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Beautiful Inside & Out: David’s 1973 Datsun 240z

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by Alvin G @ 2:25 pm on January 23, 2014


You might remember this stunning S30 we featured a few years ago on our For Sale page that later made its way to our friends at Bring A Trailer. The metallic green color, tan interior and Appliance mesh wheels really give the car an irresistible 70’s vibe.

Screen shot 2014-01-20 at 10.19.48 AMScreen shot 2014-01-20 at 10.20.12 AMDSC05034-1024x768

Several years ago we worked on the Z with previous owner Zack L prior to its sale. You can imagine how happy we were when new owner David J brought “THE 73 Z”  back to ZCG recently. It was running rough and David also wanted to tidy up the engine bay as well as a few other items. While sorting the driveability issues we found the crank pulley dampener was slipping making it hard to set timing. A new factory piece was installed:

BM 51213 016 BM 51213 050

The carbs were gone through and dialed in. A full tune-up was performed including NOS OEM spark plug cables and intake/exhaust manifold gaskets. This Z is so gorgeous on the outside that we wanted to make it just as nice once the hood is opened. The engine bay was treated to full powdercoating and zinc plating services, new clutch hydraulics and a refreshed radiator.

BM 51213 031 BM 51213 035 BM 51213 034

Here is a look before and after…an engine bay worthy of its shiny exterior!

bm42213 016 BM 51213 074

We replaced the factory exhaust manifold with an MSA ceramic-coated header followed by our ZCG custom 2.5″ exhaust system with stainless resonator and slash tip:

bm42213 026 BM 51213 027

Old twice-pipe setup:

bm42213 018 BM 51213 063 BM 51213 064

Our ZCG upgraded door seals were installed and door fitment sorted to eliminate that “tinny” sound S30 owners commonly experience:

BM 51213 055BM 51213 059BM 51213 058

The fuel recovery system needed attention so hoses were replaced and tidied up:

BM 51213 037BM 51213 045

Wheels undoubtedly make or break a car’s aesthetics. The dealer-optioned Appliance wheels originally fitted definitely look just right and maintain that vintage feel. David chose a set of Rota RB wheels to add a little modern flair and more rubber to the road:

BM 51213 069

With a freshened engine bay and new shoes David showed the ’73 Z at the Brisbane car show:

DSC05035-1024x768 DSC05082-1024x768

We loved working on your Z so thank you David for coming back to ZCG!

Check the gallery for more pictures!
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Brandon’s G35 Sedan

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by Alvin G @ 11:16 am on January 20, 2014

TV91513 063

It’s sedan week! Brandon M’s G35 visited us early 2013 for suspension upgrades and he came back for a few more mods. We installed a Stoptech Sport Kit which is a very smart and affordable way to increase braking capacity:

TV91513 067

OEM vs Stoptech rotors:

TV91513 071TV91513 073

Brandon is now running G35 coupe 19″ wheels and they look fantastic coupled with the lowered ride height!

JC2213 054 TV91513 059

Rob UPREV re-tuned the G with the addition of a Trans-Go shift kit. Note the increased hp/tq throughout entire rev range with peak gains of 10hp/8tq to the wheels:

Brandon M G35 Sedan Retune

Thanks for coming back to ZCG Brandon!

TV91513 086

Kevin’s Infiniti M35

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by Alvin G @ 11:29 pm on January 18, 2014

TOLO8513 070

Kevin L wanted to improve the performance of his 2007 Infiniti M35.  Thankfully this large, 3rd-generation sedan sports Nissan’s venerable VQ engine so many bolt-ons are available. We started with Motordyne plenum spacer/lower intake and Injen intake:

TV6313 017TV6313 019

UPREV tuning maximizes the improved breathing for peak gains of 15hp/6tq for a total of 238hp/230tq to the wheels:

Kevin L Start to finsh

The M is no lightweight, and driving a little more “spiritedly” can over-tax the factory brakes easily. Kevin opted for the Concept Z Performance Akebono Big Brake Kit (BBK). This kit uses the OEM brake components found on the G37 Sport Coupes and is a direct bolt-on for the M.

TOLO8513 063 TOLO8513 065TOLO8513 064

OEM vs the larger rotors 14″ (F) and 13.8″(R) will definitely help shed heat and prevent fade. Front calipers installed and framed nicely behind wheels:

TOLO8513 092TOLO8513 095TOLO8513 088

Rear OEM vs BBK:

TOLO8513 080TOLO8513 094

More power and better braking make Kevin’s M sport sedan exciting to drive!

TOLO8513 072TOLO8513 074

Eric’s G35

Filed under: Featured Cars and Projects,Performance
by Alvin G @ 1:53 am on

TV91513 143

Eric S came to ZCG for an UPREV tune and Whiteline bushing install for the T/C rods. The tuning session yielded significant gains across the powerband:

Eric Sylva G35 Uprev

Peak numbers jump to 245hp/240tq at the wheels, with gains of roughly 15hp/21tq from 3krpm all the way to an increased redline. Enjoy The Ride Eric!

TV91513 142TV91513 145

2014 Silicon Valley Auto Show Pictures!

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by Alvin G @ 1:18 am on January 14, 2014


Our display at the 2014 Silicon Valley Auto Show was well received by the public since opening last Thursday. Z Car Garage has been invited to this show for almost a decade but this year was especially exciting for us. Traditionally we have been staged outside of the main building in a venue called Aftermarket Alley, but this year we had our very own spot on the main show floor alongside the big automakers! Missed the show? Let us fill you in on the fun…


“Z” marks the spot on the show map!  Our 2500 sq.ft area was nicely framed by Scion, Fiat and Chrysler’s displays.  It was great to see the excitement and hear the comments from people. Our cars really stirred some emotions in a sea of new car blandness 🙂 Show go’ers admiring the Z’s were treated to some ZCG swag in the form of stickers, lanyards and tote bags:

show52014-01-12 14.10.53

Let’s meet the beautiful stars of our display. We feel it was a great mix of modern and vintage cars, all made possible by their awesome owners who set aside time to help us out…Thank You!

In the very center was Ken’s 300zx Twin-Turbo, now sporting WORK wheels:

DSC067232014-01-12 18.03.57

Mildly dropped on Swift springs, George’s Nismo 370z was looking just right:


The Ashby’s Vortech supercharged 350z with sweet VOLK LE28Ns framing Stoptech calipers:


Rob J’s 1971 Datsun 240z with Porsche “Big Red” calipers peeking beneath the Panasports and beefy RS-3 rubber was looking pretty. After a recent track day Rob is coming to ZCG for our 240sx transmission upgrade!


People did a double-take when they noticed the RHD of Lou’s FairladyZ. Recaro seats, 300hp 3.2L motor, full suspension hunkered down on massive Panasport C8s…the total package!


It’s hard to miss Patrick’s Time Attack 350z with its bright Porsche orange paintwork and requisite aero. He’s an amazing driver with many podium finishes!

2014-01-12 18.11.092014-01-12 18.32.46

Our display ends with the trifecta of Skylines…
David’s R32 debuted in 2013 after being non-operational for years. Four-wheel Stoptech brakes, full suspension, and a full RB26DETT rebuild are just a few highlights of Godzilla:


We were definitely proud to show the only R35 in the building thanks to Walt’s GT-R. We really need to update you on this beast as it now has full JRZ suspension and gorgeous ADVAN Racing GT wheels:

2014-01-12 18.10.17DSC06741

Heads turned and people gawked at Gary’s 1971 Skyline. The Hakosuka received a full 300hp Rebello drivetrain upgrade and tons of details that Gary is awesome at executing. The latest? An OEM Nissan 8-track player that sits perfectly in the center console!

DSC067152014-01-12 18.06.30-1

As Sunday evening came to a close the Auto Show was over and we had to unload our vehicles. Thanks to the SJ Auto Show and to all of our customers for helping out. This event was memorable and we hope to do it again in 2015!

DSC067392014-01-12 18.46.57

Check the gallery for more pictures!
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