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More Power: Jared’s Vortech Supercharged 350z

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by Alvin G @ 11:56 pm on October 8, 2017

ZCG 5 10215 038

We have been working on Jared C’s 350z since he purchased it. He absolutely loves this Z car but does not get to drive it all the time. So when the occasion arrives and he gets behind the wheel, this Z is driven hard.


Last time when we checked in on Jared’s 350z it was making above average power/tq both NA and with the Vortech. Recently Jared let us know that he was at a point in his life where he wanted to make as much power as possible. We happily obliged. In June of this year after passing a smog check we began the power upgrades, starting with the Garett 900 hp FMIC assembly:


We installed our ZCG cold-air intake:


Jared’s Z had been tuned for 91 octane and for the power levels he wanted this would be a limiting factor due to conservative timing.


We proceeded with a 100 octane tune and made 443hp/360tq at the wheels:


With more power we also wanted to ensure that rest of the car was safe and in good shape. We changed the oil and replaced the Vortech fluid. The Stoptech BBK from his last visit was a very wise upgrade!

ZCG 5 10215 022 ZCG 5 10215 024

Enjoy The Boost Jared!



zcg cam 5 2816 048
Ron B. Jr met Rob Fuller in the early 2000s. At the time Ron had a 300zx Twin-Turbo that ZCG serviced. Sadly, one day Ron decided he was done with the Z32 and sold it. One of our customers actually bought it and we think it is still out there being enjoyed. Ron wasn’t entirely done with Z’s as he picked up a 350z Track model (shown at Thunderhill in 2006):

300ZX 350Z

Some 15 years later after meeting Rob, Ron had got another Z. Why? Once you have a Z it is in your blood and hard to get it out of your life! This latest Z obsession came in the form of a 2012 Nismo 370:

zcg cam 5 2816 035

Ron loved this car but he was missing something. We all long for it: BOOST! So he gave ZCG call, reconnected with Rob and reminisced about the old days with the 300. It was decided, we would make Ron’s car one of the first jobs of 2016 using a Stillen supercharger kit.

 13016 zcg 5 cam 094 13016 zcg 5 cam 095 zcg cam 5 2816 005

The Stillen kit comes with a polished V-3 blower, 25-row oil cooler and we add GT-R plugs. Due to higher inlet temperatures observed on these builds we are starting to upgrade the stock water-to-air cooler. Frozen Boost makes a larger cooler shown below:

zcg cam 5 2816 004 zcg cam 5 2816 007

A few shots of the kit installation:

zcg cam 5 2816 028 zcg cam 5 2816 006

Before and after:

13016 zcg 5 cam 097 zcg cam 5 2816 027

We love the PLX Devices DM100 gauge that neatly replaces the clock with…

zcg cam 5 2816 012 zcg cam 5 2816 011

… a multi-function display for vitals like boost, air intake temp and wideband:

zcg cam 5 2816 015 zcg cam 5 2816 016

Another addition to the interior was a new NISMO shift knob:

zcg cam 5 2816 024zcg cam 5 2816 026

Got the Z on the dyno and out of the box the Stillen supercharger added 82hp/42tq to the wheels:


Ron B Z34 Baseline and Stillen Supercharger

With UPREV tuning we saw significant gains of 120hp/85tq above stock for a grand total of 410hp/326tq to the wheels:

Ron B Z34 Stillen Baseline to Final

With 410hp to the wheels one would think Ron’s Z car obsession is satisfied…he is really feeling the need for another 300zx Twin Turbo in his life so we are on the hunt for a pearl white 90-92 Z32TT with black/tan interior. From Z32 to Z33 to Z34, if the Z is in your blood we can help you live with it!

zcg cam 5 2816 043


Keep Boosting Ron and Long Live The Z!

Proper Nismo: Rasheed’s 2015 Vortech Z

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by Alvin G @ 7:31 am on October 19, 2015

ZCG 5 10215 083

We love the latest version of the Nismo 370z. In fact this is the aesthetic that should have been released from the start! Although the Nismo Z has improved cosmetically the drivetrain still summons the same 350 horses and 276 lb-ft of torque it has offered since the package first appeared in 2009(!).

ZCG 5 10215 060IMG_5942

Power junkies need not fear, Z Car Garage is here to help. With only 22k miles on the odometer, Rasheed B came to us with his stunning 2015 Nismo Z finished in Pearl White for a full Vortech supercharger kit.

ZCG 5 10215 065ZCG 5 10215 062

Here are a few pictures of the Stillen Black Series supercharger kit installed:

ZCG 5 10215 058ZCG 5 10215 066
ZCG 5 10215 071

Stillen 25-row oil cooler:

ZCG 5 10215 073ZCG 5 10215 076

How does it perform?

ZCG 5 10215 079ZCG 5 10215 080

Bone stock from the factory, the Z put down 295hp/242tq. The Stillen supercharger added 84hp/58tq to the wheels with the kit-supplied CAN tune:

Rasheed B Z34 Nismo Baseline and Stillen Can tune

Rob’s tuning yielded even more power with final numbers of 420hp/320tq, improvements of 125hp/78tq over baseline.

Rasheed B Z34 Nismo Start to Finish

This Nismo 370z now has more power to back up those aggressive looks! Enjoy The Ride, Rasheed!

ZCG 5 10215 086

Boost Is Better Now: Danny’s Vortech G35

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by Alvin G @ 8:53 pm on July 13, 2013

Danny K. owns this slick G35 coupe sitting on one of my favorite wheels, the Volk SF Challenge. He had a Vortech supercharger kit installed by a local performance shop and unfortunately the car wasn’t running right. We discovered a vacuum leak at the injector rail and fixed a few other items.

The G now runs as it should and the dyno reveals a healthy drivetrain. With 398hp/331tq to the wheels we are confident that Danny is happier now:)

One of A Kind: Supercharged Datsun Roadster

Filed under: Featured Cars and Projects,Performance
by Alvin G @ 6:12 pm on April 2, 2011


Ken P has been a Datsun roadster owner and enthusiast since the early 90’s. He’s an original member of the Bay Area Datsun Roadster Owner’s Club (BADROC) and owns this highly modified 1969 2000 Datsun roadster, affectionately called “DATSTER”. Ken brought his car to ZCarGarage to get tuned, but let me share a little history with you since it has a special place in my roadster heart.


I met Ken at the Solvang Datsun Roadster Show back in 2001 and remember seeing all of his modifications for the first time. What really caught my eye was the paint and bodywork. Shaved door handles and side markers, no door or vent windows, and beautifully applied BMW Technoviolet paint really turned this into a hot rod. The interior was simple with no center console, re-uphostered seats, and a roll-bar. Over the years Ken kept adding his own touches and personality to the car including a trick hidden antenna and HID Xenon headlights adapted from a late-model BMW.


Under the hood lay Nissan’s mighty U20 drivetrain complete with several period go-fast parts like Mikuni-Solex side-draft carbs and a hotter camshaft. 14″ Panasports on sticky A032R tires and a full NISMO competition suspension made for a very fun little roadster.
I almost bought his car from him about 8 years ago but fate and the fact that Ken just can’t leave things alone led him to the next level of the DATSTER’s evolution. He removed and sold the U20 setup and with the funds(and money left to spare) purchased and installed a Nissan KA24DE drivetrain from a 240sx. Ken did the installation himself and added a few more custom touches like a metal dashboard color-matched to the body that houses the 240sx gauge cluster and S13 (of course!) seats.


Ken continued to drive and enjoy the new KA setup by doing fun runs, autocrosses, and even drag race events.  He wasn’t done yet though and decided to add boost to the motor in a rather unorthodox way: supercharging! A supercharger setup was sourced from a race car and Ken made numerous modifications to make it work in his engine bay.  The blower is mounted just above the frame rail but hidden under the intake runners. A custom throttle-body and pulley system were necessary.


Rob and the crew at ZCarGarage have worked on many roadsters, from bone stock to modified. Ken came to ZCG because he wanted to make sure his supercharged engine was tuned correctly for longevity and power. Baseline numbers were 159hp/156tq, and it was definitely in need of a proper tune. Rob and Clark Steppler tuned the roadster using a JWT ECU to safely boost at 8lbs and make some great power: 180hp/171tq at the wheels!!! The dyno plot reveals the beauty of a roots-style supercharger: a broad torque curve with over 150tq available from 2000rpm to 6000rpm! We think Ken is happier now 🙂


So with all of the ingenuity, modifications and big power is Ken finally “done”? Nope. He is currently engineering stronger brakes that will fit within those classy 14″ Panasports. Datsun owners are truly one of a kind!


Here are a few clips of Ken’s supercharged roadster in action and many more pictures in the gallery, enjoy!

more photos in the gallery:
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