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Pictures of the Monterey Historics at Laguna Seca

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by Forbes @ 2:19 pm on August 27, 2008

Here are a couple of teaser pictures from the Rolex Monterey Historic races at Laguna Seca a couple of weeks ago. I am working on getting a new gallery set up for this site as well as a new interface to enlarge the photos. I took over a thousand photos throughout the weekend so you will really be in for a treat when I finish the gallery!

Click on the images to enlarge.

Z Car Garage reproducing DISCONTINUED Nissan parts

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by Forbes @ 2:23 pm on August 8, 2008

The Nissan/Datsun community is beginning to feel the age of our much loved vehicles. Parts are becoming harder and harder to find including standard maintenance items. At Z Car Garage (ZCG) they have begun to reproduce parts that are no longer offered from Nissan.

Production has already begun on the spindle that connects the rear strut to the control arm on the 240, 260, and 280z. The stock piece is made from hardened ductile iron that has been zinc coated. These need to be replaced just about every time the rear bushings are serviced. The new ZCG design is machined from billet stainless steel to exacting specifications. They decided on stainless because the old zinc pieces were getting very corroded with age and are incredibly difficult to remove on occasion, now the problem should be solved.

Here is a photo of the factory spindle (this is the best one that I have seen after removal, usually the threads are pulled and it is covered in corrosion.)

As products disappear from Nissan parts shelves, Z Car Garage is going to step up and produce items that will improve upon the original wherever possible. This is exciting news for all Datsun/Nissan owners who keep up with their vehicle maintenance or anyone who plans on doing a full restoration in the future.

I will post again as they release more “new” products. Stay tuned!!