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Jimmy V: Keeper of the GNTLMN Z

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by Alvin G @ 12:56 am on August 29, 2016

Phan Cam 71016 009

Jimmy V came to Z Car Garage with his 2012 Infiniti G37 Sedan, aptly named the “GNTLMN Z”. Jimmy and Rob discussed options for the best exhaust system, tuning and suspension. We got him dialed in with a Fast Intentions cat-back exhaust system using 18″ resonators and 2.5″ piping, Motordyne ART pipes, and Hotchkis sway bars:

Phan Cam 71016 058 Phan Cam 71016 060Phan Cam 71016 059 Phan Cam 71016 015

Stock vs Fast Intentions exhaust system:

Phan Cam 71016 052 Phan Cam 71016 002
Phan Cam 71016 053 Phan Cam 71016 006

ART Pipes:

Phan Cam 71016 054 Phan Cam 71016 005
Phan Cam 71016 051 Phan Cam 71016 001

Jimmy wanted to see dyno results before/after with no tuning at this time. With Stillen Gen3 intakes already installed we baselined at 301hp/250tq and 315hp/256tq to the wheels with the new exhaust components:

JImmy V Baseline to bolt ons

You can watch a video of the dyno run (and see more pictures) of Jimmy’s G on his Instagram account linked below:


Here are the Hotchkis bars installed, front stock(Left):


Phan Cam 71016 056 Phan Cam 71016 007

Phan Cam 71016 055 Phan Cam 71016 004

We also installed a new battery in his key fob and GNTLMN Z was off to Enjoy The Ride. Thanks for coming to ZCG Jimmy, and we like how your G has progressed!

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 10.41.11 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 10.42.14 PM

Phan Cam 71016 012


Steve S’ 2007 Infiniti G35 is for sale. This is a 500whp+ fully loaded sports coupe that has been built and maintained by ZCG. Interested? Check it out in our FOR SALE section:
2007 Vortech Superchaged Infiniti G35

Happy 510 Day!

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by Alvin G @ 4:08 pm on May 11, 2015


We hope everyone had a chance to enjoy 5/10 yesterday in their Datsuns! To celebrate the occasion we drove our Dimes up to Uvas Reservoir. Our good friend Anthony drove down from Oregon to drop off his Datsun 510 Wagon for tuning. You might remember this flared, Supra-powered beast from being featured in America’s Coolest Wagons in 2011:


The car has gone through some serious development including including a full 2JZ-GTE engine, rear-mounted radiator setup and massive fender flares–all fabricated by Anthony himself! We will have full details on the blog soon.


Joining us was Rob in his SR20DET 510 and Lou with his new 2014 GTR Track pack. Kane, the ZCG shop dog Enjoyed the Ride too! Before heading out we stopped by the scales on De La Cruz to satisfy our curiosity. All three cars surprised us…
Anthony’s 2JZ Datsun 510 Wagon: 2888lbs



Lou’s 2014 R35: 3880lbs


Rob’s SR20DET Datsun 510: 2240lbs


From the scales we cruised up to Uvas Reservoir.  Watching Anthony’s Dime in motion is impressive. The incredibly huge ToyoR888s (285s!) at all four corners look absolutely menacing from every angle:


The weather was great and we had a blast on 510 day. Check the gallery for more pictures!


…[read more]

Happy Holidays From Z Car Garage!

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by Alvin G @ 11:51 pm on December 15, 2014

photo1 (15)

***Dear Customers and Friends we want to remind you that Z Car Garage will be closed from 12/24-26, 1/1/15 and 1/2/15***

We want to say thanks to our customers, friends and the crew at ZCG for making 2014 a wonderful and productive year!


Three For Thursday

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by Alvin G @ 9:03 am on December 4, 2014

CAM 2 103114 099

Three for Thursday! Here are 3 owners that visited Z Car Garage for upgrades so they could Enjoy The Ride. Thomas C was experiencing brake fade/overheating with the Akebono caliper setup on his G37 Sedan. We installed a Stoptech Sport Kit with our favorite SS309 pads:

CAM 2 103114 086CAM 2 103114 088

Slotted rotors also help shed heat, before/after shown below:

CAM 2 103114 091CAM 2 103114 090 CAM 2 103114 093CAM 2 103114 092

We also UPREV tuned the G now making 291hp/247tq to the wheels:

Thomas Chu G37S (1)

Rich M wanted firmer shifts from his automatic-equipped G37 Coupe. We installed a TransGo shift kit followed by UPREV tuning:

ZCG CAM5  71314 001

TransGO kit:

ZCG CAM 1 71314 025ZCG CAM 1 71314 027ZCG CAM 1 71314 029

The dyno plot reveals the benefits of UPREV tuning and the TransGo kit. Firmer shifts are evident by the absence of the “loop” (blue curves) seen with OEM automatic-equipped Z/Gs.  Huge peak gains of 20hp/18tq to the wheels and increased area under the curve everywhere means this is power you can feel!

Rich Moorhouse G37 Uprev (1)

Garth J brought his 2003 350z to us for Stoptech lines, 5/16″ plenum spacer and MREV2 lower intake, and new Bridgestone PP S-04 tires:

CAM 5 103114 013

With the intake mods and UPREV tuning Garth’s Z picked up 7hp/5tq to the wheels. More importantly are the mid-range and top-end gains:

Garth J Z33 Mods to Tune (1)

How can we help you enjoy your Z or G?

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