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Nick’s Vortech Supercharged G35

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by Alvin G @ 8:45 pm on March 27, 2017


Nick K has been coming to Z Car Garage for several years. He makes the trek all the way from Sacramento and we’re proud to be the only shop that gets to work on his 2004 G35 Coupe. In 2012 we first met Nick, UPREV flashed his car and performed routine services.  He had daydreamed of one day doing a supercharger kit.


A year later Nick K’s engine was tired. With 209k miles on the clock he dropped the G35 off at ZCG in preparation for a fresh start and…boost!  We removed the ailing VQ35 engine and installed a complete VQ35 from a customer who wrecked his car with 50k miles on it:

JC 41414 124 JC 41414 127

With the engine out it was prudent to install a JWT HD clutch/aluminum flywheel. We did a Vortech tuner supercharger kit using our recipe of 1000cc injectors, GT MAF, and Aeromotive 340 fuel pump. To keep everything cool in Sactown heat we installed a 25-row oil cooler. In 2013, Nick was on his way with a new engine and boost, enjoying a nice 140hp/105tq bump in power for a total of 386hp/334tq to the wheels:
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Scott’s 300zx Convertible

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by Alvin G @ 3:04 pm on January 27, 2017


Scott N visited ZCG because he felt the suspension on his 1994 Z32 ‘Vert could be improved.  The Z33 Rays wheels look sharp on this 300! We installed TEIN coil-overs and a few other goodies:

Here are the existing shocks and the new TEIN street coil-overs going in front and rear:

Z1 upper control arms:


SPL tension rods so we could fully adjust camber up front:


The rack bushings are vey common problem on z32s so we replaced them. In the back: the aftermarket adjustable upper control arms were making noise so we replaced them with OEM parts and performed a full alignment.

Scott is super happy and Enjoying The Ride!



Gilbert’s Stillen Supercharged G37

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by Alvin G @ 1:33 am on October 1, 2014

cam 1 91314 105

Gilbert W wanted a CARB-legal solution for more power on his daily driven G37 sedan.  We’ve had great success with our past Stillen Supercharger builds and this forced-induction kit would be ideal for Gilbert’s needs.

cam 1 91314 049cam 1 91314 081

Installation of the Stillen kit is straightforward. We use one-step colder GT-R spark plugs and a 19-row oil cooler:


cam 1 91314 073cam 1 91314 080cam 1 91314 104
cam 1 91314 040cam 1 91314 083

Better breathing on the exhaust side courtesy of a full Fast Intentions exhaust system:

cam 1 91314 067cam 1 91314 059cam 1 91314 068
cam 1 91314 069cam 1 91314 071

Gilbert wanted improved handling without unnecessary harshness. The TEIN mono flex coil-over system with active EDFC allows on-board and speed-sensitive dampening adjustments! We installed a similar setup on Tetsuya’s 350z earlier this year. SPC F/R control arms were installed followed by a full alignment:

cam 1 91314 053cam 1 91314 052
cam 1 91314 072cam 1 91314 057cam 1 91314 065

A relatively new item for Z/G owners is this trick adjustable clutch pedal box from RJM Performance. It offers improved driveability in terms of clutch-pedal engagement and that annoying shudder we’ve all experienced in Nissan’s Z/G manual transmissions:

cam 1 91314 088cam 1 91314 087

The PLX Devices multi-gauges are becoming a popular method for monitoring engine vitals. Gilbert is using their Bluetooth “Kiwi” interface allowing display through smart phones. We did a neat install of this unit in Steve’s Vortech G35:

cam 1 91314 054cam 1 91314 090

With the supercharger and exhaust in place we dyno tuned Gilbert’s G37. Baseline numbers were 283hp/241tq and it is now making 417hp/319tq to the wheels.  This is a gain of +134hp/78tq which once again shows how consistent power output has been with these kits!

Gilbert W G37 Baseline and Stillen (1)
Enjoy the Ride, Gilbert!



Ashley’s ZR…Updated Pictures

Filed under: Featured Cars and Projects,Performance
by Alvin G @ 8:05 pm on April 25, 2011

We featured Ashley’s Z33 Roadster back in November ’10 when her Z-obssessed husband brought the car in for Tein springs and dual-JWT pop chargers. The car still sports the same tasteful drop but now sits on a mint set of 19″ Volk Progressive Spoke wheels(discontinued) in gloss black with polished lips.

ZCG also installed that neat “Z” emblem which doubles as a LED side marker, here is a short video of it in action:

Ashley’s husband is none other than Scott S, fearless driver of the GreenMachine. Scott also owns one of the baddest Twin-Turbo Z32s on the planet. I will do a feature on his car soon, but here is a teaser of his latest set of wheels on the 300:

Z Are Family (Part2)

Filed under: Featured Cars and Projects,Performance
by Alvin G @ 7:48 pm on November 12, 2010

Here is another amazing example of Motorsports bringing a family together. Rob’s wife Astrid had a birthday coming up so it was time for their Daytona Blue ’07 350z ‘vert to get some B-day love. Living off a mountain road Rob and Astrid needed a car that could be both comfortable and sporty. The couple have had their fair share of track days and Astrid has driven in the 24hrs of Lemons race while Rob has a G37 Sport coupe has his daily driver.

The Z came to ZCG for a 30k service with some upgrades to add some excitement to Astrid’s commute. Like most upgrade sessions at ZCG we started with a baseline dyno to see what we were working with:

Once the services and baseline was complete we installed a set of the Injen intakes and a Bassani exhaust system. These 2 bolt-ons gained 20hp/13tq!

Rob and Astrid wanted this Z to be able to handle any curvy road and  the occasional Track Day. A combination of braking and suspension upgrades were installed, starting with TEIN Flex coilovers with EDFC control unit. This allows the driver to pick from 16 levels of dampening force:

A nice compliment to the coilovers is the adjustable sway bar set from Hotchkis:

We installed our favorite brake pads for any sport driving, the STOPTECH 309 in addition to a full brake and clutch bleed with Motul 600.
With the power mods, brakes, and suspension Rob and Astrid should be able to enjoy a track day or drive on any curvy road with a smile on their faces:)

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