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Derek’s R35 GT-R

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by Alvin G @ 8:12 pm on October 16, 2019


At Z Car Garage we are fortunate to be a part of our customer’s sports car journeys. Derek Y is a long-time customer and we worked on his 2005 Infiniti G35. Three years passed by and he visited us with his latest Nissan, this 2015 GT-R. The R35 visited ZCG with only 11k miles and received a host of power upgrades from AMS, EcuTek, SpecialtyZ, Turbosmart and more:


Here are the SpecialtyZ 3″ intakes and AMS front-mount intercooler being installed:


More engine bay work including the AMS crankcase breather setup, ID 1300cc injectors (plus DW fuel pump upgrade), Turbosmart BOVs and a SpecialtyZ Flex-Fuel kit:


AMS crankcase breather being plumbed:


Stock vs Turbosmart BOV:


On the lift, AMS cat-less downpipes are installed:


At first glance it is difficult to catch all of the power upgrades in the engine bay, Stock (L) vs Modified (R)


Derek also needed new tires so we mounted fresh Michelin Pilot Sport4S sized 245/40/20 and 285/35/ 20.

Dyno Tuning

Rob dyno tuned the GT-R using an EcuTek flash and Derek also received a USB dongle for datalogging. Baseline power was 495hp/446tq with final numbers of 612hp/604tq to the wheels on E85:


A few plots showing the tuning session: Baseline to 91 octane tune with gains of 65hp/93tq (Left), and the final E85 tune for even more gains of 52hp/51tq (Right):


Video of the R35 on the ZCG dyno:


Thanks for letting us work on your GT-R Derek and enjoy the 100+hp boost!

PARTS: Z Car Garage CV Axles

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by Alvin G @ 10:59 am on June 17, 2019

ZCG CV Axles

Z Car Garage is proud to offer a CV axle conversion kit for your Datsun S30 and 510. We have sold over 60 sets of axles, with customers installing and enjoying them on everything from street cars to full-blown IMSA racers. These CV axles will help transmit power to the ground and ensure smoother operation compared to your standard half shafts. Full details can be found HERE

***Our latest batch of CV Axles is ready, please contact the shop to order your set***


V8 Time: LSx owners running ZCG CV axles!

We love to hear from customers using our products. In addition to ZCG customer project cars running our CVs, many do-it-yourself owners are installing these parts on their own cars worldwide. Here are four, GM LSx powered Z-cars all running ZCG CV axles. Johnston S out of North Carolina installed ZCG CV axles on his 1974 260z running a turbocharged LS1:


See more of his build on Instagram.

Tyler F. hails from Washington and he sent us these pictures of his LS-powered S30 project getting ZCG CV Axles:


We were happy to hear that Tyler successfully installed his CVs:

“Rob, I was able to install the new axles you shipped, and I wanted to say thank you. The fitment was perfect, and really easy to install, and I appreciate the extras you threw in. Im so excited to have my beast out on the roads again! Cheers, Tyler”


Mike T. from Georgia installed our CVs on his ’78 LS1-powered 280z:


Our customer Gary R also received ZCG CV axles on his LS3-powered 280Z. Full report on this beauty soon!

ZCG CV Axles in action

The video below demonstrates the “looseness” associated with aftermarket CV axles that use adapters compared to the ZCG axles without adapters. Several customer race/street cars running our CV axles are also shown. Enjoy!


Our latest batch of CV Axles is ready, please contact Rob at the shop to order your set!



James’ 240z Gets New Wheels

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by Alvin G @ 1:19 am on November 19, 2018

James’ turbocharged L-series Datsun just got a new set of wheels. Big thanks to Love20bee for sourcing and re-finishing these SSR Watanabe RS8s sized:
Front 10.5, -6 offset
Rear 12.5, -32 offset


The crew at ZCG worked diligently to ensure the 275/40 front and massive 315/35/17 rear NT-01 tires cleared at full lock and suspension travel.


Our ZCG Big-Brake Kit( 328mm) is framed nicely behind the RS-8 spokes:


We also installed fender mirrors and James’ already hit the roads to Enjoy The Ride!


Enjoy this video of the Z rolling with the new footwork, speakers UP!



Stay tuned for a full report with dyno/tuning!


Mike’s Vortech Supercharged 350z

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by Alvin G @ 1:02 am on October 1, 2018

We have been working with Mike M and his 2006 Z33 since last year. With every visit to ZCG this 350z gets upgraded in both power and chassis areas. In November 2017, with 111k miles on the VQ a Vortech supercharger was installed with supporting mods:


Chassis improvements: KW V3 coil overs, SPC front/rear control arms, Hotchkis sway bars and a full alignment. We also installed ART pipes to replace the factory cats:


Hotchkis front and rear sway bars:


ART Pipes:


Mike’s latest visit to ZCG included fueling, gauges and more power upgrades. The fuel system was converted to support E85/ethanol starting with a Walbro 485 in-tank fuel pump:


Next, a CJ Motorsports Stage 2 fuel return system help keep up with the Walbro pump:


Increased fuel demands of E85 require larger fuel injectors so we installed IDX 1050CC units. A Zeitronix ethanol sensor is critical for monitoring E85 content:


The brains to managing the E85 content is a Haltech Platinum Pro plug-in. A PLX Devices dm6 AFR/gen4 gauge pod also accommodates the Zeitronix ethanol sensor readout:


Final power adder was a 2.87 pulley for the supercharger and our ZCG air bypass for the race gate:


From the dyno charts below, having the ability to change the ethanol content of fuel allows for more hp/torque.  More smiles per gallon as well with E85 currently at $1.99/gallon

(left) Baseline before Haltech tuning: 331hp/286tq and (right) baseline to 91 octane tune with Haltech: 346hp/303tq to the wheels


Final 91 octane tune with the Haltech: 364hp/306tq at the wheels:


75% Ethanol tune: 421hp/345tq to the wheels:


To balance an extra 126hp power from the Vortech we installed a Stoptech Big-Brake Kit. Up front are 332mm ST40 calipers in red, with slotted rotors:


Stock vs Stoptech:


The new brake also look great behind the Enkei RPF1 wheels:


Enjoy the Ride Mike!

E is for Ethanol: Erik’s G35

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by Alvin G @ 12:10 am on April 1, 2014

jc 1513 057

In 2012 Erik  M. came to Z Car Garage with his bonestock G35 Coupe. With 100k miles on the odometer Erik was confronted with every enthusiast’s  dilemma: sell it off or keep it? Z’s and G’s are hard to let go and Erik chose to modify his car so we gave him the ZCG essentials: JWT POP charger intake, Motordyne plenum spacer, Bassani cat-back exhaust system, JWT clutch/flywheel, Koni shocks, and Hotchkis sway bars:

jc 1513 034

Here is the stock exhaust vs the sweet sounding Bassani system:

jc 1513 026jc 1513 040jc 1513 041

JWT intake, JWT heavy duty clutch and flywheel (a prudent upgrade for future power mods!)

jc 1513 053jc 1513 037jc 1513 036

Stock vs Koni dampers plus Hotchkis sways:

jc 1513 046jc 1513 047jc 1513 043

We also performed full 90k services and Erik was off enjoying his G…until he came back for a Stoptech Sport Kit to improve braking. Early last year he stopped by ZCG to consult with Rob on Forced Induction…Erik wanted boost and it would be in the form of a Vortech V-3 supercharger kit!

JC101913 054

The build started in Fall ’13, with upgrades like an oil cooler, 900cc Bosch injectors, Aeromotive 340 fuel pump and everything powdercoated satin black-Erik wanted things low profile. This Vortech build was far from ordinary as we planned to run E85 (ethanol) to make more power. What’s the deal with E85?  Tuners have been using this “alternative” fuel for years  to extract power from forced induction setups. Specifically, E85 has an octane rating approaching 105; a significant jump from your typical 91-octane premium pump gas, but for about the same price. This higher octane rating allows wider tuning capabilities,  increasing power and reducing the chance of detonation with high compression or boosted applications.

JC1110213 043JC1110213 035

Here are few key benefits of E85:

  1. The higher autoignition temperature of Ethanol (689 degrees F, compared to gasoline’s 475 degrees F) enables E85 to be more knock-resistant and handle more boost or higher compression.
  2. E85 initiates a cooler intake charge, allowing for higher boost pressure.
  3. E85’s higher resistance to detonation (autoignition) allows tuners to implement more aggressive ignition timing, for improved combustion efficiency.
  4. E85 can actually be cheaper to run than gasoline, especially compared to high-octane race gas. As I write this, 100 octane is $7.65 and 91 octane is 4.09 compared to E85 which is 3.72.


JC102813 033

Running E85 is straightforward but critical components are needed as well as tuning. First, E85 requires larger injectors to compensate for 40-50% increase in fuel demand. Second, an aftermarket ECU allows tuning of fuel/timing maps. We used 900c injectors, a Haltech ECU and Flex Fuel Sensor from Zeitronix:


JC1110213 002JC102813 015JC102813 011

Playing with ethanol-to-gasoline mixtures or periodically switching from gasoline to E85 requires changes in fuel pressures. Switching over isn’t a simple run-to-the-pump-and-fill scenario and that’s the beauty of the Haltech…Erik can run 91 octane, E85, E70, E30 etc. without worrying about manually adjusting timing and A/F!

Erik keeps tabs on engine and air/fuel vitals with a gauge display from Zeitronix. We mounted it stealthily in place of the OEM retractable unit:

JC123013 112JC123013 108JC123013 114

So does E85 really make a difference? The answer is a resounding YES! The G35 baseline dyno’d at 249hp/226tq and the Vortech helped increase power to 422hp/342tq to the wheels on 91 octane:

Erik Miller baseline and 91


With the Haltech and E85, were able to extract 30hp/26tq at the same boost level! Final numbers are 462hp/368tq:

Erik Miller 91 vs E85 haltech

We think Erik loves the newfound power…he already took his G35 to the Wednesday Night Fun Drags at Sears Point recently with great results.  Before and after the Vortech/E85.  Erik ran a 14.6@97mph vs 13.6@111mph:

image-1G timeslip

With some drag radials and urethane differential bushings Erik is hoping to cure wheel hop issues and dip into the 12’s! Maybe even lower as he plans to do a high compression built engine…of course using E85!

Enjoy the Ride Erik!