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Jared’s Vortech 350z

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by Alvin G @ 3:46 am on February 13, 2016

ZCG 5 10215 038

Jared C has been a customer since Z Car Garage opened in 2004. Years ago before UPREV tuning existed, Rob tuned his car with a piggy back ecu.  Jared kept coming back to us for little things like cams when he was NA and last year made the jump to forced induction via the Vortech Tuner supercharger kit.

We added EV14 injectors, a GT MAF and 25-row Z1 oil cooler:

ZCG 5 10215 009 ZCG 5 10215 010 ZCG 5 10215 026
ZCG 5 10215 034

While it was in the shop Jared expressed interest in larger brakes and lucky for him we had some Stoptech ST-45 rear calipers in stock. We ordered matching silver ST60 calipers for the front:

ZCG 5 10215 021

Now the Z has big brakes to match its big power!

ZCG 5 10215 022ZCG 5 10215 024
ZCG 5 10215 036

Jared’s Z has always been a really strong performer making above average power NA…it did the same with FI!

NA: 243hp/239tq

Vortech: 443hp/359tq

Jared C Z33 Vortech SI tuner Vortech Base and final

We turned it down a notch for final numbers of 429hp/353tq to the wheels:

Jared C Z33 Vortech Turn it down

Thank you Jared for your continued support and Enjoy The Ride under boost!

ZCG 5 10215 042

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