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Allan’s FX35

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by Alvin G @ 1:08 am on October 11, 2017

Allan came to ZCG because he was getting a Check Engine light resulting in smog issues. We found that his catalytic converters were well passed their lifespan and decided to get a set of low-mileage cats for testing. While the FX was in the shop we installed some Fast Intentions high-flow cats:


The engine was treated to a Stillen intake, and UPREV tuning. Since this car is awd, Rob UPREV streetuned it.


Allan is super stoked and enjoying the FX. He’s also been coming in for regular services and we love keeping folks on the road!


Chris’ FX35

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by Alvin G @ 6:05 pm on July 27, 2015

ZCG 41315 080

Chris C makes his SF Bay Area commute behind the wheel of this pretty FX35. He wanted to firm up the handling to make that commute more enjoyable so we installed a full set of BC coil-overs and a Stillen front strut tower brace:

ZCG 41315 069

Coil-over and top hat detail:

ZCG 41315 071ZCG 41315 075

Suspension F/R stock vs BC:

ZCG 41315 066ZCG 41315 070
ZCG 41315 068ZCG 41315 076

The ride height looks great! Before/after below:

ZCG 41315 062
ZCG 41315 078

A few more before/after shots:

ZCG 41315 064ZCG 41315 082

We also added a Stillen strut tower brace and performed full 90k maintenance services. We know your commute will be much livelier now Chris!

ZCG 41315 074ZCG 41315 077

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Dannie’s Infiniti FX35

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by Alvin G @ 10:16 pm on March 12, 2014



We worked on Dannie P’s Infiniti FX35 last year adding GTSpec bracing and a custom Bassani exhaust system. Dannie came back to ZCG recently for more mods. We installed additional bracing from Summit/GTspec and Fast Intentions resonated high-flow cats (HFCs) followed by on-road tuning.

ZCG #3 21514 051

Here is the front crossmember brace:

ZCG #3 21514 068ZCG #3 21514 076

HFCs, in place of stock cats (L):

ZCG #3 21514 053ZCG #3 21514 055ZCG #3 21514 062

We did on-road tuning to make sure the A/F and timing were safe. Enjoy The Ride Dannie!

Sportier Crossover: Dannie’s FX35

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by Alvin G @ 11:52 am on December 22, 2013


With 90k miles on the odometer Dannie P decided it was time to start modding his 2005 FX35. Infiniti’s sporty crossover luckily runs the familiar VQ35 as seen in the Z/G sportscars so similar bolt-on options are available. Dannie wasn’t impressed with the Kinetix intake plenum he had previously installed so we went back to the factory unit. Bassani makes a wonderful sounding dual-exhaust system for Z’s so modified one to fit on the FX–a ZCG first.

BM82613 025BM82613 031JC81313 081

Slightly larger tips look great in the factory exits:

JC81313 056 JC81313 097

Big thanks to Christian at 034 Motorsport for letting us put the FX on their awd dyno for an UPREV tuning session. We started with a baseline of 177hp/191tq and finished with 209hp/205tq at the (4) wheels. Peak gains were +32hp/14tq!  Note the increased rev limit with power available all the way to 7krpm:

Screen shot 2013-12-21 at 11.30.32 PM

To enjoy the extra power, suspension and braking upgrades are always smart . GTSPEC bracing reduces chassis flex and a Stoptech sport kit improves braking duties:

JC81313 077

The underbody bracing clears the Bassani exhaust:

JC81313 082JC81313 087JC81313 088

Enjoy The Ride Dannie!

JC81313 095