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Slow Down Scooby: Ken’s WRX

Filed under: Featured Cars and Projects
by Alvin G @ 12:29 am on April 13, 2013

Ken D is a friend of the shop and machinist instrumental in developing the ZCG big brake kit. Bone stock, Ken’s 2011 Subaru WRX is blessed with near-STI acceleration and even has the same bulging bodywork. After enjoying the WRX’s power and grip at a few track days Ken got the speed bug and needed more braking capacity. Stoptech to the rescue!

We installed Stoptech’s Big-Brake Kit consisting of ST-40 calipers squeezing 328mm rotors up front:

The larger binders and ventilated rotors will now give Ken the confidence to brake deeper and repeatedly throughout the track day sessions:

What better way to take advantage of the new brakes than a set of sticky Hankook RS3s! Ken also had these tires mounted courtesy of Z racer Scott S, thanks!

We are happy to report that Ken got to experience fade-free braking performance at a recent track day at Laguna Seca: