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Panasport 3pc Wheels for the RB Cars

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by Forbes @ 11:46 am on February 10, 2009

Fresh in from Japan are the five sets of Panasport 3 piece lightweight wheels that were ordered for the on-going RB project cars.  We are now one step closer to making all the cars rollers.  As you can see from the photos there are three black sets and two silver.  The craftsmanship and appearance are going to suit these highly modified 240Zs perfectly.

These wheels are ordered in a custom offset just for Z Car Garage and will allow us to fit as much as a 255/40/R17 tire without flaring the fenders.  With the large diameter of these wheels the cars will need to receive coilovers because the stock spring and strut combo intrude fairly deep into the wheel well, of course this will be getting done anyways to allow us to change the spring rate to best suit the new drive train and the owners requirements.

As soon as a tire choice is made and we get them mounted on a car you should expect to see some more pictures of these works of art.  There are some more pictures after the “read more.” Enjoy

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Behemoth240Z said in February 11th, 2009 at 10:26 pm

Totally awesome!! Where else in the world would you see a set of wheels like this? One more large step – let’s get this done.