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Nick’s Vortech Supercharged G35

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by Alvin G @ 8:45 pm on March 27, 2017


Nick K has been coming to Z Car Garage for several years. He makes the trek all the way from Sacramento and we’re proud to be the only shop that gets to work on his 2004 G35 Coupe. In 2012 we first met Nick, UPREV flashed his car and performed routine services.  He had daydreamed of one day doing a supercharger kit.


A year later Nick K’s engine was tired. With 209k miles on the clock he dropped the G35 off at ZCG in preparation for a fresh start and…boost!  We removed the ailing VQ35 engine and installed a complete VQ35 from a customer who wrecked his car with 50k miles on it:

JC 41414 124 JC 41414 127

With the engine out it was prudent to install a JWT HD clutch/aluminum flywheel. We did a Vortech tuner supercharger kit using our recipe of 1000cc injectors, GT MAF, and Aeromotive 340 fuel pump. To keep everything cool in Sactown heat we installed a 25-row oil cooler. In 2013, Nick was on his way with a new engine and boost, enjoying a nice 140hp/105tq bump in power for a total of 386hp/334tq to the wheels:
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Mike’s Vortech Supercharged 350z

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by Alvin G @ 2:05 am on January 11, 2017


Mike W has been a Z Car Garage customer for many years and he decided it was time to go forced induction on his 350z with a Vortech supercharger kit. It is very important at ZCG to offer packages that are proven and a customer can count on us to do the homework for them. All they need to to is enjoy the ride…


We installed a V3 supercharger kit with JWT S1 cams, Bosch EV14 1000cc injectors, Aeromotive 340 fuel pump, DC Sports headers, ART pipes, and Stillen oil cooler:



We also added a few ZCG refinements including our cold air intake kit,  silencer bypass (quiets the race gate from Vortech), and a ZCG heat shield to protect fuel lines from header heat.


On the dyno we UPREV tuned using a GT MAF and saw gains of 169hp/98tq for a total of 419hp/341tq to the wheels:


Even though Mike’s Z is a 2003 it only has 30,000 miles!  While the car was at the shop we performed 30k services including replacement of all fluids, drive belts and going over the entire suspension and brakes. We also performed a fender roll:


DEFI gauges were installed in the dash:


Mike wanted us to take care of a few things that were bothering him like a failed passenger side window motor. This is common in Z/G35s and we have fixed it many times. Thanks for letting us work on your Daytona Blue Z33 Mike. Volk SF Challenges are sweet.  Enjoy The Boost!




400whp Sleeper: Paul’s Vortech Supercharged G35

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by Alvin G @ 11:18 am on February 15, 2016

ZCG 41315 187

Paul S owns a smog shop in South San Francisco and contacted us about making his Infiniti G35 a “sleeper”. You know, the kind of car that looks very stock from the outside but gets down like the “other” high-hp cars coming out of Z Car Garage. We discussed options for forced induction and decided on a Vortech supercharger–making good power and having CARB legal status was very attractive.


ZCG 41315 007ZCG 41315 023

The VQ had 98k miles and to prepare for boost we performed some preventative maintenance including a thermostat change.  The Vortech kit was the V3 model which is self-lubricating and polished:


ZCG 41315 033ZCG 41315 032

We installed a JWT HD Clutch and Flywheel:
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Jared’s Vortech 350z

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by Alvin G @ 3:46 am on February 13, 2016

ZCG 5 10215 038

Jared C has been a customer since Z Car Garage opened in 2004. Years ago before UPREV tuning existed, Rob tuned his car with a piggy back ecu.  Jared kept coming back to us for little things like cams when he was NA and last year made the jump to forced induction via the Vortech Tuner supercharger kit.

We added EV14 injectors, a GT MAF and 25-row Z1 oil cooler:

ZCG 5 10215 009 ZCG 5 10215 010 ZCG 5 10215 026
ZCG 5 10215 034

While it was in the shop Jared expressed interest in larger brakes and lucky for him we had some Stoptech ST-45 rear calipers in stock. We ordered matching silver ST60 calipers for the front:

ZCG 5 10215 021

Now the Z has big brakes to match its big power!

ZCG 5 10215 022ZCG 5 10215 024
ZCG 5 10215 036

Jared’s Z has always been a really strong performer making above average power NA…it did the same with FI!

NA: 243hp/239tq

Vortech: 443hp/359tq

Jared C Z33 Vortech SI tuner Vortech Base and final

We turned it down a notch for final numbers of 429hp/353tq to the wheels:

Jared C Z33 Vortech Turn it down

Thank you Jared for your continued support and Enjoy The Ride under boost!

ZCG 5 10215 042

Proper Nismo: Rasheed’s 2015 Vortech Z

Filed under: 370z,Featured Cars and Projects,Performance
by Alvin G @ 7:31 am on October 19, 2015

ZCG 5 10215 083

We love the latest version of the Nismo 370z. In fact this is the aesthetic that should have been released from the start! Although the Nismo Z has improved cosmetically the drivetrain still summons the same 350 horses and 276 lb-ft of torque it has offered since the package first appeared in 2009(!).

ZCG 5 10215 060IMG_5942

Power junkies need not fear, Z Car Garage is here to help. With only 22k miles on the odometer, Rasheed B came to us with his stunning 2015 Nismo Z finished in Pearl White for a full Vortech supercharger kit.

ZCG 5 10215 065ZCG 5 10215 062

Here are a few pictures of the Stillen Black Series supercharger kit installed:

ZCG 5 10215 058ZCG 5 10215 066
ZCG 5 10215 071

Stillen 25-row oil cooler:

ZCG 5 10215 073ZCG 5 10215 076

How does it perform?

ZCG 5 10215 079ZCG 5 10215 080

Bone stock from the factory, the Z put down 295hp/242tq. The Stillen supercharger added 84hp/58tq to the wheels with the kit-supplied CAN tune:

Rasheed B Z34 Nismo Baseline and Stillen Can tune

Rob’s tuning yielded even more power with final numbers of 420hp/320tq, improvements of 125hp/78tq over baseline.

Rasheed B Z34 Nismo Start to Finish

This Nismo 370z now has more power to back up those aggressive looks! Enjoy The Ride, Rasheed!

ZCG 5 10215 086

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