sway bars and Powertrix control arms and tension rods:

Brakes calipers were rebuilt and upgraded with Stoptech’s Sport Kit:

Cosmetics needed attention as well. We replaced the torn softop and the faded rear tail-light finisher, both common wear items:

NA Z32s that have aftermarket exhausts systems can be loud. Put the top down and it can be annoying. We wanted a performance sound that wouldn’t intrude on the top-down driving experience so we made a custom exhaust system using an extra-large resonator. Factory looks and a mellow Z tone…this sun bunny is ready for the road!

Happy Holidays From Z Car Garage!

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by Alvin G @ 8:46 pm on December 20, 2012

***Dear Customers and Friends we want to remind you that Z Car Garage will be closed from 12/22/12 through 1/1/13 and open for business on 1/2/13***

We want to say thanks to our customers, friends and the crew at ZCG for making 2012 a wonderful and productive year!

Taka’s 1972 240z

Filed under: Featured Cars and Projects,Maintenance
by Alvin G @ 7:22 am on December 18, 2012

Taka Y is the new owner of this ’72 S30 and it needed a specialty shop’s touch so he visited ZCG. We gave the Z a once-over and took care of general maintenance items including a full carb tune-up, Pertronix igntion, fusebox, and new fuel hoses:


What’s next for Taka’s Z? Stay tuned as we improve the handling with new suspension and some Panasports!


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