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FOR SALE: 1974 Mazda RX-4

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by Alvin G @ 7:42 pm on November 22, 2016


This Mazda RX-4 wagon has been in the ZCG family since 2010. It sports a Rebello-prepped 13B drivetrain and all maintenance/modifications have been performed at our shop. Ready to drive anywhere!

More details can be found on our FOR SALE page HERE


Happy Birthday Peter Brock!

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by Alvin G @ 11:41 pm on November 14, 2016


Happy 80th Birthday to our hero Peter Brock! You have been and continue to be inspirational to us Datsun fans worldwide. Here a few pictures we enjoyed taking with you over the years:



dsc03625 img_6350

Trusty Z: Dmitriy’s 350z

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by Alvin G @ 6:16 pm on November 10, 2016

We love to hear from our customers who are Enjoying The Ride in their Z cars. Dmitriy G picked up his 2007 base model Z33 in 2008 and has since put over 98k miles on her.  He visited ZCG for a new pedal set, Bridgestone S-04 PP tires and a JWT clutch with HD flywheel.

“I’ve taken this car all over California, including Tahoe in the winter, and hoping to get some more road trips out of state in the near future. Starting from about 2010 I’ve been going to Z Car Garage for all my mechanical needs and extremely happy with the results. Rob’s suggestions have made my Z a joy to drive with the most recent addition being the JWT Light Flywheel. With Rob’s tire recommendation + JWT Flywheel/ JWT Clutch = loads more fun on Skyline as the responsiveness and grip of the car have drastically increased.”

20160417_095732 (1)

Keep on driving Dmitriy and Long Live the Z!


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