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Will Nissan Bring the 240sx Back?

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by Alvin G @ 9:44 pm on November 19, 2012

If you are a Nissan fan like me you might be just a little annoyed with the success of the new Scion/Subaru sportscars. Nissan should have been the automaker to bring back the pure sportscar, reminiscent of its own 240z: light, RWD, affordable and ultimately fun to drive. Word on the street is that Nissan wants “its segment” back and may possibly release a small sportscar bearing the 240sx name.
Check out more speculation over at GtChannel.

This is both exciting and troubling news…how will Nissan pull it off? Can a cheaper, youthful and more entertaining sportscar be added to a lineup that already includes the 370z? Will a 240sx make 370z sales even more dismal? What existing platform and drivetrains would the 240sx use or does Nissan have the money and guts to start from scratch like the FR/BR?

What’s on your wishlist for the 240sx?

4-Cylinders For The Next Z?

Filed under: 370z,Spy Shots
by Alvin G @ 11:34 pm on July 18, 2012

Our good friend Forbes brought this to our attention…Could the next Nissan Z be powered by a 4-cylinder instead of 6? Read the scoop over on AUTOBLOG. A lighter and smaller Z is a step in the right direction but how will Z fans respond to motivation from a four-banger? This isn’t a new concept as folks have replaced their vintage inline-6 240z’s and current VQ-based V6 drivetrains with four-cylinder SR20DET powerplants. Fuel efficiency or not, I can’t think of any four cylinder that can replace the mellifluous, exotic exhaust note of a Nissan 6-cylinder engine. What do you think?

Luxo-GTR From Infiniti?

Filed under: Spy Shots
by Alvin G @ 9:38 pm on April 18, 2012

Word on the street is that Infiniti will release a 530-hp G37 to compete with current powerhouses from Mercedes and BMW. You can read more about it and Nissan’s future offerings on MotorTrend and

How will Infiniti price this new “Super G”? Will Nissan actually release a car that could potentially cut into GT-R sales? Or is this the beginning of a new image for the “IPL” branding?

Nissan Ellure Concept

Filed under: Spy Shots
by Alvin G @ 12:14 am on December 2, 2010

I don’t get excited when concept cars are released but there is something striking about the Nissan Ellure, check it out!
“Nissan calls its Ellure concept “the sedan re-imagined,” previewing what sort of design is possible for its forthcoming four-door range. The Ellure is powered by a supercharged 2.5-liter inline-four and a 25-kilowatt electric motor, mated to the automaker’s Xtronic CVT and a front-wheel-drive layout. Nissan says…”
Catch the rest of the story and full photo galleries over on Autoblog HERE

2012 GT-R Gets a Facelift

Filed under: Spy Shots
by Alvin G @ 1:37 am on October 7, 2010

Wondered when Nissan’s flagship supercar would be “refreshed”? Here are a few pics of the 2012 GT-R with subtle changes to the front and rear facias. Is it me or does every automaker have those fancy LED light strips in front now? 🙂

Check out more pics and a YouTube track test over at NA GT-R Owners Club

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