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ZCG 61614 1 042

Stillen supercharger month continues at Z Car Garage! Our last reports included Daly’s G37 sedan,
David G’s G37 S coupe and today we bring you 2009 David S’ G37 Convertible. The trifecta of supercharged Infiniti G-cars is complete!

ZCG 61614 1 008ZCG 61614 1 007ZCG 61614 1 027

As with previous builds, the Stillen supercharger kit installation is straightforward. A Stillen oil cooler and colder plugs were added:

ZCG 61614 1 021ZCG 61614 1 024ZCG 61614 1 027

From NA to boost!

ZCG 61614 1 006ZCG 61614 1 036

Out of the box with the Stillen-supplied CAN tune the ‘vert made 408hp/325tq to the wheels. This is a great improvement of 122hp/75tq over stock but at Z Car Garage we can do better!

David S G37 Vert Baseline and Can Tune

Rob’s tuning yielded +12hp peak with smoother delivery all the way to 7500rpm:

David S G37 Vert Can to Final tune

With 420whp we also thought it would be prudent to start David off with some fresh tires 🙂
This concludes our Stillen supercharger month at the shop…can we help you boost your Nissan/Infiniti?

ZCG 61614 1 043

Mike’s Nismo 370z

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by Alvin G @ 1:32 am on July 25, 2014

zcg 3914 cam4 004

Mike U visted Z Car Garage back in May for Stillen intakes on his Nismo 370z. The Z was a gift to himself and with just 2800 miles on the odometer he got the modification bug. In addition to the intakes we installed a Fast Intentions exhaust system and Eibach springs:

ZCG 61614 4 081ZCG 61614 4 079

Exhaust before/after:

ZCG 61614 4 076ZCG 61614 4 098

A few more shots of the system:

ZCG 61614 4 094ZCG 61614 4 095ZCG 61614 4 096

The Fast Intentions system looks great and also frees up some power!

ZCG 61614 4 107ZCG 61614 4 106

We saw a 7hp peak gain at the wheels over baseline:

MIke U Z34Nismo Baseline and Exhaust

With Rob’s UPREV tuning Mike’s Z34 now makes 315hp/256tq:

Mike U Z34 Nismo Start to finish

Eibach springs improve the stance and SPC camber arms keeping the alignment in check:

 ZCG 61614 4 083ZCG 61614 4 089

We dig the slight ride height reduction:

ZCG 61614 4 101
ZCG 61614 4 102

Enjoy The Ride, Mike!

5th Annual Saratoga Classic Car Show Report

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by Alvin G @ 12:33 am on July 22, 2014


On Sunday I attended the Saratoga Classic Car Show in beautiful downtown Saratoga, Ca. Now in its 5th year running, thousands of car lovers flock to this historic strip of Big Basin Way.  Two-hundred cars line the street with music, vendors, shopping and plenty of fun for families. Despite its huge following I had never heard of this show happening in my own backyard until a friend sent me the flyer. I thought it would be cool to represent Japanese classic cars with the Datsun Roadster so I signed up and enjoyed the day with family.


I’m a huge fan of muscle cars and Hot Rods so this show was a refreshing break from the J-tin that is close to my heart 🙂 Here are some of my favorites:

From Ford:  “Bullit-esque” Mustang and Pro-Touring Shelby fastback:


This Thunderbird had a wicked stance and Halibrand-style wheels:


From Chevrolet: Pro-Touring ’57, trackday Camaro, C1 ‘Vette, Yenko tribute and mean Chevelle:


The roadster was well-received and I spotted a very clean S30 down the street! Maybe next year we can bring more JDM flair to the show!


Speaking of roadsters, there was a large contingent of English droptops including this absolutely bonkers turbocharged Sunbeam Alpine:


Sporting some sweet vintage Enkei 92 meshies with sticky Re-11s this DE-prepped beast even had a “TIGR ETR” plate!  Below: very clean MGA, Tiger and E-type:


I thought I was out of place with the Datsun and then I saw this beautiful ’68 Audi 100…on bags!


Such pretty lines it reminded me of BMW’s famous E9 chassis. The Rotiform wheels were perfect:


I was in Torq-Thrust and vintage wheel heaven. Some of my favorites. I love flat caps on these:

Check out the gallery for more pictures!


…[read more]

Datsun 2000 Goes to Europe!

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by Alvin G @ 1:42 am on July 20, 2014


We have an exciting update from our Datsun Roadster friend Francis A. Last year we helped Francis sell his beautifully restored 1968 Datsun 2000 by listing it in our FOR SALE page.


The roadster is now across the globe with its new owner just completing a 5,000 mile tour through ten countries: Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia-Heregovina, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia and Greece…


Thank you Francis for sharing these photos with us.  Though it might be painful to see somebody else with your baby it is obviously in good hands!


ZCG 6114 101

Stillen supercharger month continues at Z Car Garage! Last week we featured Daly’s G37 sedan and today we bring you David G’s 2009 G37 coupe. With 57k miles on the clock David wanted to go forced-induction on his G37 with Stillen’s CARB-legal kit.  As with all builds, each customer gets a dedicated rack for parts:

ZCG 52714 389ZCG 52714 388

We also installed a  JWT HD clutch/flywheel, Z-Speed T/O bearing and 19-row oil cooler:

ZCG 52714 390ZCG 52714 393ZCG 52714 392

For added peace of mind we also performed full 60k services. Here are a few in-progress pictures:

ZCG 52714 394ZCG 52714 397ZCG 52714 402

On the dyno, the Stillen-provided CAN tune put down 406hp/309tq to the wheels. Rob’s tuning further improved hp and tq throughout the entire rev range for total of 433hp/325tq!

David G G37S Can tune vs final numbers

With an improvement of +137hp/69tq over stock David is trying to keep his smile under control. Enjoy the Boost!

David G G37S can tune vs final tune

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