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Raceworz Winner: Richard’s 370z

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by Alvin G @ 11:11 pm on September 18, 2016


It is always great to see our customers enjoying their cars. We tuned and supercharged Richard M’s 370z last year before he added a full PowerHouse Amuse body kit. Earlier in March his Z was featured online and most recently we are proud to report that Richard’s Z34 won 1st place at Raceworz!

20160807_000341_hdr-1 20160806_205704_hdrfb_img_1471326446498

Raceworz is an annual event held at Sacramento Raceway which allows both show and drag racing competitions.  Richard competed against over 600 other show cars entered and won Best Nissan!

You can catch Richard and his Z at the San Francisco Auto Salon which is part of the SF International Car show at the Moscone center on November 19th-27th. Way to represent, Rich! Long Live The Z!


Loves to Track: David’s 350z

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by Alvin G @ 1:09 am on September 14, 2016


David T is a track hound and he loves to drive his 350z. The more track days he did, the more he wanted a race car that could be driven on the street. David even stripped the interior, put on some cool decals and continued to run at the track. Eventually the VQ35DE got tired so he decided it was time to turn it up.

ZCG42112Cam1 044

He had a high compression, cammed Rebello engine built and installed at another shop. Z Car Garage handled the tuning an corrected a few things with the engine swap. We upgraded the injectors to EV14 650cc units, installed an Aeromotive 340 fuel pump and GT MAF. Rob worked his magic on the dyno with UPREV tuning and David’s Z now makes a stout 312hp/285tq to the wheels:

David T Z33 #14


We can’t wait to see you out on the local race courses David, Enjoy The Ride!

Godzilla For Sale: R32 Skyline GT-R

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by Alvin G @ 12:48 am on September 6, 2016


Two iconic cars from Nissan, 22 years apart both bearing the “GT-R” badge. Does it get any better than this?


Lou is selling his 1992 Skyline GT-R (R32) and 2014 GT-R (R35) Track Edition. UPDATE: The R35 is now sold.

You can find out more information on both cars in our For Sale section linked below:

1992 Nissan Skyline GT-R

2014 Nissan GT-R Track Edition




One LS3 Z32: Mo’s 300zx

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by Alvin G @ 1:02 pm on September 4, 2016


Mo M comes out of Capitola, CA and he is a car enthusiast with a show-winning Toyota MR2 that he built last year. His next project is this NA 300zx with a planned V8 engine swap (LS3). Before the Z receives the new drivetrain, Mo wanted to make sure it could handle the power.

1916 cam1 047 1916 cam1 050

We went through the entire car with Mo and installed his suspension parts including full Powertrix coil-over suspension, f/r camber arms, new T/C rods and sway bars:

1916 cam1 018 1916 cam1 019

Stock suspension vs new coil-overs

1916 cam1 023 1916 cam1 028
1916 cam1 031 1916 cam1 033

Fender rolling:

1916 cam1 038 1916 cam1 039

One of the things plaguing Mo was that he had several general repair shops work on the car. They replaced the clutch and flywheel assembly but he was getting a persistent grinding upon startup. We replaced the starter, installed a JWT aluminum flywheel and clutch.  We also fixed brake master cylinder.

1916 cam1 009 1916 cam1 016 1916 cam1 017

Now Mo is super pumped about the car’s handling and brakes. The next set of mods include a nice set of SSR Professor MS3 wheels and big brakes to handle the power of that mighty LS3 engine that’s coming soon!



The Underdog: Paul’s Nissan Sentra

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by Alvin G @ 1:30 am on September 2, 2016


Paul P recently relocated to Northern California from Texas and also brought along his cherished 1994 Nissan (B13) Sentra.  After the Sentra was brought over from Texas, he began researching for the best Nissan performance shop locally to perform an engine swap that he’d been dreaming about for years. Although Z Car Garage is primarily a Z-car shop, Paul’s passion, enthusiasm, and willingness to make his Sentra keep up with our Z’s 🙂 inspired us to take on the project.

2013-12-12(1) CAM 2 103114 121

Paul’s Sentra came from the factory with a GA16DE but his dream engine was the SR16VE found in the Japanese-market Sunny and Pulsar. The “VE” designation and “NEO VVL” badging on the cam cover indicate Nissan’s variable valve timing system. This allows independent engagement of both intake and exhaust cams for a flatter, more consistent power band. We installed the engine using JGY mounts, axles, and Nistronics tuning. Mishimoto radiator/fans handle cooling, while a Stage 3.5 Clutch Master clutch and lightweight flywheel put power through the 5-speed.

CAM 2 103114 129 CAM 2 103114 125CAM 2 103114 130CAM 2 103114 128

Here she is all buttoned up and ready to rock:


On the dyno, we saw peak numbers of 122hp/99tq at the wheels with power all the way to 7800rpm:

Paul P Sentra VVL


Paul  has been running the Sentra at SCCA autocross events and it makes us happy to see him having a good time while improving his times.

“Rob and his team at Z Car Garage did a phenomenal job in taking on this build and executing it to perfection. This project was well worth it and every time I am behind the wheel, a big grin always appears on my face and a rush of excitement overwhelms by body.”



His suspension setup consists of Tein superstreet coilovers all around, Tein pillowball camber mounts up front, Cusco front strut tower bar, Octotat Triangular rear strut tower bars, TWM short shifter and weighted knob and B14 SE-R wheels all around. We approve.


What’s next for the project? Paul wants to install bolt-on performance adders.

“One thing I like is to keep her all motor, no turbo, and continue to be that underdog/sleeper, for a 1994 Nissan Sentra.”


We are proud to report that the VVL swap has performed flawlessly from driving to and from track events and running errands. Go Get ‘Em Paul!