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Rich’s Stillen Supercharged 370z

Filed under: 370z,Performance
by Alvin G @ 2:42 am on July 18, 2015

ZCG 53015 066

Richard M visited ZCG earlier this year for an UPREV tune on his 2009 370z. We made great NA power with the tune but boost was beckoning so 3k miles later Richard came back for a full Stillen supercharger installation.

ZCG 53015 039ZCG 53015 047

We added a Stillen 25-row oil cooler and GTR plugs:

ZCG 53015 048ZCG 53015 046
ZCG 53015 043ZCG 53015 050

The kit comes together seamlessly, before/after:

ZCG 53015 034ZCG 53015 057

How does it perform? With a CAN tune out of the box we saw 376hp/284tq to the wheels. This wasn’t terribly impressive considering baseline NA numbers were 305hp/251tq, netting gains of 69hp/33tq:


Richard M Z34 Canned Tuned and Custom Tune

After Rob’s custom tune we squeezed another 58hp/55tq for a total of 433hp/339tq to the wheels. The gains are significant all the way to the VQ’s sweet 7500rpm redline, even with slightly less boost!

Richard M Z34 Baseline and Final

Richard should be happier now with over 400whp 🙂

ZCG 1 21015 006


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