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Track Day December 15 @ Thunderhill!

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by Alvin G @ 12:59 am on November 27, 2013

City Tech is hosting another great track day event at Thunderhill 12/15/13. We love running with this group as they offer tons of track for a great price. Registration for all cars can be found at

Registration for GTRs Only HERE. (Designated Parking space for all GTR, lunch and timing transponder are included)*** only 16 cars max, we have 12 cars confirmed and paid ***

ZCG Closed 11/28 and 11/29

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by Alvin G @ 10:16 am on November 25, 2013

Just a friendly reminder that the shop  will be closed this Thursday and Friday for the holiday.  Don’t forget to Enjoy the Ride!




Rich A lives in Tahoe City and heard about Z Car Garage through fellow Z32TT owner Gary S. After setting up an appointment Rich had AAA drop the Z off with us for repair work. It needed full timing belt services and injectors and since the car had been sitting outdoors the rear tail light panel was in rough shape.


The 1990-1994 Z32TT’s have fuel injectors problems because Nissan used a wet coil design. This left the injector coil wire prone to oxidation over time and eventual shorting. The solution? Convert to later style injectors using the early fuel rail. JWT makes an excellent kit that allows later style injectors but also makes servicing/removal a breeze without the need for removing the manifolds:


Early vs later(new) injectors:


The tail lights on Rich’s car were cracked and faded leading to leaks and deteriorating hatch rubber. The center latch area was on its way to rusting out:


Lucky for us ConceptZ has the best replacement lights. J-spec clear lenses look great on the Super White cars. We did a through cleaning before installing the new lights/panel:


The fresh tail lights and center panel make a world of difference!


From routine maintenance to keeping up the sexy appearance of your beloved Z, how can we help you Enjoy The Ride?

Brian’s 350z

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by Alvin G @ 7:00 pm on November 21, 2013


Brian K is a Lockheed Martin employee and came to Z Car Garage to have some bolt-ons and aesthetic pieces installed on his 350z. Bolt-on power upgraes included a JWT Pop Charger, Motordyne 5/16″ plenum spacer and the lovely Bassani full cat-back exhaust system:


Here are the intake and plenum spacer installed:


The stock exhaust compared to the new Bassani dual-exhaust system:

On the dyno we started with baseline numbers of 230hp/229tq at the wheels. Shown below are the gains from the intake+plenum spacer (234hp/232tq) and exhaust (246hp/238tq):



With an UPREV tune final numbers are 251hp/240tq to the wheels:


Brian also wanted to change up a few aesthetic pieces on his Z including the headlights and grille. The new lamps are from Spyder and the grille is a black mesh unit:


Nissan’s New Datsun 510?

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by Alvin G @ 1:37 pm on November 20, 2013


By now you have probably heard the hype surrounding Nissan’s answer to the wildly successful and totally rad Scion/Subaru (FR/BR) sportscars. The concept is called the Nissan IDX and it is polarizing Nissan/Datsun fans everywhere. What do you think? Is Nissan’s effort a little late or do we have a winner? Our dear friend Forbes brought our attention to this Jalopnik article with more pics HERE.

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