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Bassani Exhaust System for 370z

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by Alvin G @ 10:59 am on June 10, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen Bassani has a new exhaust system for the 370z
More information and pictures shortly but for now here is short clip of the exotic sounds produced by the setup on the ZCG 370z:

Testing…Testing..1,2,1 Nismo 370Z

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by Alvin G @ 1:35 pm on January 16, 2010

One of ZCG’s oldest customers is back with a bang. This Nismo 370Z comes to us with 400 miles on the clock. During the next few days we will continue to finish the break-in miles. We are chomping at the bit to start modding this bad boy. The next few weeks will include installs of upgraded brake pads with fluid and version 2 of the ZCG oil cooler kit. We have a track day set up for February the 1st at Laguna Seca.We will see how the Nismo stacks up against the ZCG 370Z.  Stay tuned…

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ZCG 370z Gets a Hotchkis Upgrade

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by Forbes @ 6:19 pm on August 9, 2009

We love adding goodies to the ZCG 370z but it is tough to keep up with it because business is as busy as ever!!  This last week though we were finally able to install the Hotchkis swaybars that have been waiting in the wings.

The new bars are of a tubular design (hollow, to save weight) in 35mm and 27mm front and rear receptively.  They came with all the bushings and parts to make the install as easy as can be.  As you can see from the comparison photos below they are certainly beefier that the outgoing stock units and they now have a durable anthracite powder coat finish.

The car feels a bit more planted with noticeably less body roll which is always nice, but we really need to get the car out on track or at least to a local autocross to give some serious feedback.

If you are interested in ordering any suspension parts for your Z or G send Rob an email at

ZCG 370z: Back From The Strip

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by Forbes @ 8:00 pm on May 7, 2009

I want to start this post by saying that I don’t drag race very often and we only got in four runs.

I left the shop around 2:15pm on my solo tip to Sonoma.  I was hoping to get a better turn out of our customers and friends for the afternoon trip up to Infineon Raceway yesterday but hopefully there will be a better turn out next time.  The drive was overcast with a few sprinkles here and there but no serious rain on the horizon.

The hour and a half drive was fairly uneventful and I even pulled out the camera to take a picture as the 370 and I passed by the San Quintin State Prison on highway 580.  I pulled into the gate at Infineon around 3:45, paid my $25 racing fee (thanks to Rob for spotting me), and proceeded to wait in line for tech inspection.

The track staff, seeing that the car was brand new, waved me through without a fuss and I went directly into the “Street Performance” group’s staging lanes.  Apparently I have perfect timing because there was barely time to turn off the car and say hello to a few people before we were headed up to make our first runs.

I happened to be parked next to a ’71 2.4L turbo Datsun 510 for my first run so I was pretty excited (I own a turbo’d 510 myself, again thanks to Rob.)   I get to the water box to do my burnout and a second or two after the tires start spinning the car begins to wheel-hop pretty badly.  I cut the burnout short and roll to the lights.

Now here comes the part where you realize how little I drag race.  I’m saying out loud to myself, “Leave on the third yellow.”  I thought I did.  NOPE.  I launched the car at 5,000 rpm and I cut a .539 light.  Bummer.  The tires are cold from the crappy burnout and I leave the tree with the wheels spinning which again turns into wheel hop.  The tires spin pretty well on the shift into second again and I am on my way to turning a 14.672 @ 100.83mph.  At least this leaves plenty of room for improvement, right?

Well… our next runs would have to wait a bit because it did start to rain a bit for a total hold time of around 45min.  Now back to racing.

Over the next two runs I alter my burnout and launching techniques to get down to a 14.077 @ 101.28mph.  Now it’s time for eliminations.  At this point I am way more confident in launching the car and in my staging strategies so I dial in a 13.95 for the first round.  Now the problem is that I ended up lining up next to one of our good customers in his supercharged 350z.  This is bad for two reasons.  First, he has been drag racing for a long, long time.  Second, since we are racing each other, one of us is going to lose in the first round.

After a decent burnout, finally, we stage up and put the hammer down.  I cut a .158 light which isn’t too bad and I run through the top end with a 13.930 @ 100.45mph.  I ran faster than my dial-in time.

If you are new to bracket racing here is a very short tutorial.  You initially set a dial-in time of the fastest you think your car will run, mine was a 13.95.  The goal then is to get as close to that number as possible without going faster.  Sort-of like Price Is Right rules. If both racers go faster, or “break out”, then the person who goes over by the least wins.

So I broke out by .020 of a second which means that Walt had to go quite a bit quicker than his 12.95 dial in time to give me the victory.  He didn’t, but boy was is close!!  He ended up running a 12.933 at 104.28mph.  That means he was .003 closer to his dial in time than I was.  You really couldn’t ask for a better race.

I know that we will be going back to the Wednesday Night Drags as soon as we get a chance, and maybe someone with higher skills than yours truly will be doing the driving to make sure that we get the most out of the 370z, it should be good for low 13’s.  All I want is another piece of Walt and that supercharged 350z.

Enjoy the pictures below and click the read more for the full gallery.  Unfotunately none of the videos I took of the Zs turned out well but I will try to scan the time slips so that everyone can have a chuckle at my expense.

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The Time Has Come…. To Drag The Z!!

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by Forbes @ 4:40 pm on May 5, 2009

We will be heading up to Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, CA tomorrow May 6th for their seasonal Wednesday Night Drags series.  This will be the first trip to the strip for our car and we are very interested to see what sort of time slips it will turn out.

We will be running the car with all the current intake and exhaust modifications so this won’t be an actual “baseline” run.  As of right now I think that we will be running the standard street tires instead of any sort of drag radial which we do have if the time comes.  If we decide to run the drag radials I will make note of it when the final times are posted.

The gates open at Infineon around 3:30pm so I will be leaving the shop around 2pm or so, feel free to join me for the drive up if you plan to attend.  We hope that some of you are able to make it out to the event and see what your car, and the ZCG 370z, can do.  This is a good time with some really cool cars.  There is some more information from the Infineon website below.  Check it out.


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