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MEDIA: ZCG-built Datsun Roadster on Petrolicious

Filed under: Featured Cars and Projects
by Alvin G @ 10:50 pm on March 14, 2017


We are both excited and humbled to have our Datsun Roadster featured on Petrolicious! Big thanks to Courtney Cutchen for the capitvating photography and a lively interview. Enjoy the article, link below:


We love to install bolt-on parts that add power to your Z/G car. At Z Car Garage UPREV tuning can maximize power gains from individual modifications like intake/exhaust upgrades. Here are two examples of how we consistently achieve better performance through tuning, with mods or even without!


Owen T had his 370z towed out of state for another tuner and he reached out to us for re-tune of an existing tune. The UPREV software is very user-friendly and a must-have for owners that have bolt-ons. Owen’s Z34 picked up 16hp/10tq for a total of 309hp/256tq to the wheels. Strong gains throughout the entire rev range:

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