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BayZa Meet: 5/17/14 Pictures!

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by Alvin G @ 3:03 pm on May 21, 2014


The Bay Area Z Association’s (BAYZA) 5th Annual In N’ Out and Meet was a great success with over 100 Z cars in attendance! As with past events, Z Car Garage has been a proud sponsor and helped with some prizes for their “Best Sound” competition.

Here are the 3 winners the community chose as the best sounding exhaust!

Best Non-Turbo Z sound:
– Brian D, Silver Z32 NA

Best Non-Z32 sound:
– Jason S, White Z33 NA

Best Turbo Z sound:
– Nick M, CRP Z32 TT

These winners all received a free dyno session at the shop!


We were also happy to see some familiar ZCG plates too like Kevin M’s Slicktop Z32:


Our friend Joe piloted the ZCG 300zx Twin Turbo for its first car show appearance in a long time!


You can find more pictures of the event HERE. Thank you BayZa for letting us be a part of your gathering!


Todd G. is still tearing up the track in his VQ-powered Datsun Roadster. Last year we shared some incredible shots of Todd crossed up at 100mph HERE and this year he’s putting in more seat time on the autocross course. Watch this hair-raising video of a practice run…turn up the volume and enjoy the unmistakable VQ sound from the side pipes!

This is such a beast!!!


Thank you Todd for sharing your Hot Rod with us and keep Enjoying The Ride!

DSC_0828_zpsfaa41440 DSC_0832_zps1a934bce

The Three Roadsterteers: Fun Run 5/17/14

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by Alvin G @ 5:39 pm on May 18, 2014


The Three Roadsterteers are out Enjoying The Ride again! On Saturday we embarked on a much longer journey to Cambria and back home via HWY 1. It was an interesting trek with great roads and good company. We covered over 370 miles with 8hrs of driving time, see our route below:

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 9.55.18 AMDSC07054

We tried our best to avoid freeways and to reach Paso Robles we took HWY 25 from Hollister. This road has a mix of super long straights, sweepers and some short tight stuff. Weather was warm. Our first stop was in the small town of San Miguel, where this local 85-year old gentleman shared his knowledge of Datsuns with us. He was a riot:


We crossed over to the coast via HWY 46 through Paso Robles.  Lots of wineries and green rolling hills here with a hint of cooler temperatures from coastal fog. We enjoyed some pizza and desserts after fueling up in Cambria.


The Chevron gas station in Cambria was epic. Not only because of the $4.99/gal 91 octane. The owner was an avid Z-car racer back in the day and the whole lot was filled with (derelict) Z’s!


The salt-laden ocean spray clearly took its toll on the Datsun sheet metal. Fortunately the owner’s current project was stored inside the shop!


We hopped on HWY 1 to enjoy the gorgeous coastal views and smooth, twisty asphalt. I really wanted to catch the sunset with our roadsters but we were having way too much fun. We eventually stopped in front of the Point Sur Lighthouse for some pretty pictures:



After sunset it became chilly so we continued on HWY 1 to Santa Cruz and blasted down 17 to get home. Gotta love those turns on 17! Check out our last fun run HERE.  Stay tuned to see where The Three Roadsterteers venture next!

More pics in the gallery!
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This Z Car Garage-built G35 coupe has an APS Twin Turbo kit, Volk wheels, Stoptech brakes, TEIN suspension and a host of other goodies. For more information please visit our FOR SALE page HERE

Thomas’ G37 Sedan

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by Alvin G @ 12:24 am on May 15, 2014

Tolo 5513 187

Thomas C came in for full 60k mile services and a new exhaust system on his G37 S sedan.

Tolo 5513 181zcg 3914 cam 2 007zcg 3914 cam 1 012

The old exhaust system had an aftermarket y-pipe that didn’t significantly increase power. We installed a full cat-back system from Fast Intentions followed by an UPREV tune. Old vs new:

zcg 3914 cam 1 015 zcg 3914 cam 1 017

The new exhaust looks and sounds great:

zcg 3914 cam 2 034zcg 3914 cam 1 018Tolo 5513 191

On the dyno we were impressed with gains from the FI exhaust combined with UPREV tuning. Peak numbers were 302hp/249tq to the wheels, an increase of +15hp/10tq. Check out the mid-range tp redline gains in both hp and tq from 3500rpm:


Thomas Chu G37S Sedan Uprev

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