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Z Masterpiece: Jas’ 300zx Twin Turbo

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by Alvin G @ 1:52 am on November 19, 2014

CAM 2 103114 202

Nissan’s Z32 Twin Turbo is a sportscar that has truly stood the test of time. Its curvaceous lines have aged gracefully and the venerable VG30DETT powerplant is still capable of producing impressive numbers today. We love them and specialize in keeping these beauties on the road and in the hands of proud owners like Jas D. He picked up this 1990 300zx Twin Turbo last summer and visited Z Car Garage for a thorough inspection.

ZCG CAM4 71314 033ZCG CAM4 71314 041

Though bone-stock with an amazing 44k miles on the clock it needed some attention. We went through the hydraulics and performed full 60k-mile services.

ZCG CAM4 71314 048ZCG CAM4 71314 043ZCG CAM4 71314 052

Jas wanted to improve power and handling and we happily obliged with a comprehensive list of upgrades this year.  Starting with the drivetrain, the original transmission was replaced with a brand new(!) unit from Nissan:

ZCG CAM4 71314 100ZCG CAM4 71314 104ZCG CAM4 71314 102

The clutch had seen better days so we replaced it with a JWT unit including their heavy duty aluminum flywheel:

ZCG CAM4 71314 061ZCG CAM4 71314 099ZCG CAM4 71314 098

A JWT ecu w/boost jets manages uprated NISMO 740cc injectors and the Selin dual MAF. Improved breathing comes from Ash-SPEC inlet piping and dual JWT pop chargers:

Cam 3 103114 007Cam 3 103114 012 ZCG 82514 CAM 4 037ZCG 82514 CAM 4 047ZCG 82514 CAM 4 051

On the exhaust side, restrictive original downpipes were replaced with these beautiful Specialty Z 3″ downpipes. Note the divorced wastegate piping:

ZCG CAM4 71314 070ZCG CAM4 71314 091ZCG CAM4 71314 064ZCG CAM4 71314 094

Following the new downpipes are more parts from SPZ including 3″ mid-pipes and a cat-back exhaust system to replace the OEM setup:

ZCG 82514 CAM 4 009ZCG 82514 CAM 4 005 - Copy


ZCG CAM4 71314 055ZCG CAM4 71314 056
ZCG 82514 CAM 4 007 - CopyZCG 82514 CAM 4 014


With all of the speed parts installed next we tackled chassis improvements. Lots of goodies here so let’s begin with brakes followed by suspension:

ZCG 82514 CAM 4 061

We love Stoptech’s products and use them on our own vehicles.  Z32s are relatively heavy and with higher hp the stock caliper/rotors can be taxed quite easily. Jas took it up a notch and ordered a Stoptech 4-wheel Big-Brake Kit for his beloved Z.  Shown above is the ST40 caliper (front) squeezing 332 mm rotors and at the rear are ST22s on 328mm rotors.

The installation:

ZCG 82514 CAM 4 060ZCG 82514 CAM 4 080ZCG 82514 CAM 4 071ZCG 82514 CAM 4 092

Yes, they are pretty but also very functional! Speaking of aesthetics(that are functional, too), the new calipers are nicely framed between the spokes of these sweet VOLK TE37SL wheels.  We like your taste, Jas.   The lightweight TE’s were wrapped in Bridgestone S-o4 tires:

ZCG 82514 CAM 4 099ZCG 82514 CAM 4 098
ZCG 82514 CAM 4 088ZCG 82514 CAM 4 087ZCG 82514 CAM 4 095

Several suspension upgrades improve handling and replace old/deteriorated parts. Stance coil-overs were installed while Stillen sway bars front and rear help reduce body roll:

ZCG 82514 CAM 4 059ZCG 82514 CAM 4 067ZCG 82514 CAM 4 077

OEM vs Stillen sway bar mount/bushing and end-link details:

ZCG 82514 CAM 4 078ZCG 82514 CAM 4 079ZCG 82514 CAM 4 096

More suspension parts include SPL T/C rods,   Z1 upper control arms and new steering rack bushings:

ZCG 82514 CAM 4 016ZCG 82514 CAM 4 022ZCG 82514 CAM 4 064

The Z looks fantastic with the new footwork:

CAM 2 103114 200 CAM 2 103114 203

Jas came back to Z Car Garage in Septemeber for a few more upgrades. We installed 4.08 Leader gears, Ash-SPEC Massive SMICs, 2.5 IC tubing, and  SPZ Hi-5 upgraded clutch. The BDE low-profile Z32 motor mounts are a smart alternative to OEM that allows more clearance larger for intakes:

CAM 2 103114 141CAM 2 103114 142 Cam 3 103114 006ZCG CAM4 71314 079ZCG CAM4 71314 087

After the addition of larger intercoolers and piping we re-tuned Jas’ Z picking up power throughout the rev range for a total of 369hp/387tq to the wheels:

Jas D Z32TT Massive Intercoolers and tune

We think Jas’ 300zx Twin Turbo is the perfect addition to his stable. It is now a balanced sportscar with just the right personal touches. Long Live the Z32!

image (2)


Lots of pictures in the gallery, enjoy!
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A Kouple of Kyles

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by Alvin G @ 9:14 pm on November 10, 2014

ZCG 82514 CAM 5 040

More UPREV tuning reports this week! Here we have two owners with the same name but different Z’s. Kyle H visited ZCG recently because of a failed A/F sensor on his 2008 350z. We replaced it and UPREV tuned with nice results:

Kyle H Z33 UPREV

The mid-range to redline gains are significant for a total of 302hp/261tq to the wheels. Kyle’s Z33 was just featured in the latest issue of SuperStreet magazine!

ZCG 82514 CAM 5 042photo (25)

Kyle S is from Las Vegas but happened to be in the Bay Area and stopped by the shop for UPREV tuning on his 370z.

ZCG CAM 1 71314 057

Starting with a baseline of 293hp/241tq we gained +11hp/9tq to the wheels. Significant improvements throughout the entire rev range:

Kyle Saele Z34 UPREV

So if you have a Z or G car and want to extract more power from the mighty VQ engine with UPREV tuning let us know!

ZCG CAM 1 71314 054ZCG 82514 CAM 5 039


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by Alvin G @ 12:51 pm on November 4, 2014

IMG_6003 (1)

We are seeking a top-notch, talented, experienced and skilled auto mechanic to join our team.

Do you know a qualified mechanic? Encourage them to send their resume and call today – we are currently hiring.

Please contact or call us at (408)452-0350.

Are You UPREV’d?

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by Alvin G @ 12:01 am on November 1, 2014

AA  ZCG 31013 057

We love to install bolt-on parts that add power to your Z/G car. At Z Car Garage UPREV tuning can maximize power gains from individual modifications like intake/exhaust upgrades. Here are two examples of how we consistently achieve better performance through tuning, with mods or even without!

Mike F is a long time friend of ZCG and owner of a very cool 700hp Fox-body Mustang. His daily driver and family-unit vehicle is this G35 S sedan and Mikey want to give it a little more oomph.

cam 5 91314 001

We installed Berk high-flow cats followed by an UPREV tune.  The automatic-equipped G gained 18hp/11tq for a grand total of 277hp/249tq to the wheels. Another significant benefit of tuning: the VQ can now rev all the way to it’s sweet 7500rpm redline!

Mikey F G35 Uprev (1)

Scott A’s Nismo 370z is a great example of UPREV tuning improving power/delivery without any bolt-on mods.

AA  ZCG 31013 055

With tuning the Z is now past that magic 300whp mark at 314hp/262tq to the wheels. Great all-around gains in torque with significant mid-to-high range gains in horsepower…just from the UPREV!

Scott A Z34 Uprev (1)

Laguna Seca Track Day Novemeber 1

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by Alvin G @ 12:28 am on October 26, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 11.17.51 PM

Our friends at SpeedSF are running another great track day at Laguna Seca November 1. We love running our cars with these folks and they go above and beyond to make sure you get tons of track time! In addition to the road course they are also hosting an all-day Auto-X in the paddock for only $50! More details at!

Our friend Dan F. pictured here attended the last SpeedSF event at Laguna Seca!

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 11.22.00 PM

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