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Foxy 5.0: Kevin’s ’92 Mustang

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by Alvin G @ 11:47 pm on April 16, 2013

Kevin B has been with Z Car Garage for a long time and owns a pristine Cherry Red Pearl Z32TT(to be featured soon). Kevin also owns this surprisingly clean Fox-body Mustang GT and wanted it to be as fast as his Z.

He came to us for a complete Vortech supercharger install to wakeup the venerable 5.0L V8. Here are some of the goodies:

The Vortech kit designed for Fox-body Mustangs has been around for years and still has great fit/finish. Here are some before/after shots:

A closer look at the black finished supercharger and plumbing:

We ran a baseline dyno before the blower install and the mighty 302 put down a very healthy 199hp/264tq at the wheels. Not bad for its at-the-time crank rating of 225hp/275tq.  With the Vortech this ordinary 5.0 becomes a monster with 328hp/361tq to the wheels! Check out the significant gains especially throughout the entire rev range: well over 300lb of tq is available from 2,500 to 5,500 rpm:

So which is faster Kevin, the ‘Stang or the Z? Tune in next time as we feature Kevin’s pretty 300zx and think twice before you roll that “slow 5.0” sitting next to you at the stoplight 🙂

Caravan to Shokuji J-Tin Show 4/20/13!

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by Alvin G @ 10:30 am on

We are just a few days from the Shokuji J-Tin Show in San Leandro. Interested in driving to the show with fellow Datsun/Japanese car owners? Join us by meeting at Z Car Garage on Saturday morning at 8:00am sharp!

140 Archer St.
San Jose, 95112

FYI, the organizers have changed the registration requirement: You can now register AT THE SHOW for $12 before 9am. Remember to spread the word invite your friends as admission for spectators is free!

Here’s a video of last year’s caravan from ZCG:

See you at the shop!