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FOR SALE: 1969 Datsun 2000 with Supercharged KA24DE

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by Alvin G @ 4:18 pm on February 20, 2016


Ken P is selling his 1969 Datsun 2000 Roadster. It has a full KA24DE/5-speed drivetrain with supercharger. We tuned the car with great results and this is a fantastic, fully sorted car. Please CLICK HERE to see our FOR SALE page for more details.

ZCG #3 21615 027a

Scott B was the first Nismo 370z to be supercharged down at Stillen. After a few years and 25k miles he came to Z Car Garage because the car was acting up. Rich A/F ratios from the (early) Stillen tunes had fouled the catalytic converters.

ZCG # 5 21615 169 ZCG # 5 21615 155 ZCG # 5 21615 158

We installed ART pipes which are test pipes without the traditional raspy sound:

ZCG # 5 21615 152 ZCG # 5 21615 153

OEM cats vs ART pipes:

ZCG # 5 21615 156 ZCG # 5 21615 164

After the install we re-tuned Scott’s Z picking up 17hp/14tq for a total of 416hp/313tq to the wheels:

Scott B Z34 Stillen Retune (1)

Enjoy The Ride Scott!

ZCG #3 21615 025

Tom’s Cobra

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by Alvin G @ 11:48 pm on February 18, 2016


Tom H has been coming to Z Car Garage with his Salt Flat Crew for many years. We helped tune their early Studebaker and Sprint cars that went on to make several record passes.


Tom has owned this Cobra since 2000 and he replaced the small block with a 427 fed by four Weber carbs. For the last two years he was fighting driveability issues. Rob found the transition between the pilot circuit and main circuit had a big hole in it and the car would fall flat on its face under wide-open-throttle, eventually catching up with itself.

After ~20minutes on the dyno Rob turned a stumbling car into a totally driveable beast making 404hp and 480 tq to the wheels!


Tom H Cobra 427

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Happy Birthday Joel Anderson!

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by Alvin G @ 1:12 pm on



We wish you the best and thank you for being in our Z car life!



Phillip’s 370z

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by Alvin G @ 12:11 am on

ZCG 41315 156

Phillip V is a Z Car Garage customer and former 350z/current 370z owner. We installed an Injen exhaust system on his 350z and he absolutely loved it so naturally he wanted one for his 370z. We didn’t sell these exhaust systems for the Z34 and this was our very first install. Here is a before/after:

ZCG 41315 150 ZCG 41315 151

More exhaust details:

ZCG 41315 155
ZCG 41315 153 ZCG 41315 152

Rear end view of the exhaust tips:

ZCG 41315 161

On the intake side we added JWT dual Pop chargers:

ZCG 41315 145 ZCG 41315 148

Dyno Tuning

ZCG 41315 146

To maximize gains from the bolt-ons we UPREV tuned the Z.  We started with 284hp/235tq and the JWT POP chargers made a significant increase up to 294hp/241tq:

Phillipe V Z34 Start to finish

The Injen exhaust was good for ~4hp/3tq for a total of 298hp/244tq:

Phillipe V Z34 JWT To Exhaust

UPREV tuning yielded even more power for a final output of 311hp/258tq to the wheels, gains of 27hp/23tq to the wheels:


Phillipe V Uprev Final
Enjoy The Ride Phillip!

ZCG 41315 160

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