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FOR SALE: 2003 Nissan 350z Vortech Supercharged

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by Alvin G @ 12:52 pm on November 19, 2019


This 2003 Nissan 350z Enthusiast has been maintained by Z Car Garage since 2014. Sporting a Vortech Supercharger, Volk SF Challenge wheels, 6-spd manual transmission and Brickyard paint it is ready to be enjoyed. Interested? See more details on our FOR SALE page.


Datsun Roadster Fun Run 11/17/19

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by Alvin G @ 2:04 pm on November 17, 2019


On Sunday I joined 6 other roadsters for a drive in the North Bay. I left San Jose ~7:45am and it was very foggy. On the freeway it was actually quite wet like rain, not a good sign as I thought the weather would be worse heading North.


As I approached San Francisco the fog disappeared, revealing the city Skyline and iconic Golden Gate Bridge. I was excited to see everyone and do some driving.

Meeting point: Fort Baker 9am

I arrived to see 6 roadsters already lined up against the GG Bridge and clear sky. It was really fortunate that weather was amazing….usually this time of year the GG bridge is shrouded in fog!


We chatted for a bit and I consulted with Jerry about staging the cars for quick photoshoot. He’s a talented photographer and you can see his positioning and composition created some spectacular shots.

The cars:

Dan’s 1970 1600. Dan owns three roadsters and this one is completely stock:


Mike’s 1967 2000. This is considered one of the most sought-after models (#0072 out reportedly 1000) sporting a 5-speed transmission, 150hp twin-Mikuni carb 2L engine, 160mph speedo/8krpm tach…all stuff other cars dreamed of in 1967:


Andy’s 1969 1600, looking great on stock wheels and whitewall tires:


Pat’s 1969 1600. Pat has swapped in a 2L/5-speed drivetrain from the 2000 model. Note the factory roll-bar:


Jerry’s 1969 2000. This SRL caught my attention as soon as Jerry started the fire-breathing Solex-carb’d U20. Make sure you watch the video below to hear it rev. Note the pretty Longchamp XR-4 wheels:


Scott’s 1967 1600. I met Scott back in Aprril at the 2019 Solvang Datsun Roadster Show and admired this full frame-off restoration. Stunning paint and a nice interior with carbon fiber touches. Power is from a modified 1600 engine now displacing 2L…powerful! Note the full stainless exhaust (and hear it in the video below!)


We got each owner next to their roadster and a nice group photo. Big thanks to Jerry for the camera work.


Our leader Dano was anxious to get moving to avoid tourist traffic so we rolled out. We were also joined by fellow roadster owners Eric (in his NA Miata) and Will (in his E30 M3). The next 4 hours was a mix of ever-changing scenery that was new to me. From Downtown Sausalito to twisty HWY1, ribbons of road winding through forest and coastline it was fun!


Stop #1: Limatour Beach

Quick stop close to the coastline and back through the forest…


Stop #2: Lunch at Tony’s Seafood Restaurant in Marshall:


After lunch, some parted ways while Dano, Pat, Will and myself headed to Nicasio Reservoir back to 101. Pat and I rode together for a stretch of freeway heading home.


I had a blast driving with everyone, here is a video of the sights and sounds, enjoy!


Stay tuned for our next Fun Run!


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Scott’s 1974 Datsun 260z

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by Alvin G @ 9:33 pm on November 1, 2019


What sparked your interest in Z Cars? For Scott W it began when he was about 15 years old, and eventually led him to Z Car Garage:

“My best friend’s brother’s friend had a silver 240z. He would take us to lunch and we had to lay down in the back. From that time on I wanted a Z! I started reviewing and found a very nice 260z for sale that was owned by an older retired couple. Based on all the work performed by ZCG I met with Rob and I purchased it. The 260z was originally gold with the 5mph bumpers.”


Indeed the gold 1974 260z was our very own customer Geri R’s. When she retired and moved to San Diego she told Rob, “If you are not in SD my Z car can’t come with me…please find it a new home.” Scott W visited ZCG in 2013 and purchased the Z, well before the S30’s garnered high prices! He had a very clear vision of building the ultimate Z Car:

“I told Rob my plan was a car that was great to look at but I’m going to drive it! And drive it hard. My goal was to keep it looking 1974-ish on the outside but modern under the skin.”

So we began the process of upgrading an already solid, clean chassis that Geri lovingly maintained.


The first item we discussed was the engine. Scott wanted more power and Rob suggested a Rebello 3.2L Stroker engine. Supporting parts included an MSA 6-into-1 header,  ZCG exhaust system, KOYO race radiator (custom upper hose) and ZCG heat shield. A few pictures of the engine build/installation with many more in the gallery:


Induction is handled by Jenvey individual throttle-body fuel injection, managed by a Haltech Elite 750 standalone system.


A NISMO Competition oil pan was installed to cope with high cornering loads from road course driving. Also shown is the Nissan 240sx 5-speed transmission. This “KA24” unit is significantly stronger than early S30 transmissions. It handles the 3.2L’s extra power, and we offer this conversion to customers.


When we upgrade the transmission we also install a JWT HD clutch with aluminum flywheel. Helping put the power down efficiently is an OS Giken LSD. The R180 houses a 4.11 R&P and the assembly is setup in-house (by Joshua Corwin). Rounding out the drivetrain upgrades are a set of ZCG CV Axles(shown below)


The ZCG Exhaust system using 2.5″ piping to a stainless resonator and Magnaflow muffler with slash-cut tip. Listen to the sound in the video below!


The completed engine bay. All hoses, hydraulic lines, fittings etc were removed and restored/replaced with new parts. Zinc plating hardware throughout:


On the dyno, Rob tuned the Z with the Haltech making 257hp/229tq to the wheels. An improvement from the stock 121hp/130tq:



Suspension upgrades were next, focusing on the ideal setup for open track days while remaining comfortable on the street. Scott outgrew the Tokico 5-ways and now has Koni Yellows with our Ground Control coil-over setup from back in the day. Techno Toy Tuning control arms, T/C rods and more complement the total suspension restoration. All parts were powdercoated and hardware plated.  We really appreciate Gabriel at T3 and his staff. They make some of the best suspension parts out there for Z cars.


Panasport Wheels


Custom sized 17×9 Panasport C8 wheels allow us to run a wide 255/40/17 tire at all four corners, without flaring the fenders:


Bridgestone RE-71R tires are shown below. The 17″ diameter wheels also give clearance for our ZCG Big Brakes!


ZCG Big-Brakes and CV Axles

After driving our customer Lou’s Fairlady, Scott was sold on our Z Car Garage Big-Brakes.


Not to be confused with our familiar Z Car Garage Big-Brakes (for small wheels) that we currently offer, this Big-Brake kit was our initial setup from many years ago. Our first collaboration with Stoptech, this 328mm sized kit requires 17″ diameter wheels and the massive ST-42 calipers are finished in bright red. This kit was installed on our OS Giken TC24-powered 240z and a few other customer cars.



The ZCG Big-Brakes framed nicely behind the black-spoked C8s. We are currently re-vamping this kit using Stoptech’s latest ST-43 caliper.


Our Z Car Garage CV Axles help transmit power to the ground and ensure smoother operation compared to your standard half shafts. We have over 70 CV axle kits on customer cars and we are stoked with all of the positive feedback.


Scott’s 260z received ZCG CV Axles set #250


More pictures of the ZCG axles installed, also visible are the T3 control arms and ZCG exhaust system:




Scott’s 260z had an interior in fair shape. We gave it the full ZCG treatment with a refurbished dash, new carpet and creature comforts like Bluetooth, radar detection and functioning HVAC. In-progress shots below with more in the gallery:


New carpet throughout, integrated speaker box in hatch:


The stock seats were in bad shape Scott was sliding around on them so we upgraded to leather Recaros. Perfect for keeping him locked in place during track days.


The heater system from core to blower was completely restored:


Full A/C setup using a smaller Toyota compressor with existing A/C parts:




Balance. This Z has power and the chassis upgrades to transform it into a well-rounded sports car. Remember Scott’s goal of building the Z to drive really hard? He has been taking his S30 to Buttonwillow Raceway every month, putting our ZCG products to the test on the track.

“I added the big brake kit with wider tires that do not require over fenders.  I really push this car and the engine feels rock solid. A professional instructor drove it around the track with me to teach me the lines and he was very impressed. In the photo of me at the track you see a 400hp BMW and a 500hp Alfa Romeo. They could not keep up with me in the corners but were able to pass me on the straight away. The car is tight to the ground and doesn’t lose traction. Very fun to drive.”


Enjoy the sounds of Scott’s Z in this short video below:





You didn’t think we would forget to mention the total paint color change, did you?  About six months into his build Scott called to request a color change from gold to a Mercedes-Benz shade of Gun Metal. Our man William painted the body, retaining all side-markers to maintain a stock look:


Scott however was adamant about changing the stock impact bumpers. Rob located Euro-style 240z bumpers and had them sectioned/re-chromed:


Thank you Scott for letting us build your Ultimate Z Car! We are proud to see you enjoy it on the track and street.


More pictures in the gallery below!
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Brian’s 1973 Datsun 240z

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by Alvin G @ 3:33 pm on October 18, 2019


Brian P hails from Canada and lives in the Bay Area with his family. We met him in 2014 when he visited ZCG for minor sorting and upgrades on his pretty 1973 S30.


Attention to the engine bay included changing all fluids, new motor mounts, upgraded alternator and a fresh Koyo racing radiator:


Rob dyno tuned the stock, SU-carb’d L24 before and after the addition of our ZCG exhaust using 2.5″ piping to a stainless resonator and Magnaflow muffler with slash-cut tip. We saw gains of 13hp/5tq and improved power throughout the mid-range:


Brian returned in 2016 for suspension upgrades. We installed 5-way Tokicos, Suspension Techniques sway bars, Techno Toy Tuning adjustable rear lower control arms, TC rods, and rack bushings.


Everything was powdercoated black and we zinc’d all hardware. With fresh bearings and a few more new suspension parts he was out and enjoying the Z.

Panasport Wheels

Complementing the new springs and shocks on Brian’s Z are Panasport wheels! We replaced the old-school Western Turbine wheels with 16×7 Panasports and Hankook R-S3 tires in 225/50/16.

Bottom left picture from Brian:

“This was taken on the day I picked up the car from the PO, a retired writer in Oakland, who only sold me the car after a 3 hour interview/visit 2 weekends prior, before the car was officially ‘for sale’ (I felt like I was being vetted as the car’s next custodian).”


Here is Brian Enjoying The Ride in his Z at last year’s Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion at Laguna Seca:

ZCG Big-Brakes and CV Axles

After a few years of driving, Brian came back early this summer for more upgrades. We handed him the keys to “Mrs. Butters”,  our 1970 Series 1 240z shop demo car and he was sold on our Z Car Garage Big-Brakes (for small wheels) and Z Car Garage CV Axles! Butters has a way of doing this to our customers 🙂


As fellow S30 owner/racer Glenn C mentioned in his review, on top of braking performance, pedal feel is extremely important and our Big-Brakes deliver. This is a direct result of working with Stoptech to create a totally bolt-in solution requiring no M/C change or additional proportioning valve/adjustments. All fitting behind a 15″ Watanabe or Panasport wheel and retaining factory emergency brake lever! A few details below:

Calipers: Stoptech ST42 4-piston front & rear race calipers (Alum 6061 mil-spec Type III anodized)

Rotors: 280mm x 20.6 with Alum 7075 hats

Pads: Stoptech 309 sport street pads

Blog posts documenting all of our customers running the ZCG Big-Brakes can be found HERE.

A few closer detail shots of the calipers, rotors and hardware:


We removed Brian’s stock brakes and installed our ZCG Big-Brake kit.  We also took his Tokico 5-ways in trade for a full coil-over (Koni) suspension from Techno Toy Tuning. T3 finishes the suspension in our signature color and we really appreciate Gabriel and his staff. They make some of the best suspension parts out there for Z cars.


ZCG Big-brakes and T3 coil-overs replacing stock setup:


At the rear, the factory drum brakes were replaced with our ZCG Big-Brakes. Factory handbrake functionality IS retained! T3 coil-covers also installed:


Brian really wanted the look and feel of Mrs. Butters Z so we obsessed over ride height until we got it exactly where he wanted it. The Z looks fabulous from any angle:



Our Z Car Garage CV Axles help transmit power to the ground and ensure smoother operation compared to your standard half shafts. We have over 70 CV axle kits on customer cars and we are stoked with all of the positive feedback.


Stock half shafts (L) and ZCG units:


More pictures of the ZCG axles installed, also visible are the T3 control arms and ZCG exhaust system:


Driving is Believing

Brian was impressed with the ZCG Big-Brakes and how well they work: like having late model brakes on a vintage car!

“The brakes are amazing. I push the car hard on weekend drives on the Peninsula, normally taking different routes out to Alice’s, now without any fade or fear (except from passengers).”


With suspension and drivetrain sorted, Brian had a few remaining things on his mind. He reported a heavy fuel smell in the cabin so we replaced all of the vapor hoses to the fuel tank and installed a new hatch seal:


Finally, his hood had little specks on it so we had our man William repaint and blend it.  Icing on the cake: Rob installed a NOS “Datsun” emblem on it after adjusting the hood.


Enjoy this short video of Brian’s Z:



We enjoyed working with Brian:

“Rob and team are the best, and the only shop that will ever touch my car. I have supreme confidence that my expectations will be always be exceeded, and Rob’s enthusiasm is infectious. On a lighter note and as a Canadian transplant down here in the Bay Area, it’s a pleasant surprise to find someone who doesn’t feel the need to insert ‘ice’ before saying ‘hockey’.”

Thank you for entrusting us with your S30, Brian. We are so fortunate to work with owners that appreciate the Z and believe in our ability to make them better! LONG LIVE THE Z!

More pictures in the gallery below!
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Derek’s R35 GT-R

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by Alvin G @ 8:12 pm on October 16, 2019


At Z Car Garage we are fortunate to be a part of our customer’s sports car journeys. Derek Y is a long-time customer and we worked on his 2005 Infiniti G35. Three years passed by and he visited us with his latest Nissan, this 2015 GT-R. The R35 visited ZCG with only 11k miles and received a host of power upgrades from AMS, EcuTek, SpecialtyZ, Turbosmart and more:


Here are the SpecialtyZ 3″ intakes and AMS front-mount intercooler being installed:


More engine bay work including the AMS crankcase breather setup, ID 1300cc injectors (plus DW fuel pump upgrade), Turbosmart BOVs and a SpecialtyZ Flex-Fuel kit:


AMS crankcase breather being plumbed:


Stock vs Turbosmart BOV:


On the lift, AMS cat-less downpipes are installed:


At first glance it is difficult to catch all of the power upgrades in the engine bay, Stock (L) vs Modified (R)


Derek also needed new tires so we mounted fresh Michelin Pilot Sport4S sized 245/40/20 and 285/35/ 20.

Dyno Tuning

Rob dyno tuned the GT-R using an EcuTek flash and Derek also received a USB dongle for datalogging. Baseline power was 495hp/446tq with final numbers of 612hp/604tq to the wheels on E85:


A few plots showing the tuning session: Baseline to 91 octane tune with gains of 65hp/93tq (Left), and the final E85 tune for even more gains of 52hp/51tq (Right):


Video of the R35 on the ZCG dyno:


Thanks for letting us work on your GT-R Derek and enjoy the 100+hp boost!

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