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Beauty and Boost: Dan’s 2015 Nissan GT-R

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by Alvin G @ 11:45 pm on June 4, 2015

ZCG 53015 014

Dan J is the owner of this gorgeous 2015 GT-R. The numbers are impressive: Zero to 60 mph in under three seconds; a top speed of 196 mph; 545 horsepower courtesy of a hand-built 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V6 assembled in a clean room so high-tech that those fleeing scientists on the silver screen would kill to have one. This beast has also been finished in premium Regal Red paint embedded with 24-karat gold flakes! We think it is mesmerizing under varying light conditions:

ZCG 53015 016ZCG 53015 176

Combined with an Ivory interior this R35 exudes a level of refinement and luxury not typically seen on earlier models:

ZCG 53015 009ZCG 53015 007

Sidenote: I met Dan in December ’14 while helping his neighbor with a Datsun Roadster. Dan kindly let me park the 510 next his GT-R and I might have mentioned how we love them at ZCG ūüôā


So what does one do with such a beautiful sportscar? Add more power, of course! Dan came to us for a full AMS Alpha 7 package installation.

ZCG 53015 172ZCG 53015 080ZCG 53015 085

The package includes:

  • ALPHA front mount intercooler
  • COBB big SF intake pipe
  • Alpha 90mm Mid-pipe
  • Alpha 90mm Downpipes
  • HKS Legamax Exhaust System
  • Injector Dynamics 1000CC Injectors
  • Cobb AccessPORT V3

Let’s start with the exhaust and a closer look at the new mid-pipes and down pipes:

ZCG 53015 081ZCG 53015 082ZCG 53015 109

OEM vs Alpha downpipes:

ZCG 53015 105ZCG 53015 113


ZCG 53015 115ZCG 53015 119ZCG 53015 118

Completing the system is the HKS Legamax exhaust. Fresh from the box, compared to the OEM system:

ZCG 53015 093ZCG 53015 094ZCG 53015 092
ZCG 53015 090ZCG 53015 099

Great, OEM-like fit with factory underbody Aero:

ZCG 53015 086ZCG 53015 117

Looks fantastic here and sounds even better!

ZCG 53015 088ZCG 53015 089ZCG 53015 097ZCG 53015 098ZCG 53015 174

Underhood, better breathing is achieved through larger intakes and K&N air filters. Stealth black tubing is nice touch:

ZCG 53015 171ZCG 53015 132 ZCG 53015 131ZCG 53015 134

Rounding out intake mods is a larger Alpha front mount intercooler. It boasts 75% more internal flow area over stock and direct bolt-in/no cutting fitment! It doesn’t hurt to have the “Alpha” logo peeking through the front bumper too:

ZCG 53015 139ZCG 53015 135ZCG 53015 156ZCG 53015 142

Fueling demands are met by larger 1000cc injectors:

ZCG 53015 121ZCG 53015 122

How do all these mods add up to increase power? To find out we strapped the red beauty to the dyno:

ZCG 53015 027

Utilizing the CobbAccessPORT V3 for tuning we saw peak gains of 80hp/86tq for a total of 577hp/562tq to the wheels. The dyno plot reveals tremendous gains from 2500rpm to redline. For example at 4000rpm the GT-R is now making 560tq vs 460tq stock!

Dan J GTR Before and After

Dan’s GT-R was already blindingly quick from the factory and now it has even more power to enjoy while maintaining its Regal composure. Thank you for bringing your R35 to Z Car Garage! More pictures to enjoy in the gallery below.

ZCG 53015 015

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