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Nick’s Vortech Supercharged G35

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by Alvin G @ 8:45 pm on March 27, 2017


Nick K has been coming to Z Car Garage for several years. He makes the trek all the way from Sacramento and we’re proud to be the only shop that gets to work on his 2004 G35 Coupe. In 2012 we first met Nick, UPREV flashed his car and performed routine services.  He had daydreamed of one day doing a supercharger kit.


A year later Nick K’s engine was tired. With 209k miles on the clock he dropped the G35 off at ZCG in preparation for a fresh start and…boost!  We removed the ailing VQ35 engine and installed a complete VQ35 from a customer who wrecked his car with 50k miles on it:

JC 41414 124 JC 41414 127

With the engine out it was prudent to install a JWT HD clutch/aluminum flywheel. We did a Vortech tuner supercharger kit using our recipe of 1000cc injectors, GT MAF, and Aeromotive 340 fuel pump. To keep everything cool in Sactown heat we installed a 25-row oil cooler. In 2013, Nick was on his way with a new engine and boost, enjoying a nice 140hp/105tq bump in power for a total of 386hp/334tq to the wheels:
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Greg’s 370z Roadster

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by Alvin G @ 1:24 am on January 4, 2017


More 370z reports on the way! Greg J is a new customer at ZCG and visited ZCG for Stillen Gen 3 intakes, Bassani exhaust and an UPREV tune on his Z34 Roadster.


Stock vs Bassani exhaust:


Stillen Gen 3 intakes:


The VQ responded well to the bolt-on mods with gains of 24hp/11tq to for a total of 307hp/248tq to the wheels:


Next up for Greg is suspension, wheels and brakes so stay tuned!

Marc’s 350z

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by Alvin G @ 12:15 am on January 3, 2015

120714 Cam 1 103

Marc H found Z Car Garage online and wanted to see what we were all about. After visiting the shop he dropped off his ultra-clean, low mileage 2008 350z for power and suspension goodies:

120714 Cam 1 083

We love the HR engine found in the latest Z33s because they respond extremely well to simple bolt-ons and UPREV tuning. We started with a with Bassani cat-back exhaust followed by JWT dual POP charger intakes :

120714 Cam 5 028120714 Cam 5 023120714 Cam 1 096

On the dyno, Marc’s 350z baselined at 271hp/245tq to the wheels.  The Bassani exhaust netted a peak gain of 7hp and significant midrange gains in torque:

Mark H Baseline and Exhaust

The JWT intakes added an additional 4hp:

Mark H Exhaust to Intake

This graph illustrates the benefit of UPREV tuning when adding bolt-ons. More power everywhere, all the way up to 7500rpm for peak gains of 19hp/8tq for a total of 290hp/253tq to the wheels:

Mark H Start to Finish

Marc wanted to improve handling and braking so we installed Eibach springs, Hotchkis sway bars, and Whiteline T/C rod bushings followed by a full alignment. Factory Brembo brakes were upgraded with Stoptech Sport Kits all around:

120714 Cam 1 076120714 Cam 1 090
120714 Cam 1 093120714 Cam 1 080

Sway bars:

120714 Cam 1 086120714 Cam 1 094

Marc was very pleased with the results and has been enjoying his Z.  He told us he would be coming back to ZCG and we will happily oblige!

120714 Cam 1 107
120714 Cam 5 021

Scott’s Vortech Supercharged G35

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by Alvin G @ 10:06 pm on December 28, 2014

ZCG 61614 1 020

Scott C has been with Z Car Garage since our opening in 2004.  Over the years we have worked with Scott to build his G35 coupe into a formidable sportscar while maintaing its stock-ish looks. With 49k miles on his G35 he visited us in 2010 to discuss Forced Induction options.  We did a full Vortech supercharger installation with supporting mods including a Bassani cat-back exhaust system, JWT cams, headers, ZCG oil cooler and DEFI gauges.

ZCG 61614 1 001cam 5 91314 059

Scott throughly enjoyed his boosted G for a year and in 2011 came back to us for a KarumaZ front fascia to allow more airflow to the intercooler. In 2014 Scott wanted more power so we built a low-compression VQ with forged internals and a host of speed parts. Here is the engine coming out and a few shots of the new internals:

JC111613 034JC111613 019ZCG 6114 095ZCG 6114 098

We added 1000cc injectors, GT MAF, Aeromotive 340 fuel pump and a SI blower wheel upgrade:

ZCG CAM 1 71314 002ZCG CAM 1 71314 003 Josh C Cam 72112 032Josh C Cam 72112 034

An even larger front mount intercooler:

cam 1 91314 097cam 1 91314 095cam 1 91314 093

Berk Hi-Flow cats:

ZCG CAM 1 71314 035ZCG CAM 1 71314 038ZCG CAM 1 71314 036

With the built engine and supporting mods in place we UPREV tuned the G35 making 429hp/361tq to the wheels. Significant improvements over the stock-block based setup at 375hp/311tq for this automatic-equipped VQ:

Scott C G35 Final and base (1)

With the added power upgrading the stock braking system naturally was a prudent idea.   Scott’s G was treated to a full Stoptech Big-Brake Kit up front using their 332mm rotors and ST-40 calipers in red. Rear brakes were upgraded with a Stoptech Sport Kit and OEM calipers were color matched. We love the 309 pads as they are a sweet compound for aggressive driving. 

ZCG 6114 144

OEM vs Stoptech up front:

ZCG 6114 164ZCG 6114 165

Thick, vented rotors and huge calipers help shed heat for repeated fade-free braking:

ZCG 6114 163

Rear calipers were color-matched and grab Stoptech rotors:

ZCG 6114 146ZCG 6114 188ZCG 6114 189

The new calipers look great behind the OEM wheels:

cam 5 91314 054cam 5 91314 055

Finally, GT-spec braces add some rigidity to the chassis:

cam 1 91314 127ZCG CAM 1 71314 040ZCG CAM 1 71314 042

We are happy to see Scott’s G35 evolve into a well-rounded 400hp+ street sleeper, Enjoy The Ride!

ZCG 61614 1 015ZCG 61614 1 016

Alfredo’s Z33

Filed under: Featured Cars and Projects,Performance
by Alvin G @ 1:02 am on April 13, 2014

TV 2314 169

Alfredo D is a new customer that met us on the ZONC Canepa Design fun run in 2013. After visiting Z Car Garage he wanted to improve the fun factor on his Z33 roadster with bolt-ons. We gave him the ZCG essentials: Bassani exhaust, JWT POP charger, Eibach springs and control arms.

We know the OEM exhaust system on a 350z is mellifluous…few can mistake that undeniable VQ-burble. Why not accentuate that sound and gain a few hp in the process? The Bassani cat-back exhaust system is one of the best no-compromise setups available!

JC 2314 138TV 2314 171JC 2314 143 JC 2314 148

The JWT intake helps with breathing and gives a nice growl under throttle:

JC 2314 129JC 2314 150

Firming up the Z’s handling are Eibach springs and SPC adjustable control arms. Full alignment follows.

JC 2314 127JC 2314 134

JC 2314 130JC 2314 137JC 2314 147

Enjoy the new sound as you carve through the twisties Alfredo!

TV 2314 154

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