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Happy Holidays From Z Car Garage

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by Alvin G @ 1:09 pm on December 22, 2017


***HAPPHOLIDAYFrom Z Car Garage***


One of the real joys this holiday season is the opportunity to say thank you and wish you the very best for the new year. From all of us at Z Car Garage we thank our friends, family and customers again for another exciting and productive year! Please note our holiday closure below:


*ZCG will be closed from 12/22 to New Year’s Day. We will re-open for business on  1/2/18*


Before we take a look back at highlights from 2017, check out our exciting plans for 2018 including motorsports events and several customer projects.

Catch us at Road Atlanta in Georgia for the 2018 Classic Motorsports Mitty April 27-29. We will be running pit crew again for John Morton piloting the #46 BRE 240z owned by Randy Jaffe. Nissan is the featured marque!


Just a few of the many customer projects coming along at the shop including full restorations:

Scott W’s 260z is slated for completion in Spring. This Z has a complete color change, ZCG Big-Brakes and a sweet 3.2L with Jenvey ITB fuel injection:


Tim N’s 1973 240z will also be getting new paint, a 3.2L with Jenvey ITBs and our ZCG Big Brake Kit:

P1040417 P1040421

Richard Y’s series 1 240z is fresh from paint:


Tuning of the OS Giken TC24B1Z, turn up your speakers and enjoy!


Several Z32 projects will be completed as well, look for full reports next year!


We are excited about our new Big-Brake kit for small (14″) wheels. Debuting at JCCS earlier this year (report soon) we have performed a few local installations into Z cars and 510s. Look for an official offering early next year for S30s, 510s and other Datsuns.


Changes at Z Car Garage

Stay tuned for announcements in 2018 including a new website and business changes!


Highlights from 2017

Enjoy these highlights from 2017 and  Z you in the New Year!

Davids 240z Restoration

OS Giken TC24 Hakosuka

Erics DR30 RB26DETT Skyline

Alvins Datsun Roadster on Petrolicious

Richard Ms 370z on Smoking Tire

Solvang Datsun Roadster Show

Hakosuka Runs Spring Classic at Seca

R32 Skyline featured on Ignition Series

Visiting Spriso Motorsports

Rolex Motorsports Reunion


ZONC Annual Car Show


EVENTS: The ZONC Annual Car Show

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by Alvin G @ 3:07 am on December 4, 2017


Love for the Z is strong in Northern California

The Z Owners of Northern California (ZONC) is one of the oldest Z car clubs in the nation. In its prime they had over 600 members with close ties to Yutaka Katayama (“Mr. K”) and Nissan USA. Of the many events and fun runs they host throughout the year including the famous Blackhawk Museum Show, we had a wonderful time attending their ZONC Annual Car Show in Brisbane, CA held on July 22, 2017.



This was a relaxed, relatively small gathering of enthusiasts that we shared with a group of ZCG customers and friends. Our Saturday morning caravan to the show began at the shop with seven Z cars, one roadster and a C110 Kenmeri Skyline:


Here is a short video of the ride to Brisbane with all of our cars…just Enjoying The Ride on a Saturday!


Highlights from the show

Still to this day, 240Zs are the most represented model in the club. Expansion over time currently includes all recent Z models and the GT-R, but also reaches back in time to include the Datsun Roadsters and 510s.  41 cars were displayed this year, each one of them special and showing pride of ownership. The only model missing from the show was the Z31 300ZX and that’s because the only one registered somehow overheated on the way.


From showroom stock to wildly-modified the S30 selection was diverse. We are very proud of ZCG customer James S’ 1972 240z. This hot rod sports a Rebello 3.2 L-series engine with boost provided by a GTX3576R turbo and Haltech management.  The exterior is quite menacing with large carbon fiber flares containing 17″ VOLK TE37 wheels wrapped in sticky Kumho slicks. ZCG Big Brakes are at all four corners. Stay tuned for a full report on this beast as we dial in the E85 tuning!



Frank Burkeen’s stunning Series 1 240z is the result of a full rotisserie restoration. We will have a full report on this build soon, but if you take close look at that stock engine bay it’s impossible to tell that it makes about 50hp more than stock!


Frank is also a long-time ZCG customer and his wife drove his other Z car, a bright orange fuel-injected canyon carver. We love the Chevlon mesh wheels and they do a superb job of framing our ZCG Big Brakes!


Our friend and fellow vintage racer Glenn Chiou’s 1971 Nissan Fairlady 240Z-L is a RHD model with a Rebello heart and a host of period goodies. The original paint is impressive and this car just looks so “right” from all angles.


260z and 280z

ZCG customer Joe A showed his pretty 260z, fresh from the shop (full report on the blog soon)


Linda W’s 1978 280z



Who could forget the S130 280zx! Black Gold too:



We like this show because of the laid-back atmosphere and good folks that organize it. You won’t find Drake or EDM blasting through loudspeakers here. No bikini contests.  Just Z-car and Nissan/Datsun enthusiasts simply sharing their love about cars.



11 Z32 300zx cars were displayed ranging from high-mileage survivors with original owners to show-spec pristine examples. Kevin N and Joe K’s Z32 Twin Turbos are both top-level examples of highly modified yet tasteful machines:


Jack and Yolanda’s famous widebody Z32s. Jack is the creator of the original “primadonnaZ” back in the 70’s.


This 1994 NA Z32 caught our eye because it had 332k miles from its original owner!



If you are a fan of Japanese classic cars there’s a good chance that you have visited Japanese Nostalgic Car. JNC’s senior minicar correspondent and all-around J-Tin guru is Ricky Silverio and he is also a Z-car owner! Here is his pristine, 10k-mile 2003 350z Track model that we will be performing services on soon. Like his other sports cars, Ricky shows impeccable taste in his “OEM+” mods. Check out more pics in the gallery as there are many “easter eggs” in his Z!



This is the first show since 2009 that Nissan USA helped support and ZONC was very happy to have a new NISMO 370Z  on display:


We spotted this pair of of white NISMO Z’s. Nissan’s final evolution of the Z34 is the best looking, in our opinion:




Three Datsuns 510s showed up, two with KA24s and one sporting an L-series. Datsun die-hards may remember this familiar 510 that belonged to builder Gary Jervis:


Our favorite (and the crowd’s too) was Matt’s 510. This boosted KA24DE Dime ticks all the right boxes for our love of low-flying bricks, and he also won 1st place for Best 510!

The Kenmeri Skyline

Alex M lent us his C110 Skyline to participate in the show. It was well received and even won an award!

Roadsters and Best of Show

The lone Datsun Roadster, and winner of Best of Show award went to Dan M’s pretty ’69 Datsun 2000. Dan also brought his ’72 240z!


Vanity plates

It’s no secret Z car owners have the best vanity plates! Some notables:


Parking lot finds

The beautiful venue is also a public park so plenty of folks stopped by to check out the Z’s.


Award Winners

It is always great to see ZCG customers carrying home awards for their pride and joy.

James S won Best Modified and Super Modified! Joe A won best 260z and Frank M won Best Stock 240z!


See you next year!

Spending the day at the ZONC Annual Car Show was a welcome experience that reminded us to, in the words of the late Mr.K, ” Love cars. Love people. Love Life.”  We look forward to the next show keep an eye on our event updates and Z you soon! Don’t forget to check out our picture gallery below! Big thanks to the ZONC organizers and Ricky Silverio for sharing his photos with us.




…[read more]

One LS3 Z32: Mo’s 300zx

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by Alvin G @ 1:02 pm on September 4, 2016


Mo M comes out of Capitola, CA and he is a car enthusiast with a show-winning Toyota MR2 that he built last year. His next project is this NA 300zx with a planned V8 engine swap (LS3). Before the Z receives the new drivetrain, Mo wanted to make sure it could handle the power.

1916 cam1 047 1916 cam1 050

We went through the entire car with Mo and installed his suspension parts including full Powertrix coil-over suspension, f/r camber arms, new T/C rods and sway bars:

1916 cam1 018 1916 cam1 019

Stock suspension vs new coil-overs

1916 cam1 023 1916 cam1 028
1916 cam1 031 1916 cam1 033

Fender rolling:

1916 cam1 038 1916 cam1 039

One of the things plaguing Mo was that he had several general repair shops work on the car. They replaced the clutch and flywheel assembly but he was getting a persistent grinding upon startup. We replaced the starter, installed a JWT aluminum flywheel and clutch.  We also fixed brake master cylinder.

1916 cam1 009 1916 cam1 016 1916 cam1 017

Now Mo is super pumped about the car’s handling and brakes. The next set of mods include a nice set of SSR Professor MS3 wheels and big brakes to handle the power of that mighty LS3 engine that’s coming soon!



More Upgrades For Ken’s Z32 TT

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by Alvin G @ 12:12 am on April 19, 2013

Our last report on Ken’s 300zx included suspension and extensive power upgrades. Ken came back to ZCG for tuning and installation of:

-Ash-Spec inlet pipes
-BDE motor mounts
-Quaife LSD and 4.10 Leader Gears

Here are the new Ash-spec inlet pipes compared to the old:

You can thank your lucky Z stars for BDE low-profile Z32 motor mounts, a smart alternative to OEM that allows more clearance larger for intakes:

A set of 4.10 Leader gears along with a Quaife LSD were installed:

 Ken tells us that he feels a noticeable increase in acceleration and traction from the rear end mods. With Rob’s tuning the Z now puts down 418hp/396tq to the wheels!  Peak numbers may be nice but check out the overall gains…a solid 40-50 hp/tq improvement from 3500rpm to 6500rpm:

Enjoy the Ride Ken!

Amir’s Clean ’91 300zx

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by Alvin G @ 1:14 am on February 4, 2011

A few years ago I noticed a super clean white 300zx (NA) with tan interior always parked in the garage at my work. It made me excited to see another Z brother and I wanted to meet the owner or at least leave a “nice Z!” note on the car because it was in such good shape. Eventually I met the owner, Amir, at a conference and turns out that he has always been a fan of the Z32 since it was released in 1990! I mentioned ZCarGarage to him and soon enough this pretty Z32 was getting some love at the shop.  Amir’s Z came to us with 114k miles on the clock and virtually no major problems during it’s ownership. Routine maintenance was performed and a few choice performance parts were installed including:

-Powertrix tension/control arms
-SpecialtyZ exhaust system
-Twin-Turbo Z32 wheels
-power steering hoses
-timing belt service
-full steam cleaning of the underbody


SpecialtyZ exhaust system:


Powertrix parts:


New tension rods installed:

The dyno revealed impressive numbers for this 20-year young Z.  197hp/184tq at the wheels for a bone stock engine with 114k miles!


We have a feeling that Amir might have caught the mod-bug so stay tuned for more pictures and updates.

Long Live the Z32!