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Alix’s Twin Turbo 370z

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by Alvin G @ 8:38 am on April 14, 2017


Alix V comes from Salinas, CA and we first met him in 2014. With 4,641 miles on the clock he brought his 2012 370z in to have us correct several items from a dealership that tried to install a GTM Twin-Turbo kit.


We installed a Z1 25-row oil cooler, resolved the turbo kit installation issues and got it running well.  Over time the GTM exhaust manifold started to crack. With GTM going away we had to wait for the new company Gamma Motorsports to release a V2 of the manifold.


They changed the metallurgy with a new updated design as well and gave Alix a set for us to install. Although power levels stayed about the same (383whp/371tq), boost was no longer able to escape from an exhaust leak so we were able to make more area under the curve:



We also installed new Whiteline diff bushings:


Finally, the PLX Devices is a great product that is perfect for any owner with a forced induction setup on their 370z. We all know the clock is the clock.  No need to keep time when driving your Zed, just need the vitals:  coolant temp, air intake temp, and of course A/F ratio:


Enjoy The Boost, Alix!






To Canada With Boost: Jack’s GTM 370z Roadster

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by Alvin G @ 7:44 pm on February 15, 2015

JC82613 011

In 2012 Jack W was visiting the SF Bay Area on his way down from Canada. He heard about Z Car Garage and stopped by for UPREV tuning on his Z34 Roadster. We also discussed the possibility of force-induction via GTM’s newly developed (at the time) TD05 16g twin-turbo kit. The following year Jack crossed the border once more to visit ZCG and make the commitment to boost! We installed a GTM Stage 2  TT kit with their supporting parts including a 25-row engine oil cooler, automatic transmission cooler and valve body upgrade.

ZCG41412cam1 015josh 52513 034josh 52513 035

GTM manifold details:

josh 52513 038josh 52513 045josh 52513 047
josh 52513 052josh 52513 048

Final installation looks ultra clean and very subtle:

JC81913 051JC81913 053

On the dyno the GTM Stage 2 kit produced 434hp/360tq to the wheels:

Jack Wu  GTM TT kit final

Jack’s Z was one of our first cars to receive the PLX Devices gauges which became popular on later builds.

JC81913 040JC81913 048

We mounted the PLX DM-100 in the factory clock gauge-pod location:

JC81913 047JC81913 058JC81913 049

We installed camber arms to complement existing coil-overs and after we performed 50 miles of test driving Jack flew down to SJC and drove back to Canada in his boosted beauty.

JC82613 014
13k miles later we are happy to report that Jack’s GTM-powered 370z has been running flawlessly. He came back to ZCG to do a full inspection, oil change and a re-tune:

Jack Wu TT Retune

With 455hp/379tq to the wheels Jack Enjoyed The Roadtrip back to Canada, another happy ZCG international customer!

JC82613 020JC82613 010

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Sleeper Sedan: Raj’s Twin-Turbo G35

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by Alvin G @ 11:47 pm on June 4, 2014

JC12014 011

Raj visited us in 2009 for the usual ZCG bolt-ons: intake, exhaust, springs and sway bars and after 36k miles he wanted more power. To satisfy his craving we installed a full GTM Stage 2 Twin Turbo kit and JWT HD clutch/flywheel. We also installed the DEFI-link gauges hidden from plain view. Raj wanted his G to look stock and we think he’s achieved that inside/out.

JC12014 014JC12014 003JC12014 013

After putting 30k miles on the GTM kit Raj came back to us this year for a Blitz boost controller upgrade…nothing like more boost to satisfy your inner power junkie!  Before the controller and tuning at 7lbs of boost the G made 369hp/322tq to the wheels. At 9.5lbs those numbers jump to 409hp/376tq!

Raj K G35S TT with Boost controller

Stock wheels and a slightly larger exhaust still maintain a low-profile for this 400whp sedan. Enjoy The Boost Raj!

JC12014 010JC12014 012

GTM-Boosted G37 Coupe

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by Alvin G @ 2:24 pm on July 1, 2011

ZCarGarage has plenty of upcoming project updates to share with you so keep checking the blog! Here is Rob with a report on a sleek, twin-turbocharged Infiniti G37 coupe:

Matt and Josiah are cousins in a family filled with Nissans and Infinitis.  Matt had owned lots of American muscle  cars and bought the G37 since it had a great combination of performance yet refined ride and style. The power wasn’t enough though…we have all been there! Matt and Josiah came to ZCG to meet with me and discuss options for increasing the G’s output. We came up with a plan consisting of a GTM Twin Turbo Kit (Stage 2) to make sure we had room to grow should the need arise.

The kit installation was smooth and GTM really makes a high quality package. Note the heat shields that hide the exhaust manifolds and the large front mount intercooler that fits beautifully behind the factory bumper:

With the kit installed, the engine bay appears almost stock with only the polished intake pipes deviating from the tame look . There isn’t much to indicate the magnitude of force-fed power that is now being produced 🙂 On the ZCG dyno the Stage 2 kit turned the rollers to the tune of 428rwhp/369tq!

To keep the newfound power “under the radar” we mounted the Defi link gauge setup in the sunglass holder and out of plain sight:

The G37 is now an entirely different machine with the added power and torque and we know that Matt is enjoying his new Japanese super coupe!

You can see more pictures of the build below:
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GTM Supercharged 370z

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by Alvin G @ 2:44 pm on October 7, 2010


New products continue to enter aftermarket for the 370Z, here is Rob to tell you about a new supercharger kit for the 370z!

ZCG was traveling south to the JCCS show we decided to take a detour and visit Rancho Cucamonga to visit GTM to check out their new Supercharger kit for the 370Z. Sam was nice enough to meet with us on a Saturday afternoon and give us a tour of the facility and it was impressive. The shop is amazing with late-model Nissans everywhere!!

This shop also includes an in-house machine shop, dyno, and alignment rack. After showing us around Sam allowed me to take the Shop Demo car for a ride. Having installed a Stillen supercharger already it was nice to check out Stillen’s competitor in the Forced Induction battle. First impression was quiet, nice driveability, and nice torque once the engine hits its sweet spot.
The boost takes over and seems like it keeps getting stronger as the rpms increase. Sam was surprised when I requested we throw it on the dyno.
Here is a short video Alvin took of the dyno run:


With the engine heat soaked and the temps in the shop close to 100 degrees the Z put down some good numbers: 380hp/305tq

Sam also shared some plots of pervious pulls with cooler temps, with readings of ~425hp/340tq.
Nice power and big torque.

Impressed! Excited to install one of these soon! Any takers?
Long live the Z

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