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EVENTS: The 2017 SEMA Show!

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by Alvin G @ 5:27 am on November 29, 2017


SEMA was a blur this year—but that’s really no different than any other year for the most intense sensory overload in car show form on the planet. This trade-only show features all of the latest and greatest builds, technology, and creativity in our industry. While the show has historically been populated by American marques and their aftermarket support, in recent years the influx of Japanese metal (Nissan included) is undeniable.


We only attended the show for one day and while the crowds were as appalling as ever in the Las Vegas Convention Center, the quality of cars made it all worth it. It wasn’t just “cars” that got us excited, it was the astonishing number of vintage Datsuns/Nissans! The variety was astounding. We counted 16 cars from a 1972 Datsun 510 to 1983 Skyline and everything in between.


Year of the Datsun!

Our Datsun-hunting at SEMA started with Datsun 510s. Pro-drifter Chris Forsberg built this hot-rod 510 wagon for his wife. The Mazworx-built SR20DET is backed by an automatic transmission and even sports air-conditioning. Deep-lipped SSR MKIII wheels fill out the box-flares that are part of the “Hakobird” kit from Carbonsignal. This might be the closest thing to Hakosuka Skyline wagon!


Our friend and fellow 510 racer Troy Ermish built this ultra-clean 510 2-door for actor Daniel Wu. We dig the bronze Watanabe wheels and subtle paint color. A built L-series breathing through dual-Mikuni’s and stock-ish interior also makes us happy. You can learn more about the build from our friends over at JNC.


Our final 510 sighting was the legendary Pete Brock’s personal car in Braille battery booth. Affectionately known as “Datzilla”, we remember first seeing this 450hp small-block V8 beast back in 2008 at the MotoringJ Style show.


Z Car Fever

A total of NINE S30 Z cars were at SEMA this year. That may not seem like many, but consider just 3 years ago only two Z cars were present. It was hard to pick a favorite but we were impressed with the Gas Monkey Garage 280z and the ChasingJs 240z built by Big Mike and Dominic Le, respectively.

The Gas Monkey Garage 280z


Big Mike was commissioned to design/build this 280Z 2+2 for the TV show Gas Monkey Garage. We loved how he took a often un-loved chassis and created a unique car that Datsun fans and American-iron alike can appreciate. Some quick details that caught our eye: the huge void found in front of the 4-cylinder SR20DET was filled with an OEM-like air filer box. The stock interior features vintage buckets with matching rears. The body color choice was perfect against bronze Volk TE37V wheels. Watch for two episodes covering the build airing on Fast n Loud TV on the Discovery channel!
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One LS3 Z32: Mo’s 300zx

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by Alvin G @ 1:02 pm on September 4, 2016


Mo M comes out of Capitola, CA and he is a car enthusiast with a show-winning Toyota MR2 that he built last year. His next project is this NA 300zx with a planned V8 engine swap (LS3). Before the Z receives the new drivetrain, Mo wanted to make sure it could handle the power.

1916 cam1 047 1916 cam1 050

We went through the entire car with Mo and installed his suspension parts including full Powertrix coil-over suspension, f/r camber arms, new T/C rods and sway bars:

1916 cam1 018 1916 cam1 019

Stock suspension vs new coil-overs

1916 cam1 023 1916 cam1 028
1916 cam1 031 1916 cam1 033

Fender rolling:

1916 cam1 038 1916 cam1 039

One of the things plaguing Mo was that he had several general repair shops work on the car. They replaced the clutch and flywheel assembly but he was getting a persistent grinding upon startup. We replaced the starter, installed a JWT aluminum flywheel and clutch.  We also fixed brake master cylinder.

1916 cam1 009 1916 cam1 016 1916 cam1 017

Now Mo is super pumped about the car’s handling and brakes. The next set of mods include a nice set of SSR Professor MS3 wheels and big brakes to handle the power of that mighty LS3 engine that’s coming soon!



Victor’s Datsun Goes to Australia!

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by Alvin G @ 8:49 pm on July 19, 2013

Last year our friend Victor Laury had a stroke and could not enjoy driving his collection of Datsuns. With the help of the very tight-knit Datsun Roadster community we helped auction his 1970 Datsun 2000 Roadster…and the winner was from Australia!

Victor’s roadster was on display at the 2012 Solvang Datsun Roadster Show where people could purchase tickets to enter the raffle in person or online. The winner was to be selected from a bowl of tickets by Victor himself.

Congratulations to winner Robert P. of New South Wales, Australia!  He is now the proud owner of a very special SRL. Rob also happens to be a true “Z” fanatic, owning a boosted VQ-swapped S30. Check out the custom fabricated intake manifold he artfully made!

The roadster was shipped from SoCal overseas to it’s new home:

Though Rob had never owned a roadster before, he immediately started making the roadster his own while keeping the spirit of Victor’s aesthetics/modifications intact. His choice of copper finished SSR Mk IIr’s carry on Victor’s appreciation of  JDM wheels.

Rob worked diligently to get the car roadworthy for Australian motoring and started enjoying the ride! Imagine driving a LHD vehicle down under…

He even visited expert Datsun Roadster specialist Lou Mondello for a dyno tune! The Solex-equipped U20 put down a healthy 79KW to the wheels:

Rob’s roadster was even featured in a recent TV commercial! When Victor owned this car it was featured in many JDM magazines…it appears that the limelight he enjoyed is strong. Here is the TV Commercial

If you want to see Rob’s transformation of his newest Datsun, follow the build on the world’s best Datsun Roadster website:
Congrats again to Rob and our heart goes out to Victor who we hear is doing much better now. At the time of this post a Datsun Fun Run was being organized at his request!


This G35 sports a built engine with a complete Vortech Supercharger kit and SI-trim upgrade.  A full supporting cast of components were installed by ZCarGarage including:

  • Stillen headers
  • Stillen exhaust
  • Berk Hi-flow cats
  • 600CC injectors

Rob and the ZCG crew extracted significant power gains using the UPREV software and PMAS MAF. A solid 20rwhp and 18rwtq were gained bringing total output to 456rwhp and 364tq!!!  Gotta love how the Vortech blower delivers a smooth ramp-up of power as rpm rise.

Jim’s G35 is a powerhouse but braking and traction were two items that needed attention.

We spent a lot of time making a decision about the look and size of the wheels. No offense to Jim but the chromed out Foose wheels were destined for a slammed Chevy Silverado! Take a look:

It is amazing how a wheel/tire combo can transform a car’s aesthetic. 19″ SSR Professor SP3 wheels look absolutely brilliant on the G and allowed us to install much needed larger tires. Icing on the cake was the Stoptech 14″ ST60 front brakes with ST22 13″ brakes in the rear:



The combo is incredible!

More pictures in the gallery, enjoy!
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