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Cool it Now: Dan’s 2015 GT-R

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by Alvin G @ 2:35 pm on October 2, 2017


Dan J has been with Z Car Garage for all of the maintenance and performance modifications on his 2015 GT-R. You may remember his last few visits when we installed the AMS Alpha Kit and brake/suspension upgrades:

ZCG 53015 156 ZCG 53015 099

We love that Dan not only owns a lovely supercar but drives it hard. Whenever we see him it’s either at ZCG or a track day! Dan is getting faster on the track and at his last Laguna Seca event he noticed transmission temps starting to rise.


To make sure there were no further temp issues he visited us to install the HKS DCT cooler kit. This kit works extremely well and we can’t stress the high quality of this product. Everything fits as if it were an OEM part. It’s that good. Here are a few pictures of the installation:


Factory oil cooler assembly:


Aluminum oil lines:


Oil cooler, air ducting, kit-supplied washer tank tank installed:


See you on the track Dan!

Stop that Alpha: Dan’s R35 GT-R

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by Alvin G @ 3:53 pm on March 13, 2017

ZCG 53015 014

Dan J is the owner of this gorgeous 2015 GT-R finished in Regal Red paint with Ivory interior. In June ’15 he visited Z Car Garage for more power via the AMS Alpha 7 package making 577hp/562tq to the wheels.

ZCG 53015 016 ZCG 53015 007

Dan has been enjoying the newfound power on the street and racetrack. Speaking of the racetrack, Rob was at Laguna Seca recently with a few other customers and spotted Dan who was also tracking his car. Rob noticed that the GT-R’s front tires were worn and he had braking trouble. Immediately following the track day Dan reached out to us and discussed upgrading the brakes and suspension to reign in all that new power.

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More Power: Carlos’ GT-R

Filed under: Featured Cars and Projects,Performance
by Alvin G @ 11:39 pm on October 13, 2016


We last heard from Carlos when he picked up his 2015 Nissan GT-R and began modifying it to the tune of over 600whp on E85. He immediately put the R35 through its paces at the Wednesday Night Drags running a strong  1/4 mile of 10.7 @129mph. As anyone with an addiction to boost will tell you, one can never have enough power! So, Carlos came back to ZCG for more upgrades starting with new USM turbos from SIR, a SpecialtyZ speed density kit and 4-bar MAP sensor.

jc-91716-301 jc-91716-277
jc-91716-280 jc-91716-278 jc-91716-281

New USM turbos compared to OEM. Stock manifolds are still utilized:

jc-91716-285 jc-91716-283

On the dyno The GT-R put down 611hp/520tq on 91 octane and 703hp/621tq to the wheels on E85:


Next, Carlos wanted to improve aesthetics while adding wider tires for traction. He chose the ADVAN Racing GT in 20×10 (F) and 20×12 (R) with a 335-width Pilot Super Sport tire:

jc-91716-311 jc-91716-312

A KW coil-over sleeve kit allows use of factory Bilstein struts:


jc-91716-293 jc-91716-295 jc-91716-289

We really dig the the new, aggressive look! Here are a few before/after shots:

jc-91716-263 jc-91716-307

Will 700whp be enough for Carlos? Stay tuned!