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Dennis’ Infiniti G37

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by Alvin G @ 6:05 am on October 16, 2017


Dennis K comes from the East coast and moved to Bay Area for work. Once here he wanted to find a specialty shop to help him with his G37. He already had coil-overs and larger wheels/tires but no camber adjustment. His first visit to ZCG in October ’16 included installation of SPC F/R cambers arms and new Bridgestone S-04s tires.


Following a full alignment we also raised his coil-overs slightly to cope with the wonderfully smooth roads we have here in the Bay Area. Finally we added our favorite sway bars from Hotchkis, and performed some cleanup work.  As always, the performance and modifying bug kicked in. Dennis came back to us in March of this year after he had waited for his Fast Intentions cat-back exhaust to arrive:


A Stoptech Sport-kit rounded out the chassis upgrades. After the cat-back was installed, we change the oil, and installed several parts that Dennis had purchased online including a strut bar, grille and CF diffuser:



Stock vs new grille:


Stock vs CF diffuser:


Thank you for letting us work on your G, Dennis!

Brad’s G37 Sedan

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by Alvin G @ 1:25 am on February 8, 2017


Brad M is a new customer with a 2009 G37 Sedan that visited ZCG for suspension work. Front tire wear issues resulted from riding around on Eibach sport springs without adjustable front control arms. In back, running aggressive offset Volk SF Challenge wheels with larger tires he was unable to control camber and have the lower ride height desired. We met a few weeks ago and came up with a plan:



We installed KW V3 coil-overs, SPC front control arms and Hotchkis sway bars. Those sweet Volks were wrapped in new Bridgestone S-04 tires, and he got an oil change/filter.


Stock vs the new front coil-overs and control arms:


Stock vs new rear springs/shocks and we also corrected a bad previous install of rear control arms:


Camber in check, car looks great now with an even ride height:


Installation of the front and rear Hotchkis sway bars with endlink detail:


Stock vs Hotchkis rear sway bar:


We noticed Brad was missing the hubcentric rings for mounting the Volks and installed a new set to ensure vibration-free driving. He was very happy and we know he’ll be back!


Fun Commuter: Daniel’s G35 Sedan

Filed under: Featured Cars and Projects,Maintenance,Performance
by Alvin G @ 11:43 pm on July 11, 2016

1916 cam 5 080

Daniel M came to ZCG to add a few touches to his commuter: a 2007 Infiniti G35 sedan. With 69k on the clock we installed a Stillen Gen. 2 cat-back exhaust system, UPREV tuning and Hotchkis sway bars.


1916 cam 5 051 1916 cam 5 047

Before/after of the Stillen cat-back exhaust system:

1916 cam 5 053 1916 cam 5 057
1916 cam 5 055 1916 cam 5 059

The exhsust looks and sounds great:

1916 cam 5 082 1916 cam 5 084

UPREV tuning yielded gains of 9hp/7tq to the wheels:

Daniel M G35 Baseline and Final UPREV Stillen exhaust

Enjoy The Commute, Daniel!

Handsome G: Jaques’ G37 Coupe

Filed under: Featured Cars and Projects,Maintenance,Performance
by Alvin G @ 11:09 am on February 13, 2014

TV102813 051

Jaques G was referred to Z Car Garage his co-workers at Apple. Last month he visited us for suspension/wheels and came back for Stillen intakes and an UPREV tune. Handling was improved with a few common upgrades like stiffer Eibach springs, Hotchkis sway bars and SPC control arms to keep alignment in check:

TV101913 083TV101913 086TV101913 096

A nice braking upgrade is the OEM G37 S caliper setup. We installed these Akebono units on Stoptech rotors all around:

TV102813 021TV102813 022TV102813 027

Front OEM vs big calipers:

TV102813 023TV102813 024TV102813 025

Absolutely beautiful 19″  WedsSport SA55M wheels encase the calipers well.

TV101913 072TV102813 053

These wheels are finished in matte grey have a more concave face for the rear…very handsome additions to the G.

TV 2314 141TV 2314 140TV102813 056

Jacques wanted a little more power so we installed Stillen intakes followed by UPREV tuning.

TV 2314 142TV 2314 143

The intake alone was good for +10hp but no significant gain in peak tq. Note, however nice gains in low and high rev ranges. UPREV tuning yielded an additional 4hp/6tq for total of 298hp/240tq to the wheels. Shown below are the gains from baseline to intake to UPREV:

Jacques G37 Baseline & intake Jacques G37 Start to Finish


Finally, the G was up for smog and it passed with flying colors. Jaques’ G37 is now a sharp looking corner-carver!

Russel’s G37 Sedan

Filed under: Featured Cars and Projects,Maintenance,Performance
by Alvin G @ 4:56 pm on December 18, 2013

JC81913 034
Russell came in for a 15k service, new tires and a few suspension upgrades.

JC81913 014
Stoptech brake pads and Hotchkis sway bars are simple, effective upgrades:

JC81913 018JC81913 020JC81913 019
The Hotchkis sway bars are noticeably larger and stiffer than OEM units:

JC81913 026JC81913 029
Russell can now enjoy driving his sedan in the twisty stuff!

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