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FUN RUN: Datsun Roadsters 1/28/18

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by Alvin G @ 1:30 am on January 29, 2018


Sunday was a beautiful sunny day in the Bay Area, perfect for a quick drive in our Datsun Roadsters.  Our destination was Uvas Reservoir and I joined Rob and his family in Sora while I drove my ‘67.5 SPL. Leaving our meeting point of 76 on Foxworthy/Almaden:


Z Car Garage shop dog Kane loves riding in the roadster!


Despite being only 25 miles from the heart of Silicon Valley, the landscape near Uvas Reservoir is entirely different with farmlands, rolling hills and idyllic bridge crossings:


At the reservoir we flagged down this Datsun enthusiast, also out Enjoying The Ride! It was none other than David Carroll in his beastly 1975 280z:



You might recognize David’s Z as a contestant in the Optima Batteries Ultimate Street Car Competition and numerous road course/autocross events. Dubbed “570Z” when he initially ran a LS1, the  Z now sports an LS3 with over 500whp. Those are 315/30/18 tires at four corners! He gave us a nice fly-by check out the video below:



We snapped a few more pics of the cars and headed back home, it was fun to “exercise” the roadsters:


More pictures in the gallery below and remember, Datsuns Are Driven!

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