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Bob’s Infiniti G37X Coupe

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by Alvin G @ 11:42 am on March 8, 2017

Bob C came from Sacramento with his 2013 awd G37 coupe. He had performed several modifications himself like Stoptech big brakes and now he was ready for power upgrades.

We installed Stillen Gen 3 intakes for Bob and he was a bit nervous because this job requires a little surgery around the radiator support to fit. After the intakes were in we called up Bob and he hung out with us for the day so we could show him how to avoid hacking up the radiator support and make it look awesome.
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Back on the Track: Robert’s Vortech G35

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by Alvin G @ 4:14 pm on March 5, 2015


Robert C had such a good time driving his G35 at Laguna Seca that he came back to ZCG for more track preparation!  Since adding almost 200whp with a Vortech supercharger, it would prudent to upgrade the braking system. We are big fans of Stoptech’s brake kits and lucky for Robert one of our customers was willing to part with a lightly used ST60 (front) and ST45 (rear) caliper setup:

 ZCG 1 21015 025
ZCG 1 21015 026

Stainless steel lines and larger cross-drilled/vented rotors (355mm) were installed at all four corners:


ZCG 1 21015 021ZCG 1 21015 029

More shots of the front/rear calipers vs OEM:

ZCG 1 21015 020ZCG 1 21015 030ZCG 1 21015 022ZCG 1 21015 031

The obvious difference in rotor/caliper size results in increased heat capacity and pedal feel. More importantly these big-brakes will ensure repeated, fade-free braking while running on the track!

They do look stunning behind the spokes as well:

ZCG 1 21015 017ZCG 1 21015 041ZCG 1 21015 018ZCG 1 21015 042

We also installed a JWT flywheel and clutch:

ZCG 1 21015 033ZCG 1 21015 035
ZCG 1 21015 037ZCG 1 21015 038ZCG 1 21015 039

With fresh brakes and clutch Robert attended his 2nd track day, this time at Sonoma Raceway:


“Hey Rob,
Track day at Sonoma was incredible. Car was great and ran perfectly the whole time. She just loved sweeping up the hill to turn one and running through the esses. Powering and tracking out of the carousel then running her all the way from there to the brake zone for turn 11 is just…all I can think of to describe it is the word “happy”.
I was only doing 2:23 as a best lap but seeing as this is my second track day ever and my first time driving Sonoma, I’ll take it!”


Great work, Robert. We are happy that you can enjoy track days with confidence. The G looks superb out there!


More Slicktop Love: Kevin’s 300zx

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by Alvin G @ 1:09 am on December 24, 2014

zcg cam 4 111114 033

Kevin M visited Z Car Garage last year for a new clutch/flywheel, JWT POP charger air filter, routine maintenance items and new WORK wheels on his beautiful Slicktop 300zx. Although the XD9 wheels were a definite upgrade aesthetically, a slight drop in ride height would do wonders for its stock suspension “off-road” stance.  We were happy to see Kevin return in October to upgrade the suspension and install a bunch of other goodies!

CAM 2 103114 181

To dial in a lower ride-height and firm up the ride we installed Stance coil-overs. While coil-overs were being installed we also replaced several suspension parts that were either worn or could be upgraded like Z1 front control arms and SPL T/C rods:

zcg cam 4 111114 014zcg cam 4 111114 016zcg cam 4 111114 015zcg cam 4 111114 011

New steering rack bushings:

zcg cam 4 111114 018zcg cam 4 111114 019

Shown below is the modest ride-height drop that looks great but remains functional especially for those treacherous San Francisco roads.


zcg 3914 cam 2 023zcg cam 4 111114 033


CAM 2 103114 170


zcg cam 4 111114 031zcg cam 4 111114 034 zcg cam 4 111114 036

Stillen sway bars round out the suspension upgrades:

zcg cam 4 111114 022zcg cam 4 111114 026zcg cam 4 111114 027

Peeking behind the lovely spokes of those WORK wheels is a Stoptech 332mm Big-Brake Kit with black calipers.

zcg cam 4 111114 028zcg cam 4 111114 029

The rear calipers were color-matched, and treated to Stoptech rotors with our favorite 309 pads:

CAM 2 103114 195zcg cam 4 111114 003CAM 2 103114 183zcg cam 4 111114 005

Here’s a few details that we admire Kevin for addressing: Window moldings and front cowl pieces! These are items often overlooked or neglected. With age/weathering window trim can eventually peel back and reveal bare metal underneath. The cowl can fade and crack. Fortunately ConceptZ makes a full replacement kit. We also replaced the A/C compressor and drier with new Nissan units:

ZCG 52714 014ZCG 52714 011zcg cam 4 111114 021

Here are before/after shots of the molding and cowl:

ZCG 52714 018ZCG 52714 028
ZCG 52714 010ZCG 52714 021

Kevin’s slicktop Z is well-preserved with just the right amount of personal touches to make driving and owning one fun!

Stoptech’s for George’s G35

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by Alvin G @ 11:57 pm on October 5, 2014

Cam 4 91314 002

George M built his Vortech-supercharged G35 coupe to participate in Hill Climb events while remaining an adept street car.  To ensure he could come back down the mountain we upgraded his brakes with a Stoptech big-brake kit:

Cam 4 91314 011

Up front, the OEM Brembo calipers and rotors were replaced with Stoptech’s 380mm rotors 6-piston calipers:

Cam 4 91314 013Cam 4 91314 012
Cam 4 91314 018Cam 4 91314 026

At the rear, 355mm rotors and ST22 calipers. Note how everything still fit nicely behind the factory wheels:

Cam 4 91314 014Cam 4 91314 009
Cam 4 91314 025Cam 4 91314 027

Stay tuned as George will visit us later for power upgrades including a new MAF/injectors followed by dyno tuning.


Lou’s R32 Skyline GT-R

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by Alvin G @ 1:38 am on September 15, 2014


Lou S is a long-time friend and customer of Z Car Garage. He is also an avid sports car fan with a interesting collection including a 3.2L FairladyZFD RX-7, Mazda RX-4, and Dodge Viper GTS.   Adding to this stable is his 2nd RHD vehicle, a 1992 Nissan Skyline GT-R. For most fans of Japanese sports cars this “R32” supercar is highly regarded and quite popular. Not familiar with this model? Find out what makes it special over at JNC.


Lou acquired this Skyline from previous owner David C who had extensive suspension and engine work performed at ZCG. Lou wanted to make it his own so he visited us for some upgrades and tuning! Wheel aficionados will immediately notice the VOLK TE37SL wheels, sized 18×9.5 and finished in high-metal bronze. We think the TE’s are easily one of the best looking wheels for the R32, good taste Lou!


Perfectly framed by the TE’s spokes are Stoptech calipers/rotors at all four corners. The Ray’s valve stems color-matched to the “TE37SL” sticker is also a nice detail:


Adding to the list of choice parts is a full titanium exhaust system from Tomei. This includes downpipes, test pipe and the Expreme Ti muffler:

imagejpeg_0cam 5 91314 036DSC08554

The quality and detail of this exhaust system is impressive, please click on the pics for larger views. We think it adds a little sportiness to the car’s rather understated (by today’s standards) aesthetic. It also sounds sublime.


DSC08546DSC08547 DSC08558DSC08545

The R32 was much louder than I anticipated. At idle it has a loveley burble and part throttle acceleration produces a semi-truck like turbo hiss…very audible from outside but never obnoxious. Under full throttle however, there is an absolute orchestra of sounds from the exhaust and turbo…it screams and reminds us how unmistakable the RB is!


With the new exhaust we re-tuned the Haltech to a healthy 412hp/311tq to the wheels:


I personally love this car.  A few more pictures…


Lou is having a blast driving his R32 and recently attended Cars and Coffee at Canepa. We love how he chose to take Skyline/HWY 9 as opposed to the freeway. Enjoy the Ride Lou!



More pictures in the gallery to enjoy below:

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