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Jason’s Stillen Supercharged 370z

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by Alvin G @ 12:02 am on October 4, 2017

Jason S had his 2012 370z supercharged at a performance shop in the Sacramento area. He then tracked us down to install a smaller pulley and raise the boost level followed by UPREV tuning to replace the base CAN tune.

Once we got his car into the shop we realiZed there were several things to handle before increasing the power. First, it is important to put in a colder spark plug in a car with forced induction and we used our proven GT-R units. When going from 280whp to 400whp we wanted to make sure nothing was rubbing so the following items were addressed:

All vacuum and boost lines were secured to keep them from popping off:


We corrected wiring at the ART pipes where a wire was touching the exhaust:


We corrected orientation of MAF housing:


The oil cooler lines were secured to prevent from rubbing anything on the front end:


We rectified the flaky wiring to the intercooler pump that allows water to flow into the cooler. No more on/off issues with the pump. With all of the clean-up work sorted we installed the smaller supercharger pulley and UPREV tuned the Z:


ZCG has performed many Stillen s/c kits and it’s a wonderful way to pump up your Z with minimal hassle and great power gains. Thank you Jason for letting us sort out your Z!


Hello Zcarblog readers! In our next blog posts we aim to demonstrate the importance of a specialty shop for your Nissan/Infiniti/Datsun.

Let’s begin with Justin L’s 2013 370z. He had a Stillen supercharger installed at a local shop and while there are many competent shops that can get your car ready to go, the specialist exists for a reason: we have become proficient at specific installations because the are part of our daily routine.


The Stillen supercharger kit for the Z34 is an install we are intimately familiar with, and as a result we corrected several things on Justin’s car including engine codes and a fuse in the intercooler pump system that wasn’t allowing water to be pumped into the IC.  We also adjusted the clutch pedal and crossed the T’s and dotted the I’s as we do for many folks that bring their cars to ZCG.

Rob tuned the car using Ecutek software flashing with a MAP sensor instead of the MAF and Stillen-supplied CAN tunes.  Moving to speed density allows more control improved driveablity from idle to on boost. The results were impressive:


Justin’s Z came to us with 360hp/291tq and left with 396hp/321tq at the wheels. Gains of 36hp/30tq using slightly less boost as well with gains throughout the entire rev range. Justin is a happy camper and hopefully we’ve gained another customer for life. Long Live The Z!



370z at Thunderhill!

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by Alvin G @ 2:15 am on January 5, 2017


Rasheed B has been testing his 2015 NISMO 370z at the track since the addition of a twin-turbo kit (full report soon) and sent us a few pics from Thunderhill Raceway. We’ve been battling high engine bay temps and the vented hood dramatically lowered them. A summer testing session is next.



Several Sacramento Z/GT-R guys also attended the track day and it is really awesome to see a bunch of cars we worked on (Eric T and Ruben G) with their owners enjoying them!

Thanks Rasheed, Z You At The Track!


Greg’s 370z Roadster

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by Alvin G @ 1:24 am on January 4, 2017


More 370z reports on the way! Greg J is a new customer at ZCG and visited ZCG for Stillen Gen 3 intakes, Bassani exhaust and an UPREV tune on his Z34 Roadster.


Stock vs Bassani exhaust:


Stillen Gen 3 intakes:


The VQ responded well to the bolt-on mods with gains of 24hp/11tq to for a total of 307hp/248tq to the wheels:


Next up for Greg is suspension, wheels and brakes so stay tuned!

zcg cam 5 2816 048
Ron B. Jr met Rob Fuller in the early 2000s. At the time Ron had a 300zx Twin-Turbo that ZCG serviced. Sadly, one day Ron decided he was done with the Z32 and sold it. One of our customers actually bought it and we think it is still out there being enjoyed. Ron wasn’t entirely done with Z’s as he picked up a 350z Track model (shown at Thunderhill in 2006):

300ZX 350Z

Some 15 years later after meeting Rob, Ron had got another Z. Why? Once you have a Z it is in your blood and hard to get it out of your life! This latest Z obsession came in the form of a 2012 Nismo 370:

zcg cam 5 2816 035

Ron loved this car but he was missing something. We all long for it: BOOST! So he gave ZCG call, reconnected with Rob and reminisced about the old days with the 300. It was decided, we would make Ron’s car one of the first jobs of 2016 using a Stillen supercharger kit.

 13016 zcg 5 cam 094 13016 zcg 5 cam 095 zcg cam 5 2816 005

The Stillen kit comes with a polished V-3 blower, 25-row oil cooler and we add GT-R plugs. Due to higher inlet temperatures observed on these builds we are starting to upgrade the stock water-to-air cooler. Frozen Boost makes a larger cooler shown below:

zcg cam 5 2816 004 zcg cam 5 2816 007

A few shots of the kit installation:

zcg cam 5 2816 028 zcg cam 5 2816 006

Before and after:

13016 zcg 5 cam 097 zcg cam 5 2816 027

We love the PLX Devices DM100 gauge that neatly replaces the clock with…

zcg cam 5 2816 012 zcg cam 5 2816 011

… a multi-function display for vitals like boost, air intake temp and wideband:

zcg cam 5 2816 015 zcg cam 5 2816 016

Another addition to the interior was a new NISMO shift knob:

zcg cam 5 2816 024zcg cam 5 2816 026

Got the Z on the dyno and out of the box the Stillen supercharger added 82hp/42tq to the wheels:


Ron B Z34 Baseline and Stillen Supercharger

With UPREV tuning we saw significant gains of 120hp/85tq above stock for a grand total of 410hp/326tq to the wheels:

Ron B Z34 Stillen Baseline to Final

With 410hp to the wheels one would think Ron’s Z car obsession is satisfied…he is really feeling the need for another 300zx Twin Turbo in his life so we are on the hunt for a pearl white 90-92 Z32TT with black/tan interior. From Z32 to Z33 to Z34, if the Z is in your blood we can help you live with it!

zcg cam 5 2816 043


Keep Boosting Ron and Long Live The Z!

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