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UPREV Tuning: Joey’s Q60 and Dax’ 370z

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by Alvin G @ 3:42 am on December 24, 2015

22315 zcg cam 3 023

We love to install bolt-on parts that add power to your Z/G car. At Z Car Garage UPREV tuning can maximize power gains from individual modifications like intake/exhaust upgrades. Here are two examples of how we consistently achieve better performance through tuning, with mods or even without!


22315 zcg cam 3 024a

Joey T’s Infiniti Q60 gained 18hp/11tq with UPREV tuning for a total of 323hp/267tq to the wheels. Note the increase in power and torque from 2500rpm to redline:

Joey Tran Q60


ZCG Cam 62814 1 026

Dax S’ 370z picked up 14hp/8tq for a total of 315hp/255tq to the wheels. More importantly is the power delivery with gains throughout the entire rev range:

Dax Chon Shing Z34

ZCG Cam 62814 1 024


***Dear Customers and Friends we want to remind you that Z Car Garage will be closed from 12/24/15 through 1/4/16***


We want to say thanks to our customers, friends and the crew at ZCG for making 2015 a wonderful and productive year!

Read further to enjoy a few highlights from the year and Z you in 2016!

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The Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion


The Japanese Classic Car Show


Cars & Coffee at Blackhawk Museum


OS Giken TC24-B1Z in action


Reid’s DR30 Skyline


The SEMA Show


Canepa Cars & Coffee


The Solvang Datsun Roadster Show


Movie Screening of Adam Corolla’s “Winning” at Apple


Supercar Maintenance: Enrique’s GT-R

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by Alvin G @ 7:00 pm on December 17, 2015

22315 zcg cam 1 034

The Nissan R35 GT-R like any high performance vehicle, requires regular maintenance to ensure the car is performing its best and is well protected. Here at Z Car Garage we are not only interested in carrying out performance conversions, but can take care of all your Nissan R35 GT-R routine servicing. Enrique G came to us for 36k services on his Solid Red 2012 GT-R. He loves driving and you might recognize his car from our last fun run to Canepa Cars & Coffee:


While servicing the Nissan GT-R we only use genuine Nissan parts and oil that is recommended or exceeds the manufacturers standards. For example, the GT-R’s VR38 engine with its plasma-sprayed bores has been developed to run on Mobil 1 (0W-40) fully synthetic high performance engine oil.  As such ZCG carries this oil specifically for GT-R servicing.

22315 zcg cam 1 010
22315 zcg cam 1 023 22315 zcg cam 1 011 22315 zcg cam 1 021

For those doing track days, we can tailor your service to include any extras you may need such as additional transmission fluid changes, alignment and dyno tuning. Give us a call to discuss your next pre or post track day service.

Enjoy The Ride, Enrique!




The Z Stays in the Family: Pervis’ 280z

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by Alvin G @ 2:19 am on December 15, 2015

22315 zcg cam 1 048

We love to hear about Datsun owners enjoying their cars with family. Pervis E has owned this 280z for many years and wanted to pass it on to his (lucky!) daughter. He thought it would be prudent to install some new tires for safety and also add some stylish wheels. We happily obliged with a set of 225/50/16 Bridgestone RE760 tires and timeless 16×7 Panasports:

22315 zcg cam 1 04922315 zcg cam 1 045

Here are a few before/after shots:

22315 zcg cam 1 04222315 zcg cam 1 05022315 zcg cam 1 040 22315 zcg cam 1 047

Give us a call if you would like Panasports for your Z!

Z Dreaming: Fiat 124-based Datsun 240z!

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by Alvin G @ 1:41 am on December 3, 2015

Datsun 240Z2

Could this be the retro-modern Z we’ve all been waiting for? Reality tells us chances are slim, but it does give Z-car fans something to dream about. This rendering was created by a designer from X-Tomi Design, using the Fiat 124 as a base and grafting a “hardtop” on.

Datsun 240Z rear2

The Fiat 124 is actually built using the Miata chassis, so any hope of Nissan building this neo-240z by collaborating with Mazda is unlikely. Reality aside, we absolutely love this design and it hits all the right notes with styling cues that are truer to the original S30 than anything Nissan has released in several decades. What do you think? What drivetrain would you like to see?

At any rate, we would like the idea of a pure and simple Nissan sports car that is compact, with a powerful engine, lightweight body, and above all, an affordable price tag. Nissan, are you listening?

Datsuns Are Driven!