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Happy New Year!

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by Alvin G @ 5:51 pm on December 31, 2013


The crew at Z Car Garage would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year! We are stoked for 2014 and look forward to helping our customers Enjoy The Ride. Can you believe that ZCG will be 10 years old in the New Year? Here are a few pictures to recap an amazing and eventfull 2013, enjoy!

Can’t view the video or want full res pics? Click on the gallery below:
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Sportier Crossover: Dannie’s FX35

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by Alvin G @ 11:52 am on December 22, 2013


With 90k miles on the odometer Dannie P decided it was time to start modding his 2005 FX35. Infiniti’s sporty crossover luckily runs the familiar VQ35 as seen in the Z/G sportscars so similar bolt-on options are available. Dannie wasn’t impressed with the Kinetix intake plenum he had previously installed so we went back to the factory unit. Bassani makes a wonderful sounding dual-exhaust system for Z’s so modified one to fit on the FX–a ZCG first.

BM82613 025BM82613 031JC81313 081

Slightly larger tips look great in the factory exits:

JC81313 056 JC81313 097

Big thanks to Christian at 034 Motorsport for letting us put the FX on their awd dyno for an UPREV tuning session. We started with a baseline of 177hp/191tq and finished with 209hp/205tq at the (4) wheels. Peak gains were +32hp/14tq!  Note the increased rev limit with power available all the way to 7krpm:

Screen shot 2013-12-21 at 11.30.32 PM

To enjoy the extra power, suspension and braking upgrades are always smart . GTSPEC bracing reduces chassis flex and a Stoptech sport kit improves braking duties:

JC81313 077

The underbody bracing clears the Bassani exhaust:

JC81313 082JC81313 087JC81313 088

Enjoy The Ride Dannie!

JC81313 095

Reminder: ZCG Closed 12/21/13 to 1/1/14

Filed under: Events
by Alvin G @ 7:53 pm on December 19, 2013

***Dear Customers and Friends we want to remind you that Z Car Garage will be closed from 12/21/13 through 1/1/14 and open for business on 1/2/14***

We want to say thanks to our customers, friends and the crew at ZCG for making 2013 a wonderful and productive year!

Russel’s G37 Sedan

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by Alvin G @ 4:56 pm on December 18, 2013

JC81913 034
Russell came in for a 15k service, new tires and a few suspension upgrades.

JC81913 014
Stoptech brake pads and Hotchkis sway bars are simple, effective upgrades:

JC81913 018JC81913 020JC81913 019
The Hotchkis sway bars are noticeably larger and stiffer than OEM units:

JC81913 026JC81913 029
Russell can now enjoy driving his sedan in the twisty stuff!

Andre’s 370z

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by Alvin G @ 3:07 am on December 17, 2013


Andre G wanted to make getting from point A to B a little more exciting so he came to us for an UPREV tune and shorter gears. The Nissan OEM 4.08:1 gearset really wakes up the 370Z’s acceleration off the line…one of the most effective mods you can do.

JC92713 014

Installing the new ring and pinion:

JC92713 020JC92713 021JC92713 025

The NISMO finned-aluminum diff cover helps keep things cool:

JC92713 013 JC92713 028
JC92713 016 JC92713 031
With the UPREV tune Andre picked up +10hp/7tq for a total of 311hp/263tq to the wheels:

Andres Garcia Z34 Uprev retune

We hear Andre has caught the drag racing bug. Quicker acceleration and more power should yield some faster times…see you at the races!

JC92713 026JC92713 024

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